Basher NZ cops: taser, beat and kill man – will probably get off



Fascinating case down South where the banjos twang. It involves Napier Cops who surrounded a car with a man inside who had flipped out and hurt his parents.

The Police claim they feared the man had a crossbow and that he was suicidal, what happened next is hilarious.

So how does one deal with a man in a car who is thought to be suicidal and having a mental health break down?

Why down South where the banjos twang  they smash the car in, they then pepper spray him, they then taser him twice, they then set 2 fucking dogs on him, they beat him, he then dies and the cops are like, ‘hey, we didn’t do anything wrong”.

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In the recording the man can be heard to be pleading his surrender to the cops, and what did he get? Tasering, pepper spray, beating, dogs set on him and death.

Hilarious stuff right? I mean you can’t write satire better than that. Forget that it’s illegal for Police to use tasers for non compliance, forget that it’s illegal for Police to use paper spray for non compliance, forget that you can’t use dogs like this – all of that will become meaningless because these 4 are in front of a NZ Jury.

Unfortunately the authority worship culture we have in NZ means cops are always given the benefit of the doubt when they bash people. We allow cops to chase Kiwis to death via deeply flawed chase policies, we allow them to taser anyone for looking the wrong way and we allow them to break the law without too much fuss.

If these 4 thugs are found guilty it will be the only surprising thing about this sad death.


  1. We can’t point an accusing finger at any other country’s human rights record until we clean up our own backyard. For the Love of God, with a population of 4.7+ million you’d think compassionate law, order, health care would be a given. And it’s us who is allowing these Victorian attitudes with modern weapons to prevail. If we all stood up en masse and said enough is enough it would stop.

    • Helena who is allowing these Victorian attitudes, the Tories of course we have gone from a nanny state to a police and surveillance state that what NZers voted for then that is what they get a group of nasty vile people ruining and running down our country

      • ..and unfortunately Labour does not oppose the “surveillance state”…they have gone along with jonkey’s ‘Spying on New Zealanders Bill’…and by foreigners!

        …now someone tell me I am wrong!

        (…where is WORDS?..not stuck for words?)

  2. Judith Collins has been working to change the culture in the police force for years. This is the result.

    A not only brazenly sexist and bullying police force but one riddled with stupid incompetent liars. (and I mean “stupid incompetent liars”, they can’t even get their story to sound in the least plausible, especially when cooking the evidence).

    Since Judith would be the last to admit failure, she must admit that this was the intention of her culture change. If she were up front at the out-set, she would have spelt out her plans and we would have had an opportunity to vote against her fascist intentions, but she didn’t.

    Arse covering and lying has been the hall mark of Key’s rotten government, It is great news for New Zealand that he’s gone.

  3. Since “Operation 8/17.” in Tuhoe country.
    There has been a new “cult”ure of Policing adopted here in NZ.
    The Militarisation of the Police Force and the attitude change in Everyday Policing.
    Everybody is a threat! Surveilance is a daily constant, profiling is still a thing and hostility toward the public is the methodology of engagement unless its a meet & greet in a community activity, promo.
    Get the fat bastards out of the cars and onto the beat. That will detoxify them and there attitude toward the public and will be much more healthier for them and us.

  4. If its like what I’m experiencing in Wairarapa, its years of IPCA & police not dealing with smaller police crimes against suicidal/unwell citizens that have lead to this serious one. Also I have noticed, if the senior officer goes rogue then the others just follow behind.

    I would also point out it is our government purposely denying suicidal and mentally ill people professional health care & necessaries of life that is causing this violence. Police just supposed to clean up the messes John Key and his mates have created – and that doesn’t always work out well. Then of course government who created this nightmare blame police.

    In all my arrests (around 30) for protesting about mental health care I HAVE NEVER met a police officer that doesn’t agree mental health services are grossly inadequate. That’s why most of them treat me OK cause they know what I say is true. Sadly it is senior officers at Police HQ that refuse to allow police to investigate or take a case against ACC over complaints under Sections 150A 151 155 and 157 of the Crimes Act.

    Kia kaha to us all

  5. The tasing of the goat in Oamaru was pretty conclusive evidence the police have completely lost the plot. The goat was not armed, and tasing it was never going to make it come quietly. Back in the day we had a police force that was smarter than that.

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