Collins cops blame for Nats’ failure on crime – Labour Party



Judith Collins seems to have paid the price for the shocking rise in crime under National, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash.

“At the end of May, Judith Collins signed off on the Police’s four year strategic plan, which included a forecast of no more police until at least 2020. She then claimed, in June, that she was developing a proposal for more police. This showed a minister who wasn’t on top of her portfolio.

“Here we are, six months later, and heading into one of the busiest times for our Police men and women. Burglaries are still rising, resolution rates still below 10%, officers are stressed, and there are still no more Police. It is totally unacceptable.

“During her unsuccessful tilt at the National leadership, Judith Collins blamed Bill English for the failure to recruit more Police.

“National seems to have finally woken up to this sorry state of affairs and hence the Police portfolio has gone to the Deputy Prime Minister.

“I hope, for the sake of the Police and the diverse communities they serve, that Paula Bennett gets a grip on the police portfolio quicker than it took her to get her head around housing.

“The police are in crisis and we need more police urgently, that’s why Labour will recruit 1,000 more officers to keep our communities safe,” says Mr Nash.

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  1. Yep we need more of every social transport services in NZ as Ebenezer English scaled all services back under his secret Austerity scheme.
    Labour need to find which side of the fence they are on.

    Are labour now finally for the people or for the corporation’s?

    Action speaks louder than words Stuart.

    Don’t forget to speak up for our rail from Wairoa to Gisborne!!!!

    Government are now moving to take it for their cycleway, and you need to talk to your mate Peter Reidy urgently now as a letter is going ton him from Gisborne Iwi today!!!

    Tell him to support the “Gisborne Co-operative Expression of interest” EOI tender being put to him today, to request him to accept the tender to take over the Gisborne to Wairoa rail section to operate the service to connect to HBRC/Kiwirail log freight service beginning next year and you again will be re-elected next year, and not just be a one term MP like last time.

    Merry Xmas.

  2. More police is just a band-aid solution to a problem that is caused by wealth disparity. NZ doesn’t need more police it needs better laws that don’t criminalise people so readily and a tax system that taxes the rich more and the poor less. Wealth disparity is proven cause of most crime, burglary being a classic example.

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