Thank you Michelle Boag – now that’s what I call racism! We will get 72 hours out of this!



Just. Wow.

In attempting to defend Peter Leitch, Michelle Boag bewilderingly pours a can of petrol upon herself and lights a match.

Monks in Vietnam could take lessons from ‘Chelle.

While the country was debating whether or not Peter Leitch is a racist for a comment that few others saw, Michelle Boag comes out and shows what real racism looks like.

She actually just said this...

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…what the bloody hell her skin colour has to do with anything is utterly beyond me. That’s just such a racist, no way you can misinterpret it, comment.

Michelle Boag is to racial harmony what Trump is to feminism.

Secondly, the young woman is obviously upset and not grandstanding. The viral nature of the content clearly went well beyond what she may have intended. She’s taken things down and has tried to put out a hand of reconciliation.

Do I think it was a run-of-the-mill-middle-class-emotional-millennial-over-share? I sure do. Did she do it to get famous? That’s mean spirited and churlish.

The second rule of PR is shut Michelle Boag up. The first rule of PR is NOT MATTHEW HOOTON!

To use a Keyism, at the end of the day, ultimately it’s Peter’s fault. He shouldn’t ever talk to anyone under 45.

We now have death threats to the young woman, following racial threats and abuse directed at Peter. We are on track for this to dominate 72 hours of the news cycle. Own that NZ, this is what happens when journalism bases its news on social media fights.

Meanwhile, the only person to do an actual evaluation of Israel’s threat to go to war with us has been Pattrick Smellie who reveals that actually Israel’s threat of war against us is very real and may have already been launched as a Cyber attack.

This as our Foreign Minister’s electorate is targeted with slurs

…it’s incredible that Boag has managed to make things worse.



  1. That photo is very distressing. Just for having the temerity to represent the point of view opposing Israel’s stealing of Palestinian lands McCully is targeted with this sort of rubbish. If the perpetrators were individuals they need to need to think about the appropriateness of their actions in NZ. Unfortunately I think the perpetrator was more likely a state actor doing the bidding of the Israeli government in an effort to spread peace and light around the world. (Sarc)

        • Bert I have personally seen the woman in action and believe me if you came down on the wrong side of her, it would be like wrestling with a boa constrictor!

          • Thank’s Mary will keep that in the locker for when I never mwwt her!

            Her response today: “Although she would not go as far to apologise, she said she never intended to offend anyone.

            “It’s not intentional – but sometimes you don’t realise and appreciate sensitivity.

            “I now understand what casual racism is and how easy it is to engage in it without intending to offend anyone.”

            It’s not intentional but sometimes I engage my mouth without a filter!

    • Muttonbird she is doing PR.

      Its acceptable because its the real National party viewpoint.

      She could make the statement ” I am a racist but that’s what i am and go to hell” and get away with it because the right wing tells us now what is acceptable and what we should think.

      I am pissed at who ever let her out of her coffin.

  2. Good ol’ Michelle. Muddying the waters sufficiently to give extra traction to what was a great example of “why you shouldn’t react emotionally on the internet”. Clunky.

  3. “she only came forward because she wanted to be famous”

    How does a right wing PR trout such as Boag get away with such slanderous statements?
    Has she ever met the woman?

  4. That wasn’t even the dumbest thing she said.

    “[Lara Bridger’s] a very attractive colour – and I aspire to a tan like that every year. So there was no offence [intended]. It was just a comment that was taken out of context that … I certainly wouldn’t have said it as an official comment.”

    • Yup, my better half (who is the least expressive person in the world) almost had a fit when I read that comment out to him – couldn’t believe anyone in this day and age could be so dumb.

  5. Aren’t we all sick and tired of listening to Michele Boag and her narrow minded biased rhetoric. She is boring and so full of BS that I am amazed that NZ TV continues to have her on as a guest. Must be desperate.
    She is no authority on anything. Gee don’t we have more journalistic talent and people with more intellect to speak on issues than this elitist and biased snob of a woman. Lets put her and others out to pasture ASAP.

  6. Good morning
    im a disabled middle aged man who works part time as a bar manager.
    My DR and specialist says i shouldn’t be working as im badly messed up but i have to because my family needs a home and food.
    The other night a guy walks in and demands some food, i explain to the guy that the restaurant is full and i cannot take his order, He responds by screaming “you’re fucking useless, you’re a pathetic cunt” before storming out.
    I take this kind of abuse a couple of times a week without fail from entitled assholes but guess what?
    No one gives a shit about a cripple trying to get by.
    So when people like me read about a young women at a flash winery on an flash island i will never be able to afford gets told that its a white island you can imagine how little i could care.
    Imagine how the thousands of homeless and 300k hungry kids will benefit from public announcements of “racism” and “sexism” because i cant imagine how these clickbait witchhunts help anyone who actually needs it.
    But gives plenty of attention to those who desire it

    The whole social justice movement and feminism benefits these people with no real problems or hardship but plenty of time to write about pink colours for girls is harming them and unconcious racism is a scourge on society.
    Can anyone tell me a right that men have that women dont?

  7. The Nation has become more and more irrelevant over the years, and not a media platform that is to be taken seriously anymore. The fact that they keep wheel barrowing out someone like Boag, who is nothing more than a raving right wing National apologist masquerading as a credible source of information on everything, simply reinforces the fact.

  8. The Nation has become more and more irrelevant over the years, and not a media platform that is to be taken seriously anymore. The fact that they keep wheel barrowing out someone like Boag, who is nothing more than a raving right wing National apologist masquerading as a credible source of information on everything, simply reinforces the fact.

  9. Is the reason her face is pulled upward like that is that her Power Eyebrows are trying to return to their home planet?
    Maybe they’ll just take her head and leave her carcass behnd?

  10. Now come on, dearie! You’re getting hysterical again. Take a deep breath …that’s the girl….. calm down. Deep breaths.

    I really do think it’s time you cashed in your Ryman shares, dearie, to buy one of their lovely, nice, warm comfortable cells.

    In other words, Madame ex-President –

    Your time is up, Number 15!

  11. White Mans Island aka your mate the butcher aka Flag waver for a Lost Generation ….
    SNL & John Oliver are piss’n themselves!
    They can’t believe how a little ole country on the arse of the globe can keep on providing them with “simple” comedy material!
    With Key pissn in the shower, 3 way handshake, pony-tail-gate, $26m Flag failure, Dildo Minister, picking a fight with a country with a nuclear arsenal, Israel and now this!
    With Boag on point, this train wreck seems to still have plenty of momentum. The more another Uncle Tom pop’s up, it burst back in flames!
    Don’t forget the term, the “Casual Racist!”FFS! How to justify ignorance! Oh its ok because WMIsland is not racist, he just says racist things because everybody else does??WTF! Then the HR Commission Susan Devoid says its ok but its not ok?

    I think that barely coffee coloured wahine is onto something here? Even Dick(Head) Quacks reconds she is. A Hori Hustler seeking fame & fortune! FFS!

    Keep this up until the election I reckon, just for fun!

  12. “she only came forward because she wanted to be famous”

    I notice that’s the usual come-back from conservatives/misogynists. I recall similar comments being directed at Amanda Bailey and Tania Billingsley.

    It is a covert way of remnants of patriarchal power telling women to shut up and not speak out on sexism/racism/harassment/assaults.

  13. I’m going to get unlimited hate for this – but I think of racism more in terms of the Israeli medic coup-de-graceing the wounded Palestinian guy than Boag or Leitch exhibiting their boorishness.

    • Stuart, the problem with your statement is that racism often starts with “boorishness”, and when unchallenged, becomes racist state policy. Apartheid in South Africa, southern United States, and in Palestine-Israel are examples that spring to mind. There is no such thing as a “little bit of racism” just as there’s no such thing as “a little bit of rape”.

      • I know that’s the foundation of PC manners, and there is something in it, and habitual bad manners are themselves an oppression. But I don’t think that was actually what was happening, and I think that the misinterpretation has only been furthered by the so-called ‘PR professional’ in this instance.

        Here’s my interpretation of Leitch’s comment, fault it if you like. I’ve spent a lot of time working among hands-on New Zealanders, and in fact they have a highly developed oral culture. (I’m sure the same is true of many groups, but language does not allow us to access all of them.) Anyway, one aspect of the culture is banter, and banter involves ritual insult or provocation and reply. Other cultures have more offensive versions (you can see one in Gran Torino), and black American culture has The Dozens, the modern survivor of which is the the ‘yo Mama’ joke insults. These are a rhetorical challenge and in fact an opportunity to gain respect by demonstrating virtuosity.

        In some ways they resemble the wero challenge in a powhiri. Such a challenge may be intimidating, but remaining impassive or relaxed is the protocol that gains the most respect. Retreating or complaining loses respect.

        Now, in the context of banter, Leitch made some challenging remark to the effect that ‘this is a white man’s island’. The mana-enhancing response would have been to return the challenge with interest – perhaps saying something like ‘Pfft – you haven’t paid us for it yet.’

        The reason I’m raising this is that, in the context of banter, Leitch’s insult was intended to be friendly – he was offering a mana-enhancing cue. As a country we should not be having moral panics or applying zero tolerances over genuinely well-intended exchanges that caused offense.

        We have more serious problems, however tempting it may be to dis the harridan whose poor advice helped Bill English to his last resounding electoral defeat.

  14. Painted on eyebrows on hysteria pony riding towards a stroke, calm down.
    None of the words and beliefs are that important.
    Michelle – have a cup of soothing chamomile tea and put your feet up and take a breathe. Many of us are really tired of listening to you anyway.

    The Nation needs a revamp, a re-shuffle; a re-make over with more fresh folks with intellect and awareness and that aren’t so biased.

  15. she would make a good comedy act….and notice her top?! …it is like a McDonalds ad for chips…politically incorrect!

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