Socialists will stand as an alternative in Mount Albert By Election.



There’s no party like a socialist party.

The National Party might be scared of putting forward its views and policies to the people of Mt Albert, but we’re not. There will be a Socialist candidate on the ballot for the By Election on Feb 25th 2017.”

One of the reasons why we would stand a Socialist candidate in the Mt Albert by election is to reintroduce the S word to debate in New Zealand.

We are committed to making the minimum wage a Living Wage of $20 an hour, introducing rent controls, physically stopping the evictions of tenants from state housing such as Niki in GI on Jan 18th, standing against racism, welcoming Migrant Workers and students and fighting their exploitation, ending the Housing crisis by building thousands of new state homes, supporting local eco neighborhood projects, funding Playcentres, taxing the rich and the 1%, and building a movement not to reform the system but to fundamentally change it, as nothing less will result in irreversible climate change that will destroy human life on this planet.”

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I’ve been recruiting to the Rebellion for a long, long time.


  1. We need a good dose of Socialism here in “ultra right winged NZ” these days.
    We need to level the playing field before corporates take over completely.

  2. Restructure the economy, put tariffs on imports, eliminate GST & put $19b+ into people’s pockets, people immigrating to NZ buy a new house built and not arrive until its completed adding to the housing stock, start a Ministry of Housing Building programme without Fletchers or any multi-national construction company, seek-out local SMe’s to employ local & source materials local. Put MP’s on performance pay!

  3. You are aware that all the people in your illustration (with the possible exception of Marx) are tyrannical monsters?

    And that Rent controls never work, in fact they make things much worse, a point conceded by economists of all political persuasion. (How are the price controls going in Venezuela ?)

    And that welcoming Migrant Workers and fighting their exploitation is contradictory, at least for low skilled workers?

    Globally speaking, you ARE likely in the 1% – almost certainly the 5%.

    Most “local eco neighborhood projects” are anything but ecologically sound – like the ‘Organic Food’ movement, they are good for the feelings of the doors, but demonstrably worse for the environment.

    No wonder you’ve been a long time recruiting.

    • So you won’t be voting for Joe then? Good onyah. There’s nothing progressive in what you’ve said that would make anyone more informed of the usual BS dogma indoctrinated neanderthals regurgitate time & time again without any reason … So lets just chalk up 1 vote for Labour who’re right of centre and are part of the “Incrementalists.” Do very little over a long period of time! Nat’s,Labour, Green,Mana-MP ect …SA have the left to themselves!

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