NZ Labour taking former Police cheerleader Greg O’Connor on as a candidate will be their final mutation into National lite


The rumour mill is swirling that NZ Labour are about to anoint former Police cheerleader Greg O’Connor a Labour Party MP who will look to knock out Peter Dunne, (the MP who made Helen Kelly a criminal), in the marginal electorate of Ohariu.

How Green Party voters are supposed to vote for a right wing thug like O’Connor will be a huge ask for the Memorandum of Understanding.

It’s a smart move for a Labour Party that has moved further and further to the right on law and order as it senses the electorate might be turning and no one should forget that Labour in office last time helped build the Prison Empire we are now shackled with.

Labour can do redneck law and order bullshit just as well as ACT, National and NZ First can.

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O’Connor could prove to be the perfect candidate however. Hard enough to keep the lynch mobs happy he could also surprise if he announces he’s standing to help shepard through Parliament a brand new legislative structure to regulate cannabis.

Quietly behind the scenes, Cannabis supporters have challenged O’Connor privately on his hard line against cannabis and he was recently in America talking with US Police forces that have legalised cannabis to see the result. Apparently  it was a very eye opening event for O’Connor and he has changed his position radically.

If Labour can bring a former tough on crime Police cheerleader into the fold to legislate for cannabis in the electorate seat held by an MP who refused to legalise medicinal cannabis and forced Helen Kelly to be a criminal, that would be a political coup.

If that Greg O’Connor doesn’t turn up for Labour, then his appointment will simply be Labour’s  final mutation into National lite.


  1. Get O’Conner stoned then give him a hug and an icecream . Behold! A changed man.

    If I was writing the script for life and living I’d have a four ton concrete bow tie crush dunne flat. It’s because I love irony. That’s why. A four ton bow tie though ? Imagine that?? A four ton bow tie dipped in chocolate with nuts? OMG ! It could squash dunne then you could eat it ! No evidence ! The perfect crime ! Oh, but wait? What about the concrete ? Oh fuck ! Could bury it? With dunne ? A two meter x two meter x four meter grave that smelled of fruit and nut?

  2. Politicians and political parties are becoming increasingly irrelevant to an ever-growing portion of the population as the world ‘turns to custard’ as a direct result of policies they have promoted in the past and continue to promote.

    Despite rapidly declining faith in them and despite every metric of our collective future revealing truly awful trends, politicians and political partiers continue to demonstrate a stubborn resistance to factual information and continue to churn out the same kind of nonsense that got us into this terrible mess. We can justifiably think of them as saboteurs.

    Therefore, we can only expect everything to be made substantially worse over the coming year by the uninformed fools and self-serving liars that make up political parties, continuing the trend witnessed over more than 40 years.

    As for Labour and National, or shall we call them Labional or Nabour, please explain the difference because I cannot see an significant difference. Both parties promote runaway greenhouse and rapid destruction of the habitability of the Earth via the Ponzi financial systems, gross over-consumption, overpopulation and economic growth. Neither party has any intention of lifting a finger to protect the next generation for the catastrophe that is now unfolding and which will rapidly worse as time goes on. Neither party wants to even discuss anything of meaning or significance. All of which applies to all the other political parties.

    • Again – I completely agree with you. Too much focus on issues not so important when the elephant is avoided.
      All the focus on the two party systems when they have both failed. How does Labour and Natz differ on the co2 issue and stopping deep sea oil exploration and drilling and stopping the poisoning of our country with 1080 ? Not too much difference between the two. Why ? Both beholding to the same masters. What are they doing about legalizing medicinal herb and properly helping those in need and helping end war and support PEACE ?
      What about greedy big oil and criminal ( Rothshcilds ) bankers and corporate idiots and US military moving into the south island ( especially Christchurch ) ? ? ? What are the three major parties doing about that and the Haarp generated rainbow coloured clouds seen and videptaped just before earthquakes both here and other countries ? Why are the independent scientists ( and alt. media ) not looking more closely into this Haarp issue and its connections with earthquakes ? It has already been proven that Haarp frequencies ( weather warfare etc. ) do INTENTIONALLY cause earthquakes.

      The elephant in the lounge, that most avoid or know nothing about, is the fact that both parties here in NZ support the UN and their Agenda 2030.
      THIS SHOULD BE A MAJOR FOCUS because this will impact us way beyond what most are aware of. Why is TDB not covering this and above issues more ?

      I agree with — afewknowthetruth — when he states that both parties have no – ” intention of lifting a finger to protect the next generation
      for the catastrophe that is now unfolding and which will rapidly worsen as time goes on. ”

      So while we focus on minor issues etc. let us at least spend more time on what is behind the curtain and who is really in control
      and what their — `” not so hidden agendas ” are that are in full swing. ATTENTION ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ==>>> THIS NEEDS MORE ATTENTION.

      Maybe I’ll just stay home this election as it does not seem to make much difference who is in power – same ole same ole.

  3. Whoa man!
    Dunne and done! Petered out!
    Hey man, that is so funny!
    Gotta stick it to the man!
    Way cool!
    Jeez can I get something to eat here?

  4. I don’t know whether he is a “thug”, but I would struggle, yes be turned off, if confronted with a candidate like O’Connor standing in my electorate.

    So what is Stuart Nash supposed to look after when O’Connor takes over law and order as spokesperson?

  5. Labour has been National “lite”, masquerading under a thin veneer of identity politics, since Roger Douglas.

  6. Really?
    Do they (labour) have any idea of the amount of damage this decision will do to the brand? I can’t imagine anyone that’s had a run in with the law wanting this fool on the cards.
    oh dear..

  7. All Labour MPs and potential candidates would benefit from watching Michael Moore’s doco, Where to Invade Next – a celebration of positive social policies on policing, crime and punishment, education and employment issues, as implemented by more socially progressive countries than ours. If only we modeled ourselves on these rather than the American model of law and order.

  8. Last time Labour were in power, the arresting of poor people almost became like an erotic fetish. Here we go again, Labour is talking about getting tough on crime while the social safety net is rotting away.

    As for cannabis reform … Andrew Little came out last year and said unequivocally he was against legalizing the herb. To me this says he’s happy for young people to be put before the courts for NO good reason.

    Given all of this and the fact that like National, Labour dropped the ball on housing, I see no value in voting for them. As for Labour’s ‘Kiwi Build’ idea … building approximately 100,000 houses over the next 10 years is nowhere near enough given the current shortage, not to mention immigration levels.

    Their is ZERO benefit for me in voting Labour … I’m teetotaled but occasionally enjoy the odd puff on a joint with good friends – under Labour my chances of being arrested and life ruined would be increased.

    Conclusion = NO DEAL Labour! Oh and I’m still blocked from commenting on Labour’s Facebook Page – just chucking that out there!

  9. I always thought Greg O’Connor would be a better fit for National Front. Is Labour going to take a “see, we’re tough on crime too” mandate for 2017, with a shoot first, do a data collection, and show everyone how the kill was legal all along type mindset?

  10. Good idea if we get rid of dundo whats bad about it heck greens have hailley holt Greg o corner is a unionist and the police have same issues the rest of us have with the cost of living and the state of the country its the current economic system that’s not working

  11. martyn you are correct it will be their final mutation into National lite, the unknown is, would their ratings go up or down?.

  12. Tough on crime is a rightwing position. Little needs to get some guts and oppose the failed war on drugs and prison industry.

    Just another reason to not vote for Labour

  13. “The difference between treason and patriotism is only a matter of dates.”

    ― Alexandre Dumas

    It’s the same with low-level drug offences.

  14. He hasn’t been chosen yet ,so all the above is just anti-Labour trouble making .Like it or not Labour is the only party Socialists can vote for in Aotearoa. We should be more worried about the fact that Bennett is PM whilst English is away. If we want a change of government from this awful ant-worker rabble only a Labour led Green government will do that,

    • “Like it or not Labour is the only party Socialists can vote for in Aotearoa”

      I disagree. As a socialist I’ll vote the Greens before Labour…might even vote for Morgan’s circus depending on how his other policies look. Or I’ll vote for Mana again.

      Since I’ve been 3 years old Labour has been a neoliberal party, so they’re not the only option for me. They’re one of the last cabs off the rank – about the same as National

  15. He hasn’t been chosen yet,so all the above is just so much National propaganda. The only way to change this anti-worker Tory government is to vote for a Labour /Green governmment.
    The fact is that labour is the only party Party that Socialists can vote for.It time all you so called Lefties got behind Labour and its democratically elected leader to win the next election ,instead of find imagined faults with everything Labour does or says.The alternative is another 3 years of National.Of more concern is the fact that Bennett is the present PM.

  16. I disagree, if you had been listening to what Greg O’Conner had been saying over the last year or so, he was often quite critical of the government, and made lots of good points about how ridiculously easy the nats have made it for crims to get hold of guns.

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