‪Just because the Russians were glad Hillary lost doesn’t mean Iraq has WMDs – deny that drum beat for war at every step


This is what American democracy looks like on the receiving end…

After only dropping 26 171 bombs last year, the Military Industrial Complex was hoping for an enormous injection of business from war hawk Hillary Clinton, they’re worried Trump wants to build populist infrastructure at home rather than bomb the shit out of their latest global game of chess.

The sudden drum beat for war with Russia based on the bullshit intelligence that was released this week sounds like the same drumbeat used to con the world that Iraq had WMDs.

The truth is the public information released is a joke. Of course the Russians would be pleased Hillary lost, that’s hardly proof that they were involved in hacking America’s election.

Even the information released in 2016 by the independent investigators who originally looked into the hack could only find that whoever did it used the same tactics the Russians use.

None of this is proof or evidence of a Russian hack.

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But let’s say they did. Let’s say Russia was behind hacking the DNC and passing that information along to Wikileaks – what was revealed?

The hack revealed that the mainstream corporate  media colluded with high ranking DNC members to bias the the campaign against Bernie Sanders and it showed how the DNC conspired against Bernie.

Shouldn’t the voters of America know how the DNC really operates? Continually blaming Russia for their loss allows Hillary Clinton Democrats to ignore the fact that it was their own free market neoliberalism that burnt them and that Hillary was a terrible candidate.

So beyond an ill defined impact on the out come, isn’t it an hypocrisy beyond arrogance for the US to complain about Russia trying to impact  their election?

America is a country that has interfered with the elections of 45 other countries. Complaining that Russia might have hacked their election to reveal the truth of bias within the Democratic Party is hardly the red menace of Communism come to feast upon the soft children of capitalism is it?

I watched my generation get conned into the bullshit war in Iraq over weapons of mass destruction that never existed, we should resist this latest drum beat for war with Russia. I say that as someone who recognises that Putin is a thug and Russia an authoritarian regime, but conning us into declaring some proxy war based on fake intelligence is not a way forward.

Trump is stupid enough to blunder into declaring war via twitter, let’s not help him.


  1. “America is a country that has interfered with the elections of 45 other countries”. Is that all? What about all the covert operations in other countries? Is there any country the Americans haven’t interfered in?
    Also ,let’s not forget that after perestroika the USA set out to destroy the USSR, and thus Russia, forever. Is the man who has basically resurrected Russia such a thug as the West would have us believe (from their standpoint of being as pure as the wind driven snow)?

  2. Only 34 US bombs dropped on Yemen last year? I find that hard to believe. That’s probably the number of bombs American’s dropped themselves. Saudi Arabia is decimating Yemen with bombs bought from the United States from what I understand.

  3. I don’t trust the Russian government, I don’t trust the US government (present and to come), I don’t trust the Mainland Chinese government, or any of their spy services.

    The list could go on, and what we see is just a continuum of the election campaign in the US, where the old administration on the way out is trying to discredit the new one to take over in 11 days.

    But Trump is already ruling via Twitter, and with his conflicts of interest in business and politics, and his character, I reckon he will be a short term president, possibly even be impeached before his five years are over.

  4. And just who do they think they’re fooling – well, distressingly, just about everyone (your article on Corporate Hollywood in mind). But don’t despair, Martyn, just about is not all – and anyway:
    “the red menace of Communism come to feast upon the soft children of capitalism”
    Classic Bomber Bradbury.

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