Cross-party approach needed as homeownership hits new low – Labour Party


New data showing homeownership has hit a record low shows the need for political parties to come together to enact Labour’s KiwiBuild and Healthy Home Bills, which are currently before Parliament, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

Statistics New Zealand Dwelling and Household Estimates data released today puts the homeownership rate at 63.2% – the lowest level since the 61.2% recorded in the 1951 census.

Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, which requires all rentals to be warm, dry, and healthy to live in, passed its first reading and is due back before the House soon. Kelvin Davis’ Housing Corporation (Affordable Housing Development) Amendment Bill, requires the government to implement Labour’s KiwiBuild policy to build 100,000 affordable homes and is due for its first reading.

“With more and more Kiwis locked out of owning their own home and stuck renting, it’s time for Parliament to come together and solve the crisis.

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“The Kiwi dream of owning your own place is slipping away. The public is sick of the political game-playing and lack of progress on the housing crisis.

“National’s new leader has the chance to put partisanship to one side and back Labour’s plan to fix the housing crisis.

“Our policies are ready and about to be voted on by Parliament. All parties should back them. If we work together, we can fix the housing crisis.

“If National obstructs our policies for political reasons, they will be condemning more and more Kiwi families to never owning their own home and living in unhealthy rentals,” says Andrew Little


  1. Seems like home owners are ditching their homes as strict “compliance rules emerge even more every month and local councils submit to “risk aversion” so the owners are ditching these properties before the rules force costs on them.

    Best to relax the rules on building as they have allowing families to live in car sheds?

  2. Residential property sales to CITIZENS only. Why does Labour support the immigration points system that awards points towards permanent residency applications to foreigners for simply owning property in No Zealand? That is encouraging a lot of the buying up by foreigners. How about, if someone owns property in New Zealand, then they receive -500 points on their permanent residency application?

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