Political Caption Competition – November is Native American History Month




  1. To see this picture is deeply disturbing and really sad. This scene makes a mockery of our countries leaders greasing up the bums of the American leaders and the likes. We should not be taking our lead from a country that treats its indigenous people with so much distain, breaching a treaty, risking a valued water supply, intruding on their cultural sacred burial sites bad enough the Indians have to live on reservations.

    • Agree 100% with you Michelle.

      I have been watching an excellent programme on SKY’s History Channel called The American West, produced by Robert Redford. It doesn’t wander around the edges, diluting history, instead giving some very disturbing facts as they were (and obviously still are), particularly those relating to the appalling treatment of the North American Native People.

      Not only did the white man (for want of a better word) at the time, want land for gold and other resources, but also in an effort to break the NANP into compliance to go and live on selected reservations (an insult), a major source of food and life, bison were deliberately culled, with the intention of starving the indigenous American people! Bison were sacred to the NANP, as was the land and everything it produces for the basic necessities of life. It was a case of attempting to break the spirituality of the indigenous people! Disgraceful and shocking!

      Nothing has changed. Hence the reason for the protest of Standing Rock.

      I stand proud and respectfully with #STANDING ROCK, as well as their ancestors.

  2. Obama is still President. This is happening under him. Nothing is stopping him from going to North Dakota.

    • Just the corporates, investor state and traders who want to sell water or sell anything they can control by any means.
      Obama is just another PR puppet.

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