Something everyone on the Left needs to watch post Trump #nzpol

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  1. George Hendry says:

    Well put 🙂

  2. Kieran says:

    I just wish he did not refer to self-righteous bourgeois liberals as being the “left”. It is not the left’s fault, it is the fault of those who lie to themselves and others about being left. People have experienced years of lies from an elite faux-left that has claimed to be on the side of the people so some of them chose to take a punt on elite faux-populist who claims to be on the side of the people. They are all basically different flavours of a new Fascism.
    As bad as things will be under Trump, I don’t think many people thought through how bad things would have been under Clinton. By pushing a NFZ in the second debate she was a) committing a war crime on air by threatening an aggressive act against a sovereign country; and b) saying that she was going to launch WWIII. That isn’t the only scary thing about Clinton by any means and the fact that she is greeted with a collective elite shrug as if it were all normal makes it all the more frightening.
    In the end, Trump will probably pursue exactly the same sort of foreign policy as Clinton. The Financial Times accused him of “belligerent isolationism”. This is wonderfully Orwellian, but I think that his isolationism, like George W. Bush’s, is just a campaign mask.
    The one good thing is that people are in the streets. The battle lines are being drawn, and in this day and age of political dysfunction that may be the best thing we can hope for.

  3. Many on the left will listen to this. But they won’t hear. I’ve seen people over on the Standard recommend this video in a comment, and then one comment later demonstrate that in actual fact, they learned the square root of fuck all from watching it.

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