NZ Blogger seeks political asylum in Russia


NZ blogger, Suzie Dawson, is seeking political asylum in Russia.

I’ve known Suzie for about 3 or 4 years. She has attracted intense scrutiny and harassment from the NZ SIS and GCSB because of her proximity to senior members of Anonymous and Occupy. The harassment of her has been pretty extreme and exhausting and I suspect it has taken a toll on her and her young family. What must have been the straw that broke the camels back to seek asylum in Russia has been the allegation of a recent theft of 2 terabytes of information from the National Government.

My understanding is that the Government Intelligence Agencies very much want those two terabytes of information back and are going to pretty extreme levels to keep a mainstream media blackout over it missing at all.

My guess is that those intelligence agencies won’t get it back and that it’s going to explode on wikileaks.

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer pack of bastards.

Kia kaha Suzie, remember the Russian’s play for keeps.


  1. Thanks Martyn, kind of you.

    Just a couple things – I applied for asylum in late September, Kim didn’t tell me about the 2TB leak said to be coming in 2017 until mid December.

    More details about why I applied for asylum are here: and you can follow my situation on this Tumblr:

    Also I don’t know any “senior members” of Anonymous… nor should they exist given that it’s meant to be a horizontal hierarchy… though it is true that some big Anon accounts circulated my reporting from Occupy days onwards.

    Either way, cheers for helping to bring this to light.


    • Emailed direct to Suzie Martin, so no need to post I guess ?
      Hi Suzie
      I think people think I’m a troll ? But all I’m trying to point out is the futility of most/all of your/their actions with regard to trying to get some honesty/fair play into this system, and a fair distribution of the global wealth ala Occupy etc.
      The fact is this system has very few years left, and ALL of you are in denial of this. the very act of protest is just adding to the confusion and even supporting the lies, being as ‘you’ are all saying “If TPTB did X the world would be a nicer place for you and your children”, well unfortunately for the kids this is simply a lie.
      The information is freely available for those willing to look inside Pandora’s box – . This system (the one that feeds 7.4 billion people) is going down now, the human friendly environment is crashing very very fast, faster than the meteor strike of 65 million years ago. Again this information is clearly spelled out on Guy’s website and in this interview 03.14 – Jennifer Hynes interviews Peter Wadhams
      Even if you and yours could change this system and give everyone a fair slice of the pie, the environment couldn’t handle it. For the children alive today the environment would have to absorb probably another 200ppm CO2 for them to have a similar life span/style as you have enjoyed, the system would have to do this without causing anymore damage to the environment than it has, which is impossible.
      Pretending we have a chance to make things better is a lie, and placing children in harms way (by the simple act of giving birth) is a sin committed by self delusional people.
      Good luck
      Robert Atack

      • “Pretending we have a chance to make things better is a lie, and placing children in harms way (by the simple act of giving birth) is a sin committed by self delusional people.”

        Whenever I hear that someone I know is having a baby I think they better start making some noise about global warming, given what their children are going to face but they nearly all seem oblivious to the fate their children are going to inherit from them.

        • ““Pretending we have a chance to make things better is a lie, and placing children in harms way (by the simple act of giving birth) is a sin committed by self delusional people.”

          So what, Robert? We roll over in a foetal position and wait to die??

          You are so negative you add nothing to the discussion.

          • I don’t understand why you feel the need to judge Robert negatively. Why not share your position with out the personal attack. To say he adds nothing is simply not true

      • Robert surely the ” sin” ( if such a thing exists ) is complying with the bastards.

        If you follow McPherson and o what you think is right for common good and love for others then few options exist apart from being the resistance that slow the machine.

        • I’m trying to point out that ‘the resistance’ is part of the lie, and ignoring Guy’s stuff about love and some sort of self pleasure thing, his summery of the climate change facts kind of points to nothing good will come of any human actions from now on, the planet is in run away abrupt climate change, upwards of thousands of times faster than previous extinction events.
          So anyone who thinks there actions, whether protesting whatever the govt is doing, or a terrorist murdering people in a night club, is going to have a long term good outcome for their cause is just deluding themselves, this system hasn’t got enough time left to morph into anything better than the shit hole it is, we could face an average of several million deaths per day, starting soon, as an underestimate I’m sure.
          But alas we are all sitting around discussing how tall to carve the next Moai and where we are going to place it.

          • Robert A, I do take your point earnestly. Guy may be on the right track but to where it leads is still not settled as new evidence of changes is accumulating.

            Not that a brighter picture is forming at all but there are still some sound rational well argued cases for a small human population to exist well beyond Guy’s proposed time line.

            The availability of Non Renewable Natural Resources for any such surviving pockets of humans will be somewhat critical.

            Guy also has a message regarded as extreme by some but his message helps to present a counter to the business as usual banter.

            The quest for cheap energy has been our downfall and the most expensive quest man has ever aspired to..

  2. Yes,… its on The Standard in one of todays articles . S. Dawson gives an hour long video clip near the end of the article and many links to follow. It would appear that contained in that info is some things certainly ……….. ‘explosive’ ….

  3. Well done Martyn,

    Suzie best wishes from us controlled Muppets here as I trust Russia more than this corrupt administration now.

    We own the Intelligence data not this NZ Intelligence agency as we as taxpayers pay for them to collect them for our interest not theirs.

    We must therefore have the right to review those documents and for the Government to block us from access to them is unlawful.

    Those intelligence agencies are just protecting the corrupt government who love to hide anything that affects us the people.

    Bloody criminals.

    • Why be a controlled muppet.
      This place is corrupt so move to Russia as they have a government you can trust.
      Let us know your thoughts after a couple of years.

  4. Suzie thankyou for your efforts, tenacity and courage for speaking out.

    We owe you a debt of gratitude.

    I am sorry you have to leave our country for doing whats right.

    In time you will be able to return.

    Stay strong and don’t give them an inch.

  5. key resignation was just to swift like an he knew the heat was on and he wanted out of dodge in a hurry leaving bill and Ben to wear it.
    i will need to find a hang em placard for the next protest because we are going find out what was behind a lot of this bastard governments decisions that made no sense and who was behind it.

  6. Let’s hope the lid blasts off on this one making a huge hole in the Natz, with a massive mess spreading far and wide. And when this happens, wonder where “honest” John will be hiding?

  7. Fuck ! This’s all pretty cool ! I mean … wow !
    NZ family woman seeking refuge in Russia because Kiwi Corp’s running too hot to handle ! I mean WTF ? You couldn’t invent this shit.

    Good old The Daily Blog and @ Martyn Bradbury … I really was thinking that there wasn’t much left about NZ / Aotearoa to feel proud of any more.
    Just Wow !

    Has Martyn Bradbury just scaled the Mount Everest of journalism ?
    Is this Suzie Dawson person just a bit more brave than … well, just about anyone right now? Smoke that in your pipes The All Blacks.
    I wonder if the 2 tb has anything in there about how much and to whom our swindled economy has gone to for the last hundi or so years?

    The up-side to all this is that it’s seen yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien head for the hills. Silly little Billy’s just padding for the crash.

    • Just a thought Countryboy.
      If the NZ economy has been swindled for the last 100years we should be the same as swindled third world economies where there are no government benefits of any sort and it’s user pays for everything.
      How come that hasn’t happened?

      • If the NZ economy has been swindled for the last 100years we should be the same as swindled third world economies where there are no government benefits of any sort and it’s user pays for everything.

        Who says it hasn’t?

        Prior to 1992, tertiary education was mostly free. Now students rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt for high tuition fees.

        New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations president Linsey Higgins pointed out the hypocrisy and selfishness of those who have imposed student fees and issued arrest warrants for those who refuse to re-pay their debt;

        “I think a lot of these people who make the decisions grew up when they got a free tertiary education and they are doing well now because they didn’t have to pay for their tertiary education. I think it’s hypocritical for them to say now we need to swallow the bitter pill.”

        Student debt now stands at $15 billion. It’s called “user pays”.


        • Not true Frank!

          It is totally possible to place one’s head in the sand and not see anything. Most of the population of Aotearoa do this. Patrick does as well.

          At that point all these awkward facts disappear and everything’s coming up roses.

          It’s great!


          • That’s your opinion Sab and you are welcome to it.
            Having spent many years in SE Asia – still spend around 5 mths a year – have seen, and see the other side.
            So unlike most of the posters on this blog I think we are very lucky to live here.
            All the petty wingers who can see only downside but I doubt that many have lived among people with almost nothing and governments that will do nothing for them.
            The attitude of these people is fatalistic/positive but they get up each day determined to get some food on the table somehow.
            Even poor old Frank cannot see one single good thing the present government has done in 8 years. I find that sad as every Kiwi government, no matter what colour does good things.
            Do you really not understand how lucky we are.
            If not, I must question whose head is in the sand.

        • Frank,
          You know better than to take an encompassing comment and pick on just one small aspect – in this case tertiary education.
          The pie is only so big and the cost of fully funding burgeoning numbers got too great. Numbers grew from the heady 60’s and obviously got too many to fully fund. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the dropout rate is lower since loans were introduced too.
          But user pays?
          Yes, but only if you are an International student. Study medicine at Otago a Kiwi pays $15000, overseas student 31,000 rising to $70,000 in year 2.
          So there is still a government subsidy of 50% plus for locals which is pretty substantial.
          And what is the point of a BA or other airy fairy degree – better to do an apprenticeship and earn good money without a loan. The guys that do big income degrees don’t actually have a problem clearing their student loans.
          Please remember also that Lindsay Higgins comments come with all the experience and wisdom of a barrow pusher in her early 20’s.
          But back to the thrust of my post rather than the sidetrack……
          I had the misfortune to have an emergency admission to Christchurch hospital a few weeks back.
          What a joy to be treated so well and so professionally.
          Third world, I would have been left in the corner on a gurney with no attention whatever until somebody had come up with the full amount of cash for my treatment and pharmaceuticals.
          Sure there are waiting lists and we can complain about education ( The last third world primary school I went into had great teaching aids. A globe in the principle’s office showing countries that ceased to exist years ago. Dog eared textbooks, no librarybooks or sports gear, no electricity, running water or toilets – but the kids still had to pay.)
          We can complain about benefit levels too – but at least we have benefits to complain about.
          I’m not saying things are perfect here but I don’t think most Kiwi’s have any idea what conditions most of the worlds population put up with on a daily basis.
          Of the 70 odd countries and territories in the Southern Hemisphere we have by far the best welfare, so we are really pretty lucky.
          It doesn’t matter who the government is the problems of who gets what remain the same. Even PM Macskasy ( the buck stops here) would find it more difficult than it looks from the outside.

          Frank, I would have thought a man of your intellect would have realised my comments to Countrybumkin were tongue in cheek.

            • Sorry Frank,
              that beloved friend of the left, the censors axe, seems to executed my reply – but you probably know that.
              No profanities, measured reply, but unfortunately some word or words triggered alarms so the plug was pulled.
              I really don’t get how the alternative news justifies
              this Nazi behavior – but there it is.

        • Well If you ask me, Susie whoever you are, which you apparently haven’t. Seeking asylum in Russia is pretty stupid. About the same as seeking asylum in China really. Why not the Cook Islands or Fiji. Closer to home but equally police states probably a little more transparent. And then there is let’s say Cuba. It’s opened up I hear. Have you checked out Russia lately. They are in the process of becoming a state of the USARse, so to speak. Not much point going there really you might as well come here to the West Coast or the soon to be Republic of California or Waiheke Island. Let’s face it Susie who ever you are, NZ Police are amateurs. Ask Nicky Hager. But Russia, yeah nah! It would make a good Tui ad though. Susie Dawson Seeking Asylum in Russia – yeah right! Good luck with that.

    • Did YOU write this wee Hong Kong ‘travelogue’ post Suzette Maree Dawson?

      April 2015?

      How does travelling around the world and writing about your experiences – fit with your having to seek political asylum in Russia because of your being supposedly targeted as an activist?

      Doesn’t quite fit – in my view.

      Other independent thinkers may be asking the same question?

      Since joining the Occupy Auckland media team in 2011, Suzie Dawson has been a driving force behind many social justice and political movement media campaigns and events, including #GCSB, #NZ4Gaza and #TPPANoWay. Her work has been shared internationally including by, Wikileaks and Business Insider. She is currently traveling the world and writing about her experiences.

      • “Hong Kong and The Matrix

        by Suzie Dawson”

        Obviously she did, Penny Notso Bright.

        Care to remind us all how it is that you, as someone who has done nothing but giver her “considered opinion” for the last 20-30 years, managed to get her own house (in central Auckland) mortgage free? With flatmates?

        You do a great disservice to all activists in the manner you conduct yourself, and maliciously “investigate” those who are actually spreading truth, simply because what they’re saying is actually coherent, and causing people with a degree of intellect to question the status quo, whereas your endless nonsensical rants do nothing but portray you, at best, as a nutcase, and at worst as someone who is paid to disrupt, and to give genuine causes you associate yourself with a bad wrap.

        Let it not be forgotten that the first night you actually spent at Occupy Auckland was after the eviction had been ordered, and there was a huge media presence for you to make a fool of yourself for all to see. Or that you, and that other shill Chris Glen, attempted to persuade the wider Occupy Auckland community to remove the entire #OANZ Media Team & replace it with just yourselves – after outright refusing to work with us, as we naively attempted to make happen. Thankfully enough of the people realized that actually no, we were legit, and you were only looking to promote your own self-interest, as is clearly evidenced by your repeated futile attempts to secure the mayoralty, and the power, and fat salary that goes with it.

        Those who seek power are not worthy of that power.

        Do this country a favour and shut up.

  8. Well, well, well, the new year starts rather INTERESTING, I must say.

    Suzie may though make a mistake seeking “asylum” in Russia, look at Snowdon, he wished he was somewhere else (perhaps somewhere in Latin America, or somewhere else).

    Putin will have his services take advantage of such dissidents, and any person taking this step may end up in between a rock and a hard place, for the rest of their lives.

    Perhaps the day will come, with elections in some important places in Europe this year, that a more hospitable nation may become available for political asylum, where one has free speech and no secret service breathe down your neck.

    What interests me the most is this 7 terabyte stuff now, come on, get going, start drip feeding the MSM monkeys now, they must be twitching for worry or excitement, or both.

    Let us roll it all out, the dishonesty, lies and dirty strategies this government has been using, let us see it, once and for all.

  9. we need to prepare to take direct action against the natz and cronies when Pandora’s box is opened i suspect we going to see a lot of ugly corruption that we have all paid for one way or another we must make sure that the anger is focused and direct.

    • I guess she has faced reality and her departure is a comment on the putrid deep state extending through NZ.

      Off course she shouldn’t have to leave for protest and having an opinion.

      Democracy claims to allow a gamut of beliefs. It has been once again tested and found to be fraudulent.

      Thank whoever for protesters, they are our leaders.

  10. All the best to you and your family, Suzie. After the persecution of dissidents like Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, I’m not surprised that others like you are now being targetted.

    Our thoughts are with you!

  11. What’s this I hear of an affair… Martyn…?
    Are Jurnos no longer allowed to do their jobs anymore. Sad, sad, sad.
    @ country boy – too right about ‘Billy Boy’ being the padding – the s*** will hit the fan soon enough.
    …and Suzie all the best – hope you return to our shores again, one day.

  12. Hell’s bells Suzie, that’s such a tough call.

    This certainly is not the Aotearoa I came to fifty years ago but it certainly IS the neo-liberal spooksville the right-wing fungoids have turned it into now.


    I hope you can find some security for yourself and your family and above all I hope you can continue to be a thorough pain in the arse to the neo establishment.

    Go well.

  13. Huge love suzie. . There are many haters . . Standard practice.
    however there are far more standing with you!

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