Bill English denies Waitangi Day appearance and out plays the Opposition. Again.


The decision not to go to the Te Tii Marae is as gutless as his claim that he didn’t know what was feminism is stupid, but there is real manipulative skill in what English is actually doing with these statements and decisions.

Any belief that National will be easy to topple after the smile and wave facade of Key has left  should be dispelled now.

By refusing to go to Waitangi Day at Te Tii Marae, English and his advisors would have watched the explosion over Peter Leitch and the inevitable backlash to the claims of racism with delight.

The time is perfect to shrug and claim that the bitterness and resentment is too great and pointless, because the vast majority of NZ who had followed the claim that Peter Leitch was a racist will be feeling the exact same thing.

This move follows the genius of not standing in the Mt Albert by-election and tricking the Opposition into battling themselves.

English is far more dangerous than Key, he is a fanatical anti-Gay, anti-abortion Catholic who believes welfare is the ultimate sin and he is far smarter a tactician than Key.

English won’t fight the 2017 election on the economy because what the National Party have done to the economy by creating a massive property bubble for political means has been deeply damaging, he’ll fight it as a culture war by giving the Opposition all the rope they need to hang themselves with.

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Watching the Left rip itself to pieces over identity politics is the best propaganda English needs to win.


  1. Maybe Martin, or maybe he is just another white South Island conservative who is secretly rather afraid of Maori. Look at his timid response to farmer anger in Kaikoura. He had to rely on his wood work teacher there and he is now leaving the scary jobs to his 2ic Paula. He could risk looking a bit of a wimp. Also do most kiwis agree with anti gay anti abortion stance. Hmmm maybe I just know lots of intelligent people, but not in my experience. He looks behind the zeitgeist we are no longer a Puritan nation.

    • @ JROBIN
      Oh fuck off with your divisive North/South bullshit. It’s almost as dangerous as white/brown, girl/boy.
      Is fucking roger douglas a Southlander?
      The real issue here is money. Who has it, how did they get it and are they worth it?
      English is a puppet/muppet to greater forces and it’s those ‘ Greater Forces’ that we should focus upon. Worse still though, he’s a traitor to his own.
      It’s all about the money baby. Who earns it … and who spends it.
      All little good boy Bill has to do is follow a script. Just like jonky. Phoney’s in suits playing us like fools.
      He didn’t do Waitangi because he wasn’t invited to speak? What a wanker.

  2. It’s the Herald beating up Leitch. I don’t recall the left trawling the sewers for this story or inviting it. Some woman has been jilted and vented on Twitter, who cares?

    The Greens should leave this pile of steaming shit well alone and anything resembling it. There will be more bait like this to be trotted out, don’t fall for it!

    And as for English boycotting Waitangi, turn the record over Bill, been there done that. We are over political hissy fits and the faux outrage from PM’s, its Groundhog day!

  3. I propose a new acronym for English and all like him.

    JACL: Just Another Corrupt Liar.

    Or JASSL: Just Another Self-Serving Liar.

    Or JASITT: Just Another Snout In The Trough.

    New Zealand politics -that is central government, ‘opposition parties’ and local government- is full of JACLs/ JASSLs/ JASITTs, and has been for decades, which is why the country has been on the decline for decades and why everything continues to be made worse at an ever faster pace.

    Anyone with intelligence and integrity knows that nobody with intelligence and integrity is ever allowed anywhere near levers that control the destiny of the nation; not even allowed anywhere near the levers that control districts.

    We won’t have to wait too much longer before the collision with reality that past JACLs /JASSLs / JASITTs have orchestrated starts to get really serious.

  4. Bulldog English is very happy to be more divisive than Key was, so the opposition need to attack English as a friend of the rich and privileged not the underdog, that as where English is the most politically exposed and venerable to attack, and the opposition must use any example of this when they can, such as not honouring the wishes at Waitangi principals.

    In short both Key and English have on many occasions already demonstrated that they are both heartless vessels representing the privileged one percent.

  5. “English is far more dangerous than Key’

    Got to disagree on this one Martyn. Previous experience shows how droll English was as a leader. English clearly stated that someone of his status is required to be treated with utmost respect, so therefore won’t be attending Waitangi. English has fallen into the trap of forgetting that you need to EARN respect, something he clearly failed to do last time he lead the National party. The statement that Kiwi’s “cringe” at Waitangi ceremony, could well have cost him a coalition party.

  6. I’ve just heard via RNZ that english thinks Waitangi Day et al is ‘ cringe worthy’.
    How fucking rich is that? A small, opportunistic and traitorous to his own kind Southland farmer who’s slithered his way into the Prime Ministership of Aotearoa / NZ and paid by us to best represent us, both locally and abroad, has as much understanding of Maori protocol as a moth and his lack of empathy for an historic invasion is outstanding for its brave stupidity. What a hateful little creep.

      • Plus, let’s remember that (despite the way this is being reported), English has not been denied speaking rights – he was simply told that he’d be given a chance to speak (and a stage to speak from) after the pōwhiri. What’s so demeaning about that? In my experience, manuhīri don’t usually speak during a pōwhiri, unless they can speak te reo.

  7. Hmmm. You may be right. If so, A Little has walked straight into his well-set trap. Machiavelli would have been impressed.

  8. Some issues for Paula Bennett and Bill. (The Benno and Bill show – Part Tahi – Kaitaia)

    “Half the town earn less than NZ$20,000 a year, and 60% are Maori, with unemployment at more than double the national average.” Source:

    Maybe Bill would have been asked to explain National, Maori Party, United Future and ACT’s role in Kaitaia at Te Tii Marae? I’m sure he would have deflected it to Winston Peters, or blamed the previous Labour Party, or laid the cause on the GFC. Jeez, if Colin Craig was still around, then on chemtrails or Moon-influence conspiracies. Nope Bill, best NOT go to Te Tii Marae with these stats evident in a respected MSM source.

    Some issues for Paula Bennett and Bill. (The Benno and Bill show – Part Rua – Prisons)

    Maori Prison Stats Sept 2016

    If this graph does not show here, then here it is in web address format:

    European 3153 (32%)
    Maori 4989 (50.91%)
    Pacific 1108 (11.3%)
    Other 466 (4%)
    Unknown 82 (0.8%)

    Nope Bill, best NOT go to Te Tii Marae with these Maori stats evident in a Govt. source.

    Some issues for Paula Bennett and Bill. (The Benno and Bill show – Part Toru – Home Ownership)

    “In the last 25 years, Māori and Pacific home-ownership rates fell at a faster rate than for the total population, Statistics New Zealand said today. The biggest drops were in the upper North Island, particularly the cities, where the fall was 25 percent or more.” Source:

    Nope Bill, Benno, best NOT go to Te Tii Marae with these Maori stats evident in a Govt. source.

    Some issues for Paula Bennett and Bill. (The Benno and Bill show – Part Wha – Crumbling Maori Party coalition support)

    Will the Maori Party still sit at the coalition table with the racism inherent in Bill English’s refusal to go to Te Tii Marae, plain for all to see?

    But Mr English has said he would not go and this decision respected New Zealanders who wanted to be proud of their country.

    “A lot of New Zealanders cringe a bit on Waitangi Day when they see the way the ceremonies and welcomes have been conducted and type of protests in recent years and I’m pretty keen we have a day where we’re proud of it.”

    Mr English did not name which events he thought were cringe-worthy.

    Some issues for Paula Bennett and Bill. (The Benno and Bill show – Part Rima – Low-Flying Dildos)

    “Steven Joyce was addressing media at Waitangi, when a sex toy was hurled at him by protester Josie Butler

    Butler threw the dildo at Joyce while he was speaking to media at Waitangi [], shouting: “that’s for raping our sovereignty”.

    She told Mana News what she meant by that.

    “The TPPA is the rape of our tino rangatiratanga,” she said.

    “We already have over 300,000 children living below the poverty line, I don’t want to live in a country where families have to choose between potentially life saving medication or feeding their children because of the increased price of medications under the TPPA.”

    She said she put herself on the line for patient rights, and the vast majority of people she spoke to at Waitangi respected that.

    Butler said she had been invited back next year, and planned to go.

    In response to comments from [the then] Prime Minister John Key that what she did was appalling, Butler said it was rich coming from a man who cuts funding from domestic and sexual violence services, and engages in rape jokes.

    “I’m appalled that our taxes paid for the Prime Minister to watch sports and talk about a sex toy on our National Day, instead of doing his job and representing the Crown at Waitangi.”

    Nope Bill and Benno, best NOT go to Te Tii Marae, our National day …..

    • 2037.

      ACT and National and the TOP Party (Gareth Morgan’s Party) in coalition will visit Te Tii Marae in 2037.

      Until then, and when white politicians and Prime Minsters are treated better and with more respect, have your protests without the ruling parties there.

      If they won’t allow free and open discussion by political policies and principles, then maybe they need to read ACT’s website.

      The Treaty of Waitangi
      “The role of the Treaty of Waitangi should be restricted to the text and we also support enhancing the Bill of Rights to cover property rights.”

      Welfare and Family
      “We support the current government’s initiatives to shift welfare from an open-ended system people rely on, to one of mutual obligation. ACT would continue this process by reducing effective marginal tax rates for those moving from welfare to work, outsourcing rehabilitation to private providers, putting lifetime limits on the Job Seeker Benefit and Sole Parent Support, cracking down on benefit fraud, and scrapping the minimum wage.”

      This will help Maori see ACT’s Vision for the future

      ACT’s vision

      * A free society: free trade, free speech, and personal and religious freedom. (including MP’s and politicians on Te Tii Marae)
      * A nation that values personal responsibility, tolerance, civility and compassion (including MP’s and politicians on Te Tii Marae)
      * Small government, low taxes, secure property rights, and the law applied equally to all citizens…..

      Wha Left, if Maori don’t get a good deal in terms of Kaitaia, Prisons, Housing, Maori Party ditching the coalition and disrespect from National and the Maori Party, maybe they should vote ACT in 2017.

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