Israel threatens war and NZ mainstream corporate media go silent – what real fake news looks like



There are 8 topics that you simply can not talk about in the NZ mainstream corporate media  because if you do, you suddenly get blacklisted as a commentator. Those 8 topics are…

  • The 30 year neoliberal experiment in NZ and its damage to our society
  • Our appallingly high suicide rate and why it’s really happening
  • Child Poverty and the Governments obligation to solve it
  • Real Climate Change and its impact on our weather right now
  • How racist our prison system and judiciary really are
  • The power of the dairy interests over our water and environment policy (although Rachel Stewart bless her battles the pricks)
  • Real abortion rights for women
  • And Israel. You can not talk about Israel and its brutal occupation of Israel

…the self censorship on those issues by the corporate mainstream media means we can not as a society grow.

I did a show on Israel for Waatea 5th Estate this year and we immediately had a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority that we were un fair to Israel so part of this self censorship is  simple cowardice on part of the corporate mainstream media. They are there to sell adverts pretending that there is endless growth for consumerism, they are not there to frighten that audience off with controversial issues.

But even by the corporate mainstream media’s normal self censorship standards, the utter silence over Israel threatening us that our support for the UN resolution against them would amount to a ‘declaration of war’ is fucking unbelievable.

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I appreciate the graduate student C team is wheeled into staff the news room over the Christmas period, hence their breathless updates on the bloody holiday road toll, but surely someone in charge has to appreciate the magnitude and enormity of Israel’s language and threats toward us?

If Netanyahu has honestly threatened that our vote against them in the UN is a declaration of war, we should immediately demand they remove their embassy from our shores!

Right Now!

We are New Zealand, we don’t put up with threats of war from anyone. The mainstream media’s silence on this is only further proof of how completely redundant their role has become. They are merely a clickbait farm and it highlights what the term ‘fake news’ should really means.

‘Fake News’ isn’t a lie that is spread on social media pretending to be news, that’s just propaganda and manipulation. The real ‘fake news’ is the bullshit nothings that the corporate mainstream media push into their lead positions to avoid real debate.

A country threatening us that our righteous actions against them amount to a declaration of war should lead every single fucking news report and bulletin. It doesn’t.

It’s time we got a new media.


  1. Agreed declaration of war should lead to Israel being booted firmly out of New Zealand. This type of action by Netanyahoo gives a clear outline of what sort of stuff the Palestinians have had to put up with over the last 50 years:- Overboard violent reactions. Im still waiting for the ICC to act against Israel for crimes against humanity,war crimes during the Gaza invasion. The leadership both civilian and Military need to be held to account for murdering around 2000 civilians during their Gazan action

    • Well some of us are trying to Martin. It is call the BDS campaign. Boycott, disinvestment, sanctions – more people should be aware of all of this. There was a protest here in christchurch against the Israeli bowling team taking part in the world bowls competition. We need a comprehensive list of things on sale in our supermarkets and other places made by the racist State.

      • Yes I would like a comprehensive list of things made in the racist state of NZ. I will happily tell the world about it so that no one buys anything from NZ ever again.

        • You’re a hypocrite, Andy. With your own bigotry you have the temerity to accuse others?? It’s really hard to take a fool like you seriously.

          If you’re the best cheerleader the Zionists can come up with, they really need to hire a better class of fellow-traveller.

  2. +100 Martyn Bradbury …great post!… but surely you mean “You can not talk about Israel and its brutal occupation of Palestine” ( not Israel)

  3. The standard of our media is disgraceful. When the left gets in I think an NZ equivalent of the BBC is required.

  4. What? The “News” is there to inform us?? When did that happen? I thought it was just a nightly update on the road toll, Dairy robberies, and photo-ops for our former dear leader!!

  5. Just a prediction i believe there is going to be a war soon over Israeli land. The pieces are coming into position. It will involve israel as well as a number of countries coming up against them when Isreal refuses to budge from the settlements. Could get very messy. Watch this space…

  6. NZ mainstream news needs a complete overhaul.
    Minor correction, its:

    “You can not talk about Israel and its brutal occupation of Palestine”

    Great article though.

  7. Trade sanctions and boycott events where Israel attends for starters.

    Identify and expose those who discourage or withhold news of Israel’s malevolence.

  8. There are palestians that co- exist with Israelies , Jews and all, but the Palestine Govt wants Jews out, aka ethnic cleansing. Israels stand is against the government and their agenda What’s wrong with standing against it?

    • What’s wrong with standing against it?

      Absolutely nothing Wes.

      But we’re not talking about standing up to them.

      We’re talking about attacking them and invading them in an undeclared war. And practicing a Jewish version of lebensraum. If you’re not familiar with that word look it up in an historical context.

      And I don’t see the Palestinian government being attacked; I see innocent civilians being killed. Seeing there is no declared state of war that should read civilians being murdered.

  9. I just cant see Bill English standing up to anyone let alone Israel.

    Watch them cave in to the pressure over the next few weeks.

    As for TV 1 the death of princess leia (carrie fisher) of star wars fame was the lead new item last night !

    No mention of Israel.

  10. Israel threatening war with New Zealand was covered by Radio New Zealand before lunchtime on December 28th, including the pathetic government attempt to brush it under the carpet. While Radio New Zealand is probably our only public intelligent independent alternative news and information media which does have the freedom to constantly criticise and discuss, in depth, with intelligent interviews and analysis, all the evils and flaws and failures of government, laws, neo-liberal globalisation and more – it has the advantage of no advertising or horse racing type commentary. Wish it had a wider audience.

    • If Israel bombed Auckland, New Zealanders would be oblivious to it. The lead story on TV news would be Ritchie McCaw stubs his toe on a piece of bomb shrapnel; full recovery expected soon. Meanwhile; road toll increases by one; cat up a tree story; and 99 year old celebrity XYZ dies in her/his sleep.

      That’s about it.

      We don’t need “fake news”. We have dumbed-down soft news. I have no idea which is worse.

  11. Another question our toothless MSM hasn’t asked is how the Jewish communities in New Zealand regard this “declaration of war”.
    I am guessing it would make them uncomfortable at the very least.

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