So NZ, are you still keen on being in the 5 Eyes now Trump is President?



At the Moment of Truth, Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden prooved conclusively that our Prime Minister was lying to us about mass surveillance.

They showed that our security agencies were tapping the civil internet cable that provides us with our international connection, that the NSA had a presence at the Waihopai Spy base and that our GCSB went to the NSA and told them that John Key’s legislation allowed a loophole that let the NSA to conduct mass surveillance.

The people of Aotearoa arose as one and cried “Meh”.

This was their response.


In John Key we trust (to the point of slavish devotion).

The irony of the ‘If-you-have-nothing-to-hide-you-have-nothing-to-fear’ Brigade is that if it was Helen Clark who was ramming mass surveillance spying powers through under urgency and giving the SIS extra powers after helping collude with them to stop John Key getting elected, they would make Trump supporters look moderate.

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Kiwi’s trust in our anti-intellectual and laid back Prime Minister is so bewilderingly total that the powers of a Police State can get passed just because they like him.

Here’s the twist though, what happens when someone you don’t like suddenly gets those powers?

Now Donald Trump is the President-elect of America, how comfortable are we with a megalomaniac crypto-fascist having the power of the Eye of Mordor? We wouldn’t him or his circus freak show of a Cabinet to have that level of power over our communications would we?

Key is a laid back rich arsehole who has managed to con most NZers because most NZers threshold for running the country is turning up with beers for the BBQ, Trump on the other hand is a rogue fascist whose temperament is closer to a meth addict than leader of the free world.


  • Key gave the Police vast new retrospective surveillance powers
  • Key rammed through legislation under urgency allowing the State to force civil telecommunication companies to build backdoors to their networks and not tell their companies that the State had breached their privacy.
  • Key rammed through legislation under urgency allowing the State to spy on NZers
  • The GCSB went from $80m to $140m in budget per year
  • The SIS were ‘rewarded’ with a huge increase in powers and budget.
  • The SIS colluded with John Key’s Office to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition Phil Goff months before the 2011 election.
  • Warranties spying

And now Key wants to give these security agencies even more powers while Trump is in charge that will allow…

…and these powers are being considered while there is an investigation under way that..

…so in short, we have a huge recent history of lies and denial to gain mass surveillance powers over the people of NZ, powers that they have already abused and are currently under investigation for abusing while an orange Nazi gains total oversight.

Are you feeling safe yet?



  1. What now for the pedophile TPPA/5 Eyes mates of jonkey?:
    And we aint seen nothing yet. Time to go within folks, make peace with and forgive your ghosts of the past, cause our future days are gonna get really rough down here where we have been brainwashed into believing NZ 100% Pure. I don’t think so.

  2. Are you feeling safe yet?
    No Martyn,

    They are locking onto my keyboard because when I leave my Ethernet cable connected while writing an email on my internal Microsoft “outlook express” it seems to get altered or hangs up and wont release the prompt so when I disconnect the Ethernet cable the whole process of writing y email frees up and I complete it and send it into the outbox then I plug my Ethernet cable in again and click send/receive and it goes.

    Why do I use Ethernet?

    I am Wifi sensitive so cant be around it as the High frequency transmission sends my brain into collapse mate.
    I am EMF sensitive a medical condition known as Electromagnetic sensitivity or (EI)

    So I reckon they are controlling my keyboard, so we need you to find a safe secure service provider that can give us all a easy to use “encryption process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it.

    Can you set one up on TDB so we can purchase it?

    • Get rid of the whole Windows spyware and replace it with a GNU/Linux operating system like Mint. If anyone wants to learn to do this, I’m happy to talk them through it while it’s still legal ;P My contacts are on my website. This is only step one of increasing your online security, but it’s a pretty major step, and learning how to do it will allow you to keep your PC working long after Windows would have given up and fallen over.

      Also, if you have a website, make sure HTTPS is enabled, maybe using the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority. This helps to prevent your webserver being used for online attacks as part of the Great Cannon of China.

  3. the reason the right win and the reason you dont understand are the same. None of what you have written matters for voters. Now immediately you are thinking “well its because they dont understand!” no. Its you who doesnt understand.

    To win you need 50% plus 1. Hip pocket politics my friend. Understanding the small business. Understanding the mum and Dad who make 100K between them. That is your electorate. You, Labour and the left have regarded such types with distain. It has cost you 3, soon to be 4, terms in office.

    • David you are a simpleton as you are simply repeating what Hillary Clinton thought and said as she was the “establishment” and Donald is the outsider and she thought like you that she was safe and we found out different didn’t we so choose your own fate as you will loose the way you are going.

      David/Andrew; “you can fool the people some of the time nut not all of the people all of the time” is relevant here.

      • The way our democracy effectively functions is falling apart. Most people don’t want substantial democracy they want clear indications how you should vote and consensus is manufactured. And don’t underestimate the attitude which I find most terrifying which is the attitude of teaching people something new and I had this debate with Kim Dotcom because he still thinks brining out through Wikileaks or what ever that he’s teaching people something new. Basically I don’t think so. In away we all new Hollywood is corrupt the problem is that we new it but decided to ignore it. We want to act as if we don’t know Hollywood is fantasy. People accept that publicly they don’t like Hollywood but I claim the majority would have seen a Hollywood flick once this week. And they say lets do something discreetly so I don’t know what’s happening to Kim Dotcom and I can watch my movie with out all the burden and this is what Wikileaks and so on prevent you from doing.

  4. “So NZ, are you still keen on being in the 5 Eyes now Trump is President?”

    Well I’m definitely not keen on it regardless, but certainly it’s not as bad as I would have felt under the neo-con neo-liberal shill Hillary. Trump, being a wealthy non-politician, was likely under the ever watchful Eye himself. And I’m sure he would have been well aware of it, and, like us, not particularly enthralled about it.

    • +100…prefer Trump to Clinton…but 5 Eyes and the Spy Bill on New Zealanders must be thrown out!

      …thus far the Labour Party is in collusion with jonkey nactional

    • “Trump, being a wealthy non-politician, was likely under the ever watchful Eye himself. ”

      Problem is, Nitrium, that Trump has surrounded himself with politicians, assorted right-wingers, and war-hawks . Why else has he announced a major upgrade to the US military warmachine? Sure as hell not because he’s bored or wants to declare war on Tonga.

    • Nitrium, I think you’re in for a massive let-down by Trump. If you think Key is bad, wait till Trump starts. He is neither anti-establishment nor a working-man’s hero. He is the ‘shill’ you accuse Hillary Clinton of being.

  5. Sadly the Brits are asleep at the wheel too. I think it’s just too hard to work out what to do about it as it’s a really new issue (unlike Nuke Free or Green movement). So people just do nothing.

    It’s no 1 most read on Guardian site though so does not look like people are not interested in their country becoming a police/political surveillance state – I think they don’t know how to fight it.

    ‘Extreme surveillance’ becomes UK law with barely a whimper

  6. ‘An “Anti-Establishment” Trump Would Pardon Edward Snowden’

    ….”Trump is not an ideologue, which means there may be a chance he can be influenced for good — if it will increase his favorability as president.

    As a man who won the presidency by resonating with the anti-establishment and populist sentiment spreading throughout the country, it would be a foolish move for President Trump to turn his back on the very people who elected him into office.

    For many Trump supporters — as well as the rest of the country — the surveillance state is one of the largest abominations to individual liberty seen in our lifetime, and that includes the passage of the Patriot Act and all the regulatory agencies that were conceived in the wake of 9/11. Without a firm anti-establishment stance against “big brother,” draining the swamp is not only unlikely, it is simply impossible.

    There is, of course, also the issue of Julian Assange. It was not so long ago when Republicans were calling for the execution of Private Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

    However, since Wikileaks committed itself to a campaign exposing Hillary Clinton in the final weeks of the election, these same Republicans now view Assange as a hero.

    Trump has also praised Assange, which seems appropriate since it is clear he benefited from Hillary’s decreasing poll numbers. In fact, it is not entirely unreasonable to attribute at least a portion of Trump’s election night victory to the dozens of “Podesta Email” leaks that were released over the last several weeks.

    Now that Trump has publicly called Assange a hero for essentially doing the same thing Snowden did — and won the presidency as a result of the leaks — is it possible that President Trump would consider pardoning Edward Snowden?…”

  7. USA over the Chinese dictatorshit ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Why don’t you write a dozen articles on how dodgy the Chinese leadership is? Oh, that would be balanced, yeah? Your neo-liberal white guilt complex only lets you criticise Caucasians, because criticising anyone else would be WACIST, yep? Give me a break

  8. If you want to find out how the mainstream media are doubling-down, visit infowars. Of course the mainstream media say they are conspiracy theorists – it’s only the MSM who tell the truth.

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