The actual reason why Key has resigned



The rumour as to why John Key has actually stood down is so large it swamps all other news stories.

It is always incredibly difficult to get people willing to speak on the record, but TDB is doing everything in our power to bring the real story as to why Key has stepped down.

There is so much to why Key has stepped down that is simply not being investigated.


  1. Bomber you’re such a tease. Can’t you at least point us in the direction of these unfounded rumours? A few links, or some hints at what to Google?

  2. Certainly, something doesn’t add up. Key says he doesn’t want to mislead the public by possibly winning a 4th term and then quitting. That is odd because he has misled the public by quitting during his third term! (That ignores all the times he has misled the public, too many to name.)

    He was interviewed by Patrick Gower in late September and said he was committed to winning a 4th term and remaining PM throughout that term. Now we hear he had apparently made a decision prior to that interview to quit politics. There are only two possibilities – he either lied to Gower, or something has happened since that interview which has caused him to change his mind.

  3. I posted this elsewhere but, according to Benjamin Fulford, Key knows what’s going on in the Antarctic and doesn’t want to be at the helm when “the fleet” arrives.
    I guess the US Secret Space Programme aint gonna be a secret for much longer! What do you think, Buzz Aldrin?

  4. Yes Martyn,

    Laila said this on Paul Henry show this AM, and it was my first time watching this show since we banned it early this year after John Campbell was sacked.

  5. Be good if they stumped of the year if its an activity we need to have him investigated for whilst in Parliament. There are so very many possibilities in my mind.

  6. There is definitely a feeling around that something is in the air – that there is unfinished business

  7. “The rumour as to why John Key has actually stood down is so large it swamps all other news stories.”

    Who started the “rumour” Martyn?

    Are you just making things up to try and get people speculating?

    I don’t doubt there is plenty of dirt around on John Key (although he probably would’ve tried pretty hard to cover up all evidence)… however I think the most likely reason is he wants out before interest rates go up and the property market tanks and the recession that economists are predicting in 2018/19… and instead leave it to his successor and / or the next government after the 2017 election to handle.

  8. Key’s tarnished reputation grew during his tenure like a dirty snowball. The weight of it may have become rather overbearing as the issues piled up, his contradictions and misleading comments were noted and thrown back in parliament and at press time.
    Reminisce upon Key’s self-confessed connections to Cameron Slater (his bff txt-buddy and political attack dog used to damage opponents’ reputations), his growing audacity in rolling political opponents and obtaining funding (refer to the ‘Hollow Men’ movie), and his smarmy superficial appearances vs the reality of what went on (refer to Hager’s ‘Dirty Politics’ book that exposed the Nats’ dirty smear tactics and corrupt practices). The tune here (early demo of ‘Dirty Tricks’) provides a brief reminisce on the Key-led political era –

    • +100 Don…good analysis…he probably wouldn’t have won another term and he knew it!

      like the flag he did not want to be defeated

    • That looks like another attack at the reputation of the Clintons without credible evidence being provided. Very reminiscent of how alt-right bloggers in NZ attack political opponents via proxies. Misleading people in the modern internationally prevalent “post-truth” political environment is something “alt-right” folks do a lot. Just look at the ridiculous claims Trump made without any evidence or repurcussions (e.g. the trumped up “birther” nonsensical accusations against a black president which were obviously designed to appeal to whitebread-munching redneck kkk worshippers who like to dress up in drag and pretend to have just cause for special occasions). Much like the redneck appeal Nats had claiming that the Maori people were given special advantages when Brash was leader. Perhaps scandalous and nonsensical claims like that should not be entertained at all until evidence be provided – unless of course they appear in tabloid newspapers along with other paranoid nonsense such as UFOs and alien probe victims.

  9. 2016. Trump train comes in after a campaign of dirty personal attacks on political opponents and claims he’s an incredibly wealthy man of the people that wants to improve working people’s lives. Sound familiar?

    National’s John Key train departs mid-term after a long history of dirty personal attacks on numerous political opponents (often via proxy attack dogs such as Cameron Slater, as documented in investigative journalist Nicky Hagers’ ‘Dirty Politics’ book and cringeworthy documented admissions from Key). Key’s claims that he’s an incredibly wealthy man of the people that wants to improve working people’s lives didn’t stand up that great to scrutiny. His two-track policy of appearing to have no opinions, yet attacking others via proxies will be his legacy. Like Trump he will be remembered as a horrid figure obsessed with attacking others in a manner not seen since Muldoon.

    Key’s whaleoil attack dog admissions

    In Parliamentary question time, Key basically admits providing info to alt-right blogger Cameron Slater which is used for such proxies to attack political foes. Key forwarded details such as including identifying the mother of deceased Pike miner – which led to Slater’s verbal assault – the one which offended and apparently led to Slater being hacked and yet another Nats “emperor has no clothes” occurrence (the book Hollow Men outlines previous issues including the PR firms coaching politicians to look annoyed in an attempt to circumvent having to answer difficult questions)

    Espiner radio interview with Key regarding Nats using whaleoil bloggers to attack opponents, and Key’s attempted fob offs.

    Toot toot.

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