Time for Labour & Greens to work together in New Lynn, Auckland Central & Mt Albert



With Cunliffe and Shearer leaving, it’s time Labour and Greens work together in New Lynn, Auckland Central & Mt Albert to elect candidates who will carry a progressive platform for Auckland and NZ.

Jacinda should inherit Mt Albert now Shearer is leaving and in return for not standing a candidate against Labour in Mt Roskill, Labour should step aside and allow Chloe Swarbrick to run uncontested in Auckland Central for the Greens up against Nikki Kaye.

Laila Harre should be allowed to run uncontested for Labour in New Lynn for the Labour Party.

If the Mt Roskill by-election taught the Opposition one thing, it’s that when they team up and don’t run against each other, they beat National.




  1. “it’s time Labour and Greens work together in New Lynn, Auckland Central & Mt Albert to elect candidates” Based on Labour’s myopic views and disgusting treatment of the Greens during and post elections I don’t hold out a lot of hope. I advised Labour that I would no longer split my vote in future. Labour / Green gone – Green/Green in. Labour had its chance and dropped the ball, big time.

    • The Mt Roskill by election proves you wrong WHATSYAPOINT. Do try and keep up.

      BTW, its MMP not FPP. if you want the Greens in government, you have to have Labour, so Labour has to cross the line too. That’s the political reality.

  2. Key has a problem. The tales he pulls when he uses the embedded command q” the people of New Zealand will agree when I say ‘ JUST don’t work with me. He has flagged it with the next GE. This is a subliminal admission of likely defeat and his perfect timing is such that he is lining his ducks up for the next new job. The IMF? Nah!! He has the track record for it but I agree with the professional political commentator as Mr Chris Trotter is. Good analysis, accurate foresight and do not underestimate the two words he wrote ” not forgiven “[sic]
    The World Bank? Nah. Actually with their core aim of reducing world poverty which is black humour the key defect John’s of not
    acknowledging this social tumour of poverty in NZ by the ‘ might fit. A UN post? Helen didn’t deserve it! He does not merit a mention
    NZ did little with it’s precious time on the Security Council , Key doesn’t have the integrity and he is not a statesman.
    That corrupt NZ industry of ‘ good old boy’s ‘ lecture circuits , so endemic in our professions is a goer. That’ll work . Wall Street. A knighthood? Nah.

    • I got the strong impression from the interviews on Waatea 5th estate, Labour, Greens and NZ First are working together behind the scenes, even though Winston would never outright admit to it publicly.

      • That’s good to know. And it is not in NZ First’s interests to admit who they will go with anyway. I hope they are extending the olive branch to Mana too.

        All the parties can keep their separate identities but just work together to roll the Natz! Parties working together was how MMP was supposed to work not assimilate them like the Natz do to their partners into one screwed up monopoly.

    • If Labour has anay sense it should steer very clear of her. Too flakey and unreliable. She’s belonged to more parties than most people have had hot dinners.

      • Over time Laila has been remarkably consistent in her political position. It’s been a case of the parties she’s joined betraying their values, thus requiring her find a better fit, rather than any flakeyness on her part.

      • yes Laila Harre is a great politician she has a good grasp of the many issues. I hope she comes back she was just on the wrong horse last time and had no chance with the nasty gnats taking out the big man

        • We need more people like Laila Harre in Parliament. Unfortunatelt honesty doesn’t seem to count much as a virtue these days. Just look at Key being constantly re-elected.

        • Agreed Laila Harre is brilliant…just a pity she did not get in on the Mana/Internet Party ticket…we all know who was responsible for downing the Mana/Internet Party’s chances last time around!

          I dont think Labour is the right fit for her…just as it wasnt the right fit for David Cunliffe!..despite the grassroots wanting him

  3. Was just thinking the other day, wouldn’t be good if Laila Harre ran for Greens or Labour.

    Chloe Swarbrick to run uncontested yes yes yes!!

    Given the success of Roskill, there is no reason to assume Labs and Greens won’t work together, becasue they have been and they will. It’s all about changing the government.

    • Labour definitely shot itself in both feet before the last Election, hopefully Little puts his brain into gear before he opens his mouth. Shut up on CGT get elected first?

  4. If it was so damned easy. Problem is most people are sponge brains and suck up all kinds of commercial and media and social media BS, they have NO clue about what really goes on. They have lack of proper information, they follow the flow, that is the herd, and will not vote progressive, simply because it is presented as negative to them.

    That is the damned problem, with a shit MSM that does not want to honestly inform voters, that is not paid to inform voters, with a corrupt, manipulative government and system, all these appeals and dream chambers are just that, phantasies in the heads of some.

    There are almost no people who follow the discussions here, most click bait the shit on SM and Fakebook, and they go around pretending they are smart and connected, but are nothing smarter that the Borat character made in Kazakhstan.

  5. By the way, the lady in the photo, I can help her out with some info about the Unitary Plan business and corruption, and the BS associated with all, if she cares, she is damned naive to support that nonsense she uttered before.

  6. Phil Quinn at stuff.co.nz thinks Andrew Little should be Labour’s candidate if there is a by-election for Mt Roskill. He argues that it is a golden opportunity for Little to shine and be a winner. That is after he has finished with the Natzki “Angry Andrew” jibes and pointing out how terrible he is with the media.
    Any opposition leader who doesn’t perfom like a circus clown is obviously too boring for our intrepid MSM. Andrew doesn’t rush around hugging everyone, stroking pony tails, smirking for endless selfies; he conducts himself with a quiet dignity and talks to people – instead of smirking at them and then signalling it is time for the usual sycophantic laughter.
    The people of New Zealand want a PM, the NZ MSM want a performer.

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