Landslide win to NZ Labour in Mt Roskill by election



It’s 8.40pm, 82% of the vote is in and TDB is calling it. Labour win a landslide win!

Michael Wood, the brilliant new MP for Mt Roskill has given Labour a huge win at a time when the mainstream media are writing Little as Leader off.

Tonight’s remarkable landslide to Wood proves that Labour’s core message of infrastructure investment, affordable housing and empathy have more going for it than National’s vacant aspiration.


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It means that beyond the narrative that we are in the encore performance of a Rock Star economy, many ordinary NZers are hurting and needing change.

The National Party candidates nasty politics didn’t work and a constant stream of gaffs against Indian students didn’t help.

Labour needed a big win, they have that tonight. Goff’s winning margin was 56%, Wood has managed an astounding 67%.  Watch the mainstream media now write the win off as predictable and meaningless.

How will we as citizens understand this win without Toby Manhire, Clare Trivet, Tracey Watkins, Rodney Hide, Matthew Hooton, Fran O’Sullivan, Michelle Boag, Patrick Gower, the Herald Editorial, Paul Henry and Mike Hosking down playing the victory?

Some of the Twitter Petty pundits will spout that because NZ First and Greens weren’t running that the win is meaningless – bullshit! It shows in stark contrast that electoral deals work. This is what the Opposition need to do in a number of electorates because when it is done properly, we beat National!

These electorate deals allow the voice of change to be heard.

The mainstream media were attacking Little’s leadership all week because they believed the by election might have gone the way their polls do, this landslide win undermines their view so expect a tiny story in tomorrow’s news and nothing more.



  1. The Herald is going to be so very pissed off. I assume they will ignore this straight away and move on. How sad, never mind. And will Chris Trotter be disappointed?

    However it’s hard to not notice, (to borrow a basketball analogy), the full court press the corporate media are throwing at Labour in the past couple of months, they hate them and I guess National are calling on favours early for the main election. After a hiatus after the last election even Dunky Garner is slagging Labour off again. But he is a Nat boy after all is he not?

    For all the negativity and spite thrown at Labour lately, all the possible bad angles they could think of, Little’s leadership will be terminal with a loss, wank wank, wank, this victory is quite remarkable and I am hoping that the Labour give the media the big finger and go for it. Fuck them!

    And again, good on RNZ, more or less down the middle and great election night coverage. Couldn’t ask for more.

    • we had hundreds of activists on the ground dragging out every voter we could find but whats her name helped as well the voters loved the fact that woods confronted the nasty nats who abused his wife

    • It’s very interesting that the Heralds response to Mt Roskill election lasted only a few hours and their articles are already disappearing from the online edition. It must be hard swallowing a dead rat.

    • Agree. A good victory. But to translate this into a national trend, I think the Left Parties still don’t get one core truth.

      We can see by the popularity of John Key (about 36%), which normally should be tracking about the same as the party that he almost totally embodies, that something is going wrong within both National and Labour.

      The National Party is still polling between 45% and 50% of the stated preference. But, if John Key is so fundamental to the popularity of the Party why is he polling so far behind his party?

      The reason is that the opposition is still not seen as credible. Why not? Well there are several reasons, but I would like to underline a couple here.

      First, like with the New Zealand Cricket team of the nineties where punters competed to find the most egregious put-down of an underperforming team, so many of the media act as if “Labour” is just the punchline of a sneering joke.

      I was pleased to see both Andrew Little and Michael Woods push back quite effectively against these belittling assumptions on the Sunday shows this week.

      But second, there is still a belief, particularly within Labour that “build the right policies and they will come”. Wrong. For so many out there the phone is off the hook. They are simply not listening. Because “Labour” is just the punchline of a sneering joke.

      Many young and not so young voters simply can’t remember when the Left seemed to be more than a part of the unalterable neo-liberal machine.

      (Lange’s government became the facilitators of the neo-liberal revolution, while Helen and Michael made a big effort to make their more “Labour” policies (Kiwi-saver, the Cullen Fund, Working for Families, Student Loan management, etc) seem entirely consistent with the business-as-usual settings. So much so that much has not been rolled back even after three terms of Right Wing administration).

      Most younger people could probably not even explain the difference between Labour and National, between Left and Right. Between a laissez-faire neo-liberal government and an interventionist goal-driven administration. It was reported recently that a full 20% of young people saw no value in democracy, and would be just as happy ruled by a “strongman”. Horrifying, but understandable if you believe there are no real alternative philosophies. So before we launch into a bunch of policy, we have to get the population to pick up the phone. We need to tell them why National never seem to have any real policies. Why they rely on stealing policy from the Left then pulling its teeth out and pretending equivalency.

      My contention is that the Polls, both Opinion and Mt Roskill show there is an audience out there. But most people inside the beltway, who live and breathe the issues, do not realize just how much the understanding-gap has slipped under the assault of modern life.

      Making the distinction between Parties who believe Government can and should improve outcomes (Labour, Greens, New Zealand First, Maori, Mana…) and those who seem to believe only in the magic hand of the market (National, Act) would be a good place to start.

      • It wasn’t just National that got a drubbing by the Roskill by election, so too did the so called “opinion polls” and msm and their smear campaigns.

  2. Yep, just followed old Granny live, it is a CLEAR win, and deserved so. Michael Wood is a good character candidate, he may still need to learn a bit more, but is a talent, and solid person to represent Roskill in the otherwise under talented Parliament.

    Congratulations Michael, well done, we showed the Nats, in a seat like Roskill, where few can now afford to buy their own home, you have lost massively, and this is a precursor for the national elections next year. I have a gripe about Little and Labour on and off, but we have NO alternative, it must be Labour with Greens, leaving room for Mana, perhaps a re-orientated Maori Party and NZ First to join the winning party.

    Roskill stays RED, thanks to all voters, and I had reports from Parma Cheese false smile Panjit desperately turning up at doors in over dressed pink fashion, but that crap does not work in solid working class and basic middle class Roskill, my dear.

    Take a hike, some fresh air, and go back to looking after the sick and disabled, Panjit, but forget that Bratt rat, the PHA of WINZ, thanks, who scared the hell out of many sick and disabled, facing stiff work tests under this corrupt government.

    The light at the end of the tunnel becomes visible, I feel better tonight, best wishes, Michael, you have my full support, and you stood by your good, progressive wife also.

    • Well, their leader is good at pulling legs , pulling dodgy deals for foreigners and pulling ponytails,… so whats a good yanking on the figures between friends ?

      Expect 80% and dont be cheap.

      All it takes is a few phone calls to the big media outlets and Voila!!! – instant polling figures and opinion pieces suggesting there is no other way but National.

      But you know what the truth really is?…

      Id say MSM suffers from the same debilitating glaucomic condition that another MSM in another country suffers from . Id label it the … Clinton complex.

  3. This can set Labour off to win sympathies, Michael Wood has great charisma, is a very likeable chap and will make and excellent MP for Roskill, I feel proud, to live near the area and have many friends there, things can only look up now.

  4. “How will we as citizens understand this win without Toby Manhire, Clare Trivet, Tracey Watkins, Rodney Hide, Matthew Hooton, Fran O’Sullivan, Michelle Boag, Patrick Gower, the Herald Editorial, Paul Henry and Mike Hosking down playing the victory?”

    Come on, who hires a “man” called “Toby, Clare Trevett is a good carpet brand, I suppose, Tracey Watkins must be a tomato sauce, Hide is one missing a hiding, Hooton is a toot on and off, Fran O’Sillivan has missed the last van off the yard, Boag must mean bog, Gower is a cowering idiot, and Henry, what Henry, the only one I heard off was managing the All Blacks, forget Hosking, off for a husking, I suppose.

    Dig them deep under the ground, they are irrelevant personalities, shining only in their own arrogance, and armour of idleness, they are the past, that the younger generation will not even need to remember.

    We look ahead, hopefully for some other new, talented candidates, that Labour, Greens and others can present us, to vote for.

  5. The people of Roskill have done what i thought was impossible come out and vote for the best candidate despite the crap and negativity of the usual suspects and media poison thats fed to the population daily.

    They have ( safe seat or not ) voted in big numbers for Woodsy to tell this administration to ” GET STUFFED’.

    I am proud that my old electorate have used their brains and have looked around and dont like what they see in Keys Brighter Future and rejected him and brand Key.

    Now the fight for the party vote begins and the same crap will start now
    I can almost write it for the MSM…..

    Poor turnout, its only a by election and Key still at 50%, it was always a safe Labour seat, should have had a higher majority blah blah blah.

  6. Thanks Martyn. Good observations. Good work team Labour and congratulations to the new MP. May there be many more.

  7. { ‘ The mainstream media were attacking Little’s leadership all week because they believed the by election might have gone the way their polls do, this landslide win undermines their view so expect a tiny story in tomorrow’s news and nothing more. ‘ }

    Thats about it.

    Joyce and the losing candidate didn’t look too happy either … that Joyce… Mr Breakit … he really isn’t doing so well these days , is he….

    I wonder if Winston Peters was having fond memories watching the results come in ?

    And then there was Paula Pullyerbenefit in the same NZ Herald photo ,… what was she all smiles about?… does she reckon she’ll be the new Ms Fixit?

    One can only hope she will,.. which is code for a guaranteed Labour / Green MOU general election win if that’s the case.

    Not a bad result , not bad at all…

  8. Didn’t Michael Wood have union connections??? How will the MSM spin this one???

    But I also think there were two main reason’s for his victory. One was his slogan and profile.

    He’s Local.

    No 2 was Labour made a fantastic effort in this by-election to win it. They warned people what could happen if he didn’t win it and Natz got a clear majority, that scared me big time. Obviously worked!

    Well done to Michael Wood, Mt Roskill, Labour and everyone else that supported them.

    P.S Just shows that it was not right neoliberal policy from Phil Goff that was getting the victory – it was the new improved labour, new blood from Labour roots like Michael Woods and their new policy direction to the centre (without neoliberalism) and Andrew Little’s clear hard working ethic and honesty.

    • I think housing is in there somewhere too. The Gnats have no intention of fixing it, and most people can’t just forgive that and walk away.

      • The problem with housing though is everyone has a completely different idea on how to fix it and they are all opposite and opposing – from limiting immigration to increased regulation to decreased regulation, building costs, land costs, build up, build out, tiny homes, who pays for infrastructure, more taxes etc etc

        For every vote for one housing solution, there is another opposed with a different view on solving it.

        But what’s really clear is that National has caused the housing crisis and is not going to be doing anything about it apart from sell off state houses and fob off the issue to private developers or charities, enrich land owners with zoning changes and destroy even further (is that possible) the RMA.

  9. This is a great result for National. The Labour electorate seat count remains the same, so the electoral list seat count will reflect the falling popularity of the party. An even better outcome for National would be Labour doing deals with the Greens to expand the Labour electorate seat count even further. That would see the majority of the Labour list MPs fail to return to parliament.

  10. Far too much euphoria, I’m afraid.

    The real story is this:

    ‘Voter turnout was just under 40 percent, half what it was at the last general election.’

    Politicians and political parties are increasingly seen as the cause of the predicament we are in. And that trend will accelerate as their level of failure rapidly increases over the coming years.

    • But right now, I think we might as well take a victory lap. Morale is almost as important as moral to help keep the faith.

      Then, as we toast in those final hours of climatic inferno, AFKTT, I for one will look back and say….”yes, but remember Mt Roskill, December 16!………..(aaaaargh).”

  11. NZH and Stuff have hidden this news from their main pages. No surprises there though.

    Well done Labour and congratulations Michael Wood. I look forward to his input in the House.

    The folk of Mt Roskill wanted one of their own to represent them and they got this in Wood, a local. Also great to see a young MP winning a seat in Parliament.

    A positive for Labour in just about every respect. Let’s hope this trend continues through into election year.

  12. Well, Labour and their supporters can pat themselves on the back all day … sad thing is Labour’s and Andrew Little’s Facebook pages are blocking people off their social media pages for no good reason.

    Truly it isn’t worth defending of giving policy ideas to Labour anymore. I’ve wiped my hands of them – I won’t consider them in 2017. I wouldn’t be surprised if they receive less that 20% in next general election.

    • Sorry, Zack for suspecting there is a bit more to the sad story of your blocking, if that has happened, than you report. Would you care to elaborate?

      Maybe you would like to offer, and defend,(if I understand your post aright) your policy ideas to National and see if they like them.

  13. Second by-election loss for the Natz this term. First Northland last year and now Mt Roskill. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.


    Now watch the creeping cesspit dwellers begin their dirty politics games of smears, lies and innuendos in time for the general election next year.

    Speaking of which … where is Jason Ede is these days? Seems to have disappeared completely! Does he still walk the earth? Anyone know?

  14. Keys legendary popularity and pulling power has proven to be about as good (or as bad) as his word.

    What are the odds of Parmjeet remaining an MP after that hiding?

    • Harry, in the previous election, National got just over one million votes.

      That means 3.5 million New Zealanders did not support or vote for Key’s government.

      I’m happy to help you with arithmetic any time.

    • Oh dear, is that the best you can do, Harry? Pretty pathetic really. The electorate rejected the Nat candidate, even tho Key was all over Mt Roskill like an angry red rash. No wonder dear leader chucked it in, he saw the writing on the wall. The Teflon was well and truly stripped away.

  15. This by-election gave Labour the boost it needed, but realistically not much can be read into this. Traditionally voters use by-elections as a protest vote. The low turn out showed that voters saw little reason to turn out in force.
    What was at stake here? A win for Labour changes nothing in the present parliament. A win for National would make life a little easier for the government. I doubt if there were any local issues to stir the voters – the low turn out showed that.
    So a sigh of relief for Labour but that’s about all.

    • By elections traditionally have low voter turnouts, and it is just a few weeks out from Xmas. The result of this by election is significant, and as National party stalwart, sycophant Audrey Young wrote, it is a bloody nose, black eye and a broken jaw to National, and to John Key in particular, who campaigned for an upset. This is the 2nd by election National have lost since the last election.

  16. I think she said there is no such thing as society
    She failed to understand we all interact with each other
    This would contradict her opinion
    If we do not acknowledge those we live with we might as well not exist

  17. Yeah so Labour held on to a very safe seat. Goff was a very good mp and now the mayor.
    Landslide,yes,turning point no.
    Great achievement? Your just kidding yourselves.
    Mr Wood has his snout in the trough firmly now.

    • Well we are led to believe National consistently poll around 50%, Labour low to mid 20’s, we have a Rockstar economy even though we cannot afford to fund even the most basic of public services properly, and John Key is just so popular.

      Add to that a coordinated negative corporate media campaign against Labour and Little especially, in the weeks and days preceding the by-election.

      So in this era of National walking on water and the anti Little/Labour brigade how could this possibly be a safe seat?

      Unless the polls and Nationals so-called popularity is as about as reliable as John Keys word!

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