Hey everyone, Israel Groupie, Fran O’Sullivan says we aren’t at war with Apartheid Israel so it’s all ok?



Has anyone told this clown yet that Israel threatened us with war or is he still on holiday?

I just can’t fucking believe this.

So the only person in the mainstream media who has bothered to look into the claim that the Israeli Prime Minister threatened us with war is an Israeli groupie like Fran O’FuckingSullivan?

I am a huge fan of Fran because she is one of the smartest commentators on the Right, but when it comes to her position on Israel, I have no support of her at all.  Fran went with a bunch of other Israeli apologists on a business trip to Apartheid Israel (alongside Spark and  Nano Girl Michelle Dickinson) this year to suck up to the one of the most repressive regimes in the world and to applaud all their death technology they use to imprison Palestinians with.

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That it’s fallen to an Israeli mouthpiece like Fran to actually tell NZers that  Netanyahu’s threat is just rhetoric is an absolute failure of leadership. Here’s how she so whimsically  puts it…

Some have misread the reported comments and interpreted them in an overly literal fashion suggesting Israel has declared war on NZ.

Obviously it hasn’t and won’t.

It is important to recognise that Netanyahu – commonly known as “Bibi” – is a polarising yet skilled rhetorician.

…look at that folks, the mouthpiece for Israel says we’ve fucking missed his threat of war. We have. It’s our fault because Bibi is a fucking skilled rhetorician.

We misread him when he said…

“If you continue to promote this resolution from our point of view it will be a declaration of war. It will rupture the relations and there will be consequences,”

…that’s right folks, we misread him.

What a load of fucking bullshit. To dare threaten us with war should be responded with by the immediate expulsion of the Israeli embassy from NZ.


That it’s come to this, having to rely on an Israeli groupie like Fran O’Sullivan to calm us all down is an insult to the intelligence of every NZer. Where the living Christ is Bill English? Where on earth is our Prime Minister? Has anyone even informed him that we’ve been threatened with war?

The total lack of leadership in responding to, critiquing and investigating this declaration of war has shown how utterly spineless our Government and corporate mainstream media have become.

When these sanctimonious pricks in the corporate mainstream media dare complain about ‘fake news’ let’s remember how much their shit reporting actually contributes to that fake news.

We desperately need a new media.


  1. You are correct, Martyn. At the very least, the Israeli Embassy should be closed down. Being threatened with a declaration of war is hardly conducive to friendly international relations.

    On the issue of Fake News – as someone else pointed out, more like ‘Soft News’. Have any firefighters been injured rescuing a stranded cat-up-a-tree? No? Nothing to report then.

    God help us, I’m getting more information from the Russian government’s mouthpiece, RT News, than I am from our own TV News. (And with the holidays, Radio NZ has all but ceased to function as the usual credible media institution we’ve come to rely on.)

    This is why New Zealanders keep re-electing National governments. They know no better.

    • Yes the NZ public are truly all suffering from being “Dumbed down” and seem to love it, almost like an addict it seems.

      Pity for them, they had better wake up before the NatZ junta take the last vestiges of freedom and democracy from their lives.

      WAKE UP NZ.

      • Adam – what’s wrong with RT ?
        I find them refreshing, honest and full of integrity most of the time.
        That’s why they are growing leaps and bounds worldwide because most are sick of the MSM and find some honest journalism with RT.
        Do you watch Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp ?

        Have you seen any of the older RT shows they used to have on called the ” The Truthseeker ” and of course older shows of Abbys called ” Breaking the Set. ” These older shows can be seen on Youtube and both are some of the most honest; hard hitting and truthful depictions of Israel that there is in the media. Maybe too close to home for most.


        so again if anyone is pro Israel govt. and pro Netanyahu, aren’t they a bit of a nutter and out of touch anyway ? Aren’t they also in bed with criminals and war mongers and terrorist murderers ?

  2. Just take a chill pill everyone, Paula and I have got this under control.

    It’s pointless worrying the public about such matters when most of New Zealand just wants to get out, have a few drinks, a barbie and celebrate the New Year (and look forward to tax cuts on April 1st 2018).

    That’s another reason we don’t want to contest the Mt Albert byelection, because those sorts of situations of party-political-conflict just riles up the electorate.

    New Zealand and Israel have always been close allies in the war on terror, so it’s business as usual. Good allies can have a differences of opinion from time to time, after all look at New Zealand’s attitude to nukes on warships. Now we are best of friends with the US and we even had a US warship here for the recent naval celebrations.

    We urge the public not to listen to the scare-mongering by the left-wing blogs and enjoy the holidays.

    Take care on the roads, belt up and wear your lifejackets while boating.

  3. Now if another country had been told their UN actions are a declaration of war, in particular Iran for instance, then Israel would have wondered what the hell had struck it!

    Why hasn’t Foreign Minister Murray McCully made a public statement re Israel’s threat? Any suggestion of war or consequences against NZ is in the public interest I would have thought. But nothing from the PM or McCully ….

    The timing of this issue makes me suspicious about Key’s resignation as PM. I’m picking he knew what was coming re the UN resolution and what his great friend Israel’s response would be, so decided to let go the premiership to save his own bacon ” …. nothing to do with me.”

    • The very least the PM or Minister of Foreign Affairs could do is make light of Netanyahu’s deranged response. Sure, it’s probably counter-productive and would likely provoke yet another hysterical over-reaction from Crazy Benjamin, but it’s less provocative then shutting down the Israeli embassy. Sometimes the best weapon is satire, and really, what sort of supposed statesman declares war on another nation simply because they voted for a UN resolution he didn’t like? Benjamin Netanyahu, apparently. The man’s obviously as mad as a box of frogs, and should be openly ridiculed. What a fucking muppet.

  4. Fran is hardly going to say the “wrong” thing Martyn. When you are sucking up to the regime and accompanying the Govt on “business trips”, your hardly going to write against the establishment. Fran has always been a right wing apologist and I have no time for her opinion because it lacks balance.

    And speaking of balance. Today’s Herald reports on how poorly Labour celebrated it’s centenary year.

    “How many readers of the Herald knew that Labour, New Zealand’s oldest political party, achieved its centenary in 2016? Not many I imagine because almost nothing public was done to mark the occasion.

    Even John Roughan, a columnist in the Herald, was moved to write “Zero fanfare for 100th a shame”.

    The answer is probably no Herald readers knew because the lopsided, bullshit, biased Herald never covered it. Instead. today’s piece and Rouglan’s piece are both negative pieces and evidence to support its right wing nature. Why weren’t the Herald journalist proactive in promoting Labour’s centenary year? Instead we were bombarded by Max Key’s life. Through the Herald’s eyes, Max Key’s life was more important to report on than Labour’s centenary year.

    One can only conclude that based on today’s Herald piece,


    that the N.Z. Herald are hypocrites, but most of us know that.

  5. I agree completely. We had someone’s AK Herald dropped into our box the other day by mistake. We haven’t had a Herald delivered now for some 4 years. Interested, I thought I would see how bad it was, didn’t get past the first two pages. My god its not a major newspaper anymore, its just a trash rag, even for holiday time it’s worse than a trash rag.

    Aljazeera is our news outlet now and when John Campbell is on we tune into him on RNZ. We could have WW3 on top of us and we still wouldn’t get it first hand from our news media these days. Talk about the dumbing down of a nation. Our journalists are just paparazzi these days chasing film stars, etc, sickening.

  6. The mistake some people make it to take politics seriously. Politics is just a puppet show, put on by the controllers to create the impression in people’s minds that they have a say in how things are run.

    All the real action takes place unseen and unreported.

    Where is Bill English? It really does not matter much, since he is just another mendacious, self-serving clown wielding a wrecking ball, and will continue to wreck, just as his predecessor did. But a good guess would be wherever he needs to be to increase his short-term personal wealth at the expense of others.

    As for a new media, well there is absolutely no chance of that because the controllers are very happy with the results delivered by the present media….. a dumbed-down populace that doesn’t care about being lied to and robbed. In fact very comfortable with being lied to and robbed.

  7. To be fair Martyn. She did declare that she had travelled to Israel recently. Only that the party she travelled with were promoting a “Business” relationship worth $150m. Simon Moutter & the likes want to have “Talkfests” in NZ & Israel!? Is that a “Business” or just external propaganda apparatus?
    Moutter is worried too! The deal might be called off if he can’t get Muzza to change his mind? Haha! Muzza’s already done the math. $4.1b in export trade with Saudi v $150m with Israel.

  8. Those who control the banks control all else. a never ending supply of assert stripping, political “guidance” for politicians and retribution for those who oppose or protest.

    Israel are following an expansion policy which is officially denied.

    The maps show expansion, the suffering victims and the dead give evidence, political corruption is rife enabling control of many politician and wealth has captured the MSM for Israeli and collaborators purposes.

    A list of countries who regimes have been changed by CIA and Israeli dirty work continues to grow. The Middle East saga is unravelling and Russia seems the only power player with some honesty.

    Israel is outrageous in its bold effrontery of human dignity, supported by the blindness of cowardly and corrupt supporters of criminality.

    NZ started its support with Bill Massey – a British Israelite who dropped us into the WWI Gallipoli campaign to keep Russia out of Turkey so the Ottoman Empire could be sacked to enable the formation of Israel on Arab sovereign land.

    ANZAC ” celebrations” and indeed sad testimony to perversion.

  9. Isrealies don’t muck around there word is there word. They will be quite serious in there threats. So old Fran has got it wrong.
    Also i think McCully made the wrong call. He should not have gone with the UN resolution. Isreal is the only democratic state in the middle east. They have had there fare share of conflict especially after WW2. They don’t need any more…

    • “Isreal is the only democratic state in the middle east.”

      That is certainly a judgement bandied around but one without foundation.

      What ever method is used to install a govt, there is no reason for the genocide and land grabbing so clearly demonstrated.

      Israel has no respect for other Middle east neighbours no matter how their govt is formed.

      A rogue state who defy the UN and then threaten others.

  10. Oh come on Martyn there is not a free junket that Fran has met that she has not fell in love with and her fingers guided around a keyboard by the smell of future business.

    Corporate media.

    The latest column did not have the disclaimer that this one did – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/fran-osullivan/news/article.cfm?a_id=13&objectid=11773520

    More native advertising for Spark here


  11. […] That it’s come to this, having to rely on an Israeli groupie like Fran O’Sullivan to calm us all down is an insult to the intelligence of every NZer. Where the living Christ is Bill English? Where on earth is our Prime Minister? Has anyone even informed him that we’ve been threatened with war? […]

    • Jono,

      Slimy little Bill and his clowns are just gatekeepers for the Global corporate cabal mate, and he will join Obama and Jonkey at the Hawaiian golf club next year when we all give him and his traitors the boot.

      Bill English may then get a job on the Bilderberg panel as they are keen to get past Ministers of Finance of countries especially after The Bilderberg was hacked yesterday and is on a notice to pull up their socks or next December the whole Bilderberg membership will be leaked to the public with their assets bank details and other private details that may implicate them in shady deals!!!

      So maybe Bill English who has some shady deals already should not join Bilderberg at all.




      ‘We will watch you’: Bilderberg website hacked
      Published time: 30 Dec, 2016 19:56

      ‘We will watch you’: Bilderberg website hacked

      Hackers have taken down the website of the Bilderberg Club, replacing the shadowy organization’s page with a warning that the Atlanticist elites have a year to work for the benefit of humanity or their assets will be hacked next.

      “Dear Bilderberg members, from now on, each one of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in favor of humans and not your private interests,” the hackers, who identified themselves as the “HackBack movement and Anonymous,” said in a message posted at bilderbergmeetings.org.

      “Otherwise, we will find you and we will hack you,” they threatened the “Wealthy Elitico-Political 1 percent.”

      “Mind the current situation: We control your expensive connected cars, we control your connected house security devices, we control your daughter’s laptop, we control your wife’s mobile. We tape your secret meetings, we read your emails, we control your favorite escort girl’s smartwatch, we are inside your beloved banks and we are reading your assets. You won’t be safe anywhere near electricity anymore,” the hackers said.

      The Bilderberg Club is a group of European and American leaders from the fields of politics, industry, finance, media and academia who have met annually since 1954. Their meetings are notoriously closed to the public and blacked out to press coverage.

      The most recent Bilderberg conference, the group’s 64th, was held in Dresden, Germany in June 2016.

      Bilderberg 2016: World’s top brass meets in Dresden to talk migrants, Brexit and US elections

      A cryptic note at the end of the hackers’ statement praises Phineas Fisher as the “greatest human alive.” Fisher is a self-described hacktivist who claimed responsibility for hacking the British-German surveillance company Gamma International in 2014 and cracking the Hacking Team in 2015. He also took credit for taking more than 300,000 emails and documents from Turkey’s ruling AKP party in June 2016; the documents were subsequently published by WikiLeaks.

  12. Now it makes perfect sense. Anyone who questions the anti-semetic agenda advocated by the NZ left needs to be personally insulted.

    Keeping in mind of course that Israel is .1% of the middle east landmass – thats right folks the Arabs have 99.9% of the middle east, Mr Bradbury still regards this as one of the worse regimes on earth.

    Why does Mr Bradbury not care for homosexuals or woman in 99.9% of the middle east (in .1% they are fine)

    • Keeping in mind of course that Israel is .1% of the middle east landmass …

      Why does Mr Bradbury not care for homosexuals or woman in 99.9% of the middle east (in .1% they are fine)

      Not according to Rabbi Shlomo Amar;

      Shlomo Amar, who previously served as the country’s Sephardi chief rabbi, told Israel Hayom newspaper that homosexuality is an “abomination,” and that Jewish law advocates the death penalty for those who choose to engage in same sex relationships.

      “I call it a cult. It’s a cult of abominations, it is obvious. It’s an abomination,” he said. “The Torah says it is punishable by death. It is in the first rank of severe offenses… They say ‘leaning,’ ‘perversion’ – this is nonsense. There is lust, and a person can overcome it if they want to, like all lusts. This is among the most forbidden lusts, the most severe. ”

      ref: http://www.timesofisrael.com/jerusalem-chief-rabbi-calls-homosexuality-an-abomination/

      Also this;

      A public service announcement has been banned from television in Israel because of its message in support of same-sex marriage.

      The message from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), titled “Human Rights: Because without I’m not Equal,” was banned by the Second Authority for Television and Radio, the public body that supervises Israel’s commercial television and radio station.

      ref: http://www.towleroad.com/2016/12/israeli-gay/

      And same-sex marriage is still not legal in Israel – http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2016/12/10/israel-is-to-begin-recognising-same-sex-marriage-as-an-equal-route-to-citizenship/

      But regardless, David, why are you conflating Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and blockading of Gaza with LGBT issues? If this sad attempt at deflection is the best justification you have for Israel’s expansionist policies, then you really are struggling to put up a case.

          • So access to a site of religious significance is irrelevant. Pretty clear what your agenda here is.

            Lets look history. The aggressors have been the Arabs. The west bank was occupied from 1948-1967 by Jordan. Nobody talked about occupation then. Why? Because this is not about a Palestinian state. This is about the destruction of Israel.

            When Arafat turned down peace, and brought war, it was obvious to everyone the agenda

            • David , it would not hurt you in any way to check the other side of the story.

              Your understanding might blossom.

              Them against us stuff shows disdain for the reader as well as countless suffering families.

  13. We could do that, but what we will actually do is wait for further instructions from Washington. When Trump is in power, we will go cap in hand and introduce a resolution reversing the latest one. Okay it’s a bit self-contradictory, but that’s how we like to roll. With any luck the current resolution will be gone by lunchtime…

    …except our new best friend Vlad will not back the idea and the whole thing will sink without a ripple.

  14. Maybe we should learn Hebrew and make sure our source and translation are all correct before perpetuating the idea that Israel has declared war. I though only the right were meant to be warmongers.

  15. It may not be war like in Syria or Gaza, with military attacks, but there was a threat of hostile acts against this country. “Consequences” Netanyahu called them.

    So we may become under some sort of illegal spying operation, or infiltration of pro-Palestinian groups, with attempts made to smear them.

    Remotely placing incrimating material on people’s computer systems, and then using this to smear them, or mislead them as to the source, is well within the technical capability of the Israeli state.

    The sort of low level terror that alongside their more open kind is also part of the Israeli armoury.

    But we don’t have to wait. New Zealand has already been the target of hostile actions by the Israeli state, when Israeli government agents were detected stealing New Zealand passports, when these agents were caught up in the devastation of the Christchurdh earthquake. No doubt these stolen passports were to be reused for spying and infiltrating and even assassinations while posing as New Zealanders.

    If this is not a hostile act that endangers New Zealanders security, especially when travelling, then we need a new definition of hostile.

    You say she’s clever Martyn. Maybe Fran O’Sullivan might like to provide this new definition?

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