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  1. Media wars continue with thought police —

    Cold war desperation and lies under Obama and Hillary…for anti-democracy fascist media censorship:

    ‘Ex-US envoy to Russia calls for branding RT ‘foreign agent’ over ‘involvement’ in elections’

    but but:

    …meantime Trump appoints Secretary of State who is friends ( quelle horreur with Putin!….but luckily no threat of nuclear war as under President Hillary)

  2. Disturbing info coming out in Alt Media over the last week. Highlights
    – Trump to be ousted in a constitutional crisis after heavy lobbying of Electorial College voters. 15 have already agreed, 20 to go….
    – someone perceived as neutral and acceptable to both Rep. and Dems. to be selected by Congress to be installed as #President 45 (someone who didn’t even appear to be in the running…Biden? I think it’s Biden)
    – attacks on Alt Media to continue with widespread censorship, shrieks of *FAKE* news, and alleged breaches of terms and conditions for those who’s messages offend those in power

  3. Still can’t believe over three terms there was nothing that pinned key to the wall. He must have a lot of people watching his back.

  4. What is Resolution 1605. The book "Gold Wars" is very interesting and describes the intense pressure put on the Swiss to repudiate the gold standard in the 1980s. They were the last hard currency in the world. Since that time they seem to have lost more and more of their inpcedndenee and autonomy and are in danger of getting sucked into the EU. Do the various courts and commissions named in this article have jurisdiction there? If so, how sad. What happened to the proud, free Swiss with their private banking and solid gold currency.

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