Dear Paula Bennett – you are a delusional fool



Paula Bennett says she’s “turned around” & “fixed” the social housing and homelessness problems in NZ


Are you trying to be funny Paula?

41 000 homeless people say you are wrong.

Kiwi’s forced to live in cars say you are wrong.

Kiwi’s forced to live in garages say you are wrong.

State tenants who are being kicked out as your privatise social housing say you are wrong.

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An entire generation who have been locked out of home ownership, tell you you are wrong.

State tenants forced to live in freezing cold houses say you are wrong.

300 000 children living in poverty say you are wrong.

You are a lying, smug fool who has traded on her solo parenthood to then deprive anyone else of the same assistance. You are out of your depth on social housing, you are out of your depth as a Cabinet Minister and your out of depth with the true enormity of misery your polices have generated. To bare faced lie to the nation that you’ve ‘turned around’ and ‘fixed’ the very problems that your policies exacerbate is a lie too far.

It’s time we had a snap election and put these lying rats to the ballot box.

You don’t have John Key to vacantly smile and wave to obscure the true awfulness of your policies  any longer National, let’s test how many NZers are willing to follow you now shall we?


  1. We may be in a “post truth age” but you still need to know how to tell a good lie. That was a skill John Key had in abundance but Paula doesn’t.

  2. Nice one Martyn.

    “You are out of your depth on social housing, you are out of your depth as a Cabinet Minister and your out of depth with the true enormity of misery your polices have generated.”

    My take is she is just terribly emotionally immature. God help us.


  3. Paula is out of her depth just being human – and she’s much better at it than Bill – who’s merely the bean counter’s bean counter. Entropy has been the only winner with these expensive wastes of space in power.

  4. What ,…. Sweeties at it again?

    The $5000 to get out of Auckland and another $2000 to come back and do it all again Loveykins?

    What a little sweetie, eh?

    Must have thought the Dipper was being a bit too harsh so she decided to try her own hand instead…

    Party round at Sweetie Browns this Saturday for the homeless, so I hear ,… leopard skin tights are the theme.

    Dont forget to bring your tarps and sleeping bags for the big fun lawn camp / sleep out as well !

  5. Perhaps then Ms Bennett can tell us why people live under the overhead bridge on Moorhouse avenue & Colombo in Christchurch.

  6. Paula Bennet’s latest behaviour is unquestionably foolish and her behaviour would seem to be psychopathic and certainly delusional. But something tells me she doesn’t read this blog.

    Let’s make sure we ramp up this particular battle at all levels across the country. The more accurate the data to support our case, the better. I understand there is a recent Otago University paper with some housing data that provides some sound baseline information.

    And in case you missed it, Warren Brewer’s Christchurch Progressive Network FB page has put up State Housing Action Network’s Media Release:

    Media release: State Housing Action Network
    7 December 2016

    Overseas investors not welcome to buy Christchurch state houses

    The news that Housing New Zealand is holding an “invite-only” seminar in Sydney next week for potential buyers of state houses in Christchurch is an outrage.

    In the middle of a housing crisis where families are living in the sand hills in East Christchurch; in cars and parks; under bridges and doubled up in small homes the government wants to walk away.

    But only the government has the resources and capacity to build the homes needed by New Zealand families.

    They are putting greedy foreign corporates ahead of the desperate housing needs of New Zealanders.

    Christchurch will not stand idly by while National asset stripes the city of state houses.

    This is the wake-up call the city needs.

    SHAN is working with Housing Action Canterbury to make the sale of state houses the number one issue in Christchurch for the general election next year.

    It’s an issue the city will win against the government.

    �John Minto

    • There should be no more sales of state houses in New Zealand as from now. Given the number already sold all houses retained should be kept and used for those who need it. That does NOT include P manufacturers or users – they should not be in state housing.

  7. Bennett is the perfect hollow vessel to front the NP.
    She stands for nothing and will do anything to advance the puppet masters causes as she has no moral backbone to stand for anything.
    Lets hope 20% Bill brings her down with him.

  8. “Paula Bennett says she’s “turned around” & “fixed” the social housing and homelessness problems in NZ”

    She is an idiot. Not because of what she said, but that she expects us to believe her verbal diarrhoea.

  9. There’s an old saying that a lie can travel half way around the world before the truth even gets its boots on. Bennett is using the same tactic that has worked so well for Key and National’s entire cast of Franken-Ministers, and for Clark’s “good cop” government of soft neo-liberals before them (and for Trump and Clinton in the US election).

    In a nutshell:
    * Never make excuses (definitely don’t provide real explanations or take responsibility), that implicitly admits to the problem.
    * Don’t tell minor lies, you can’t polish a turd, and it just makes you look shifty.
    * Tell the most ambitious lies you can think of (“Kiwis care more about their snapper quota than the GCSB”), and keep repeating them with a straight face until the constant repetition drills it into people’s heads, and they start mistaking it for the truth.
    * Smear anyone who tries to correct the lie, call them names (“conspiracy theorist”, “little creep”), dig up dirt on them and feed it to your friends in the mass media (Hoskings, Henry etc) and the blogosphere (KiwiFlog and Whale Spunk), publicly pat them on the head and tell them the public knows better than to believe them.
    * Cultivate learned helplessness in the opposition (both inside and outside Parliament), public servants, the academy, honest journalists, community organisations, and anyone else who might have the credibility to correct the huge whoppers you constantly tell.

    This is a disturbingly effective tactic, because it creates massive cognitive dissonance; “surely a political leader couldn’t stick to such a blatant lie for so long, it can’t be true”. This makes trying to pierce through the fog of propaganda very challenging, because the truth becomes painful for people to hear, as it only increases the cognitive dissonance.

    The people giving media advice to the opposition parties seem too often to be advising them to fight fire with fire, and mimic the same tactic. But it doesn’t work for people who would prefer to win by being honest, which is why it didn’t work for Don Brash either; he is a died-in-the wool neo-liberal, but fundamentally an honest man. The opposition cannot win using corporate PR tactics, and neither would they deserve to.

    Understand the above, and figuring out principled ways to cut through the bullshit and get the facts out to the public, will be key to winning the next election. If we can do this, we can defeat both the corporate propaganda industry, and the neo-liberals in NZ politics, both National and the neo-liberal rump who remain in Labour (three less now with Jones, Goff, and Shearer gone, better and better!).

  10. They say the size of a persons ego is the same size as their torso. Gerry and Paula are evidence of that. “make way I have a plane to catch” and why do you want to be deputy PM?, “because I’m the best person for the job”

  11. Is it me or is the timimg of the English/Bennett duo abit odd? In his most recent Budget Bill English was telling all and sundry that there was a budget surplus. Next day Paula Bennett was telling all and sundry in Auckland that they could get out of Auckland for $5000. Something that probably wasn’t even mentioned let alone set aside for in the recent ‘budget surplus’.
    I don’t envisage a good remaining future for this National government. For example two self-serving people are now PM and Deputy PM. One is a renowned Doube Dipper and the other resorted to making public beneficiaries names to the NZ media. Still lets leave these two bed bugs to their demise politically.

  12. Poor little, well not so little, ” Princess Belly ” Bennett putting herself above us and laughing at us and so out of touch with the people she is supposed to be serving. Using our tax money irresponsibly and laughing herself silly all the way to her bank. Look out homeless and children being abused and those in need who can not work and the disabled etc. – look out for things to remain the same.
    And now she is deputy PM – any more insane surprises ?

    It is laughable watching her be interviewed as she side steps and goes off track and manipulates the interview – barely there, barely wise and barely intelligent. Smarmy — disrespectful — spiteful is what we will get from her and those in need will continue to hurt and not be helped. She and English lying about the economy – you know – the Rock Star Economy. What a pathetic joke and disgrace.

    ” Here’s some money, go to Invercargill and take your homeless misery with you so we do not have to look at you and your ragged clothes and your problems and dirty blankets here in Auckland. “

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