English makes his first mistake as PM – having Paula Bennett as Deputy



The die is cast and Prime Minister English has made his first mistake which will deform the next 10 political months.

By accepting his puppet as Deputy, English leaves Simon Bridges and Judith Collins, the Queen and Princling of the backbenchers out of the tent.

That will be English’s downfall.

Over the next 10 months Bridges and Collins know that if they don’t destabilise the English Leadership for a challenge themselves post election, then they are both on the chopping block. If English wins 2017, they face demotion, if he loses they could usher in a new hard right National.

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Collins as Leader and Bridges as Deputy would be of Death Star proportions.

How do Bridges and Collins destabilise English over the next 10 months? Why Bill has provided them the target, his Deputy, Paula Bennett. Expect a secret drip drip drip leak of anything detrimental to Paula’s ruinous social housing suddenly becoming public. Destroying Paula destroys English and it can be done with precision targeting to maximise political damage.

My guess is that Matthew Hooton is about to become incredibly busy.


  1. Well done, Bill. I sense a backbone. Perhaps Paula can turn around the mess jonkey made by forcing her face as the front for his “ruinous social housing” policies.

  2. My guess is that Matthew Hooton is about to become incredibly busy.

    Or Cameron Slater?

    But yes, you’re right, Martyn. This is going to become very interesting in the next ten to eleven months.

    • “English makes his first mistake as PM – having Paula Bennett as Deputy”
      Indeed Martyn.
      What’s that saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer?
      Pulla Bent is a very ambitious woman!
      Out goes the smiling assassin out for himself, in comes the chuckling assassin prepared to do anything

  3. Let the infighting within the National government begin. It will be fun watching the various National MPs that just cannot stand Paula Bennett start pulling the National Party apart.
    What a week it has been for National to date. An opportunistic National MP comes out and admits he is gay. The debacle of the Roskill bylection which saw Natonal Party supporters and the National MP for Roskill resorting to their tried and true nasty tactics. Another MP resigns from the top-dog position last Monday.
    And now Bill English is PM and the cheshire cat Paula Bennett is Deputy PM.
    Many NZers dislike Paula Bennett and as a result many will not vote National at the next election.
    Still we have 10 months to see whom next Paula Bennett will provide names of to the NZ Media because she cannot stand the criticism.

  4. Little ‘ Good Boy’ Billy will release the old-Farmer’s-in $-power hounds and there will be a mysterious new surge of foreign income coming into NZ with renewed vigour emanating from the agricultural sector which will confound and surprise everybody ( Except me ) not least of whom will be the dopy farmer. Billy’s gubbimint will also plug the hole that is our taxes bleeding out into off-shore trust funds for the moment to hide The Swindle. Those old producer board cockies are vicious and self righteous narcissists and have zero empathy for their own kind much less urban NZ’ers and lets not mention them Marries.

    Then Gristles Bennett will pound the unemployed and low income once- were working class into the dirty concrete at the streets at the bottom of the Sky Tower and if collins or bridges make one false move? They’ll be getting ground up through a mincer and fed to roger douglas’ pigs. Sadly, only metaphorically.

    On a cautionary note.

    It would, at this juncture, pay to ponder what’s really at stake here.
    It’s our country. It’s our very own NZ / Aotearoa. They’re coming and they’re going to take our country off us. ( Have come and have done? )

  5. Oh, and one more thing.

    If you think ‘ Good Boy’ Billy’s stupid, ignorant, delusional, selfish, narcissistic and ego centric? You’d be right.
    But it’d be very, very foolish to think he’s flying alone. He’ll have the very best tutelage available on the planet. I’d be safe to say that from now on? Nothing that comes out of his mouth will be his and that, that which does comes out of his mouth will be exhaustively vetted by teams of professionals.

    • Point of order: whatever else may be said, and no doubt much may be, about W English, he’s not stupid. Fyi, one of his daughters topped NZ — that is to say, the whole country — in seventh form scholarship one year, if I recall. There’s some serious brains in that family.

      • @ TOM GARDNER

        Cunning narcissism masquerading as ‘ brains’ more like it.

        In my humble view, what highlights a level of intelligence in politicians is an empathetic understanding of the human condition in all it’s permutations.
        An intelligent politician would make it her/his mission to create a plan that benefited the most at risk as a priority.
        A solid house begins with solid foundations and the cadre of jonky clone swine have DELIBERATELY weakened NZ/ Aotearoa’s very foundations by disempowering those normal, functioning, hard working, creative and clever Kiwis we know who worked and paid taxes so as their neighbours and families would never have to go to their old age graves in fear.
        I can’t speak for english’s daughter but I do have an opinion of Good Boy Bill based upon my history of interest in politics.
        He’s a fool educated beyond his intelligence and has kept close company with crooks.

        And for those of you who are interested in the mentally unstable who smother us with difficulties for their pleasures .

        This article is Trump-centric but the game’s the same.

        Silent treatment, love-bombing, gaslighting and other traits of Narcissist Personality Disorder


        There are typical consequences and known reactions of approaching someone with NPD. If you think an alcoholic in denial is a tough nut to crack, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Though narcissism can appear across all social strata, it’s a cookie cutter disorder in that the behavior, reactions, and strategies, as NPD abuse victims know well, are identical. We think it’s important to study this and understand that there are strong reactions to be factored in to approaching anyone with NPD. We also think it’s it’s time to name things and call them what they are:
        “Fake news is propaganda.
        The powerful demanding apologies from artists is censorship.
        Business dealings while in office are corruption.
        Threatening protesters and petitioners is authoritarianism.
        Declaring a minority an internal enemy and calling for militarized unity is fascism.
        Everything starts with naming these things in public.
        Resistance starts with plain speaking.”

        Further more re trump. Could’ve been Jonky. Could be english. Could be a cobra.

        ” No big deal. Just sounds like another asshole, right? You might even argue that you need those characteristics to lead. This is where the “disorder” part is critical to understand as a risk. One of the writers of this piece has Major Depressive Disorder. Having mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean someone is a bad person. The point is, that with so much power, the negative traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder can become weaponized. We’ve personally witnessed the recognizable manifestations of this disorder in Trump’s behavior and actions. This is very relevant to the presidency — if he has it, it affects all of us.

        Here is the list of NPD symptoms from The Mayo Clinic:

        Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance

        Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it

        Exaggerating your achievements and talents

        Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate

        Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people

        Requiring constant admiration

        Having a sense of entitlement

        Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations

        Taking advantage of others to get what you want

        Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others

        Being envious of others and believing others envy you

        Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner”

        “Although some features of narcissistic personality disorder may seem like having confidence, it’s not the same. Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal and value yourself more than you value others.”

  6. FFS!! Surely not. Bennett did not go to America for grooming for nothing,aye?
    What a bloody joke.

    A Shadow Government decision?

    Watch for the MSM turn to the support for this Labour/Green coalition etc?
    We have had enough of this ‘passing of the baton’ and the song remains the

    You would have the pension age raised before lunchtime, a capital gains or
    property tax a short while after that and the Greens marching us down the field
    with this so called ‘climate change/green initiative in Agenda 21(now 30) that is
    nothing more than a Globalist con/ruse for control over Nation States and the
    citizens within them.

    And don’t mention the word NZFIRST as Laila Harre has done in her latest post.

    I believe this Gareth Morgan Party (and the other new one just floated) is all
    about being a spoiler for NZFIRST.

    TPTB/Globalists know they are now in a rout with the march towards Glexit.

    “The march to GLEXIT – Globalization Exit”

    There is no ‘Left’ anymore as we all have seen since 1984 so lets not fall into
    that trap again.
    This ploy of ‘Left and Right’ is a tool of the TPTB that is used to Divide and Conquer.’ and needs to stop by understanding. Part of the Paradigm Shift.

    In todays world the battle is between Nation States and the Globalists / Oligarchs.

    It is surely up to us all to make sure that “Meeting the New Boss is NOT the same as Meeting the Old Boss.”

    The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Lyrics)


  7. Paula all but lost Waitakere in 2011, was it by 9 or 11 votes, I can’t remember and was only saved the embarrassment of being a Minister losing her seat by convenient boundary changes 3 years later.

    A 17 year old solo mum who becomes Deputy PM but then shat all over any other solo mum to ensure they never get the chance with her social welfare reforms.

    She is hopeless in anything but patsy Hosking type interviews. Bennett waved the white flag at Campbell and would only respond in Tweets in the end when it came to tricky subjects. As Deputy can she do the same?

    And she tried to emulate Keys laid back casual lying but again was bloody hopeless at that too. It was and is excruciating to witness.

    Expect bouncy bunny rabbit positive cheer leader Paula, 24/7!

  8. Even the Romans were defeated, so surely this pairing will be the downfall of the Nats being a majority party forever, or will wake up the kiwis still believing the Nats make sense! Something anyway…

  9. Paula Bennett is as weak as water and wont last long if National wins a fourth term and she takes the leadership.

    Interesting times ahead.

  10. That is the percect choice from a left or opposition point of view, as it will assist them to effectively attack and discredit the next English led administration. Pullya Beneshit, she has so much liability attached to herself, I know some of it most in public have NO knowledge of, she is an easy target for attack.

    That is of course, if Labour and Greens would bother attacking here, which Carmel Sepuloni has so far not done, for ulterior motives. It is this deceit by Labour, and even the Greens, that they pretend they really want to help the poor and those at the bottom, that is those on benefits, that has made it easy for Bennett to simply ignore them and continue with a modus operandi.

    Labour and Greens have let the poor down, all this hand-wringing BS does not convince me one bit, that they will honestly reform the benefit system, bring in a UBI that offers enough to live off, and will actually change the system to help the poor and powerless.

    To do that Mana may be needed, but a compromise with the rather corrupt Maori Party will make that effort impossible.

    We need to send a stronger message, and infiltrate both Labour and Greens to stir them up, to challenge the establishment they are now part of, and demand real actions.

    The present system is cunning as hell, and I am exploring it further, while this offers some insights, which the MSM simply ignore, as they are also complicit with government of the day and the players in the game:






    And they love the BS of “evidence based” policy, which is nothing but total BS:

    And while some may think we have an Ombudsman and “watchdogs”, think again, more BS:

  11. I do not like violence, that is why I hate this government for systemic violence against the poor and weak, but that Blinglish on the photo has one black eye too little.

  12. think you have it the wrong way around pullya will be busy crushing crusha over the period till the election.. bridges is just a yes man and will snivel and fall into line.

    collins isnt capable of doing anything right, although there might be an ethnic backlash in donations

  13. Given Coleman’s non-appearance I expect the EB combo was the best the Gnats could scrape up. Paula is there, as Key was, as a ‘fluff girl’ to distract from Bill’s manifest incompetence and well-established lack of charisma. It was no doubt the best Crosby Textor could come up with, but Paula lacks an essential element. Key was a successful independent fraudster in his own right, but Paula is merely a career trougher. She is likely to suffer without comparable excuses for extended overseas trips to escape scrutiny. Bill will also suffer from this this – his media advisors may be able to sell his ‘rockstar economist’ status to ignorant local media – but other countries have actual competent economists to provide an invidious comparison.

  14. No doubt after this week, Judith Collins will be in deep conversation with her equally nasty “media” buddy boy, Cameron Slater, to begin the process of sharpening the knives, for some bloodletting next year, by way of Blinglish and the Pullabayonet woman.

    Judith does not like to be scorned, or second best. Roll on 2017 … let the games begin.

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