The worst loser from Trump will be the environment and climate change



The Alt-Right who have given Trump so much power believe that climate change is some sort of socialist scam to help create a UN one world Government blah blah blah.

Trump doesn’t believe in climate change or that Obama was born in America, so his commitment to the Paris Climate Conference is paper thin.

That has real implications for the rest of us…


A reconstruction of the Earth’s global mean temperature over the last 784,000 years, on the left of the graph, followed by a projection to 2100 based on new calculations of the climate’s sensitivity to greenhouse gases (Friedrich, et al. (2016))

In a paper in the journal Science Advances, they said the actual range could be between 4.78C to 7.36C by 2100, based on one set of calculations.

Some have dismissed the idea that the world would continue to burn fossil fuels despite obvious global warming, but emissions are still increasing despite a 1C rise in average thermometer readings since the 1880s.

And US President-elect Donald Trump has said he will rip up America’s commitments to the fight against climate change.

Professor Michael Mann, of Penn State University in the US, who led research that produced the famous “hockey stick” graph showing how humans were dramatically increasing the Earth’s temperature, told The Independent the new paper appeared “sound and the conclusions quite defensible”.

“And it does indeed provide support for the notion that a Donald Trump presidency could be game over for the climate,” he wrote in an email.

The Environment has 99 problems, Donald Trump could end up being 98 of them.

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  1. But Trump is against Nafta and TPPA so if both go into the dungy, then that will be a boost for the environment and for potential future jobs. He is talking about bringing back manufacturing to the states and that would be a good thing. He may deny climate change but lets give his some time to see exactly what he will and will not do. He is light years better than what would have happened if the criminal liar Hillarius had won. She would have just perpetuated the Bush / Obama momentum and that had to stop.
    NZ needs to wake up and see that our present govt. is exactly what needs to be replaced as well for most of the same reasons that the American people spoke out and spoke against.

    • Problem is dude, although the “Bush / Obama momentum” towards invading more middle eastern countries was the same, on the climate change front, the “Obama momentum” was in totally the opposite direction from the Bush “momentum”, and that was a good thing. Stopping the “Obama momentum” on fighting WW3 would be great, but considering Trump’s plan to boost military spending (reported elsewhere on TDB by Frank), I’m not holding my breath. Stopping the “Obama momentum” on fighting climate change, insufficient as it was, could be disastrous for our ability to keep the biosphere habitable for humans. This is bad news!

  2. …not that crooked Hillary, corporate stooge, was any great supporter of the environment or the planet

    “We found instances of Clinton and the State Department talking up fracking to Latin America, the European Union, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, China and India.”

    ‘Fracking Businessman Hosts Clinton Fundraiser In Colorado’

  3. Yes, absolutely, and we have the same stone age minded people here in New Zealand, who jump into their cars every morning to drive to work and later back home, to the malls to do the shopping and to do all else.

    I see little truly committed behaviour among the bulk of New Zealanders to change behaviour, we have a per capita CO2 emission level that is one of the highest on the planet.

    Electric cars, or alternative fuel energy using cars are just a small symbolic gesture to show by government and the ones who bother going that way.

    Most New Zealanders are fossil brained, they are not honestly committed to change in lifestyle, I see it all around me.

    One neighbour bought a villa only two or three years ago,, then had it let to tenants for barely a year, and now put it onto the market again, to sell at a premium price, as the ares is rezoned under the Unitary Plan (voted for by Auckland Council) to Terrace Housing and Apartment Building. It seems it was all calculated, to gain more.

    Once the owner drove a middle class and moderate Ford, now he has upgraded to a flash BMW, petrol or diesel powered. Others have also in our area sold houses over again, twice or three times over a few years, taking advantage of the property speculation market.

    I see more BMWs, Mercs, Maseratis and other flash cars all over Epsom, next door to where I live, and many can now afford it under our Nat government favouring the property speculators and new property millionaires, who can use their home values to get extra credit to buy flash cars and go to overseas holiday destinations.

    Those are the ones supporting Nats and Key, they are committed voters, and in a way, they all would love to become rich like a Donald Trump, who is a fake of an advocate, as he misled his voters, to think he will actually change things to help them. First of all he will help himself get richer, a thing he blamed on the Clintons.

    New Zealand is screwed, we have as useless a biased and poorly informing media, we have not citizenship culture, the present culture is ME FIRST and fuck the rest, nothing else.

    That at least is the situation here in Auckland, just another turf for the rich to get richer and others becoming slaves, servants, tenants in their own country, but behaving rather like sycophants, as they think, greasing up to the rich and those in power will help them get ahead.

    The US establishment is corrupt, even Trump is corrupt, and most of New Zealand is corrupt also!

  4. @ 402 ppm CO2 and maybe 300 ppm CO2e (with the CH4), and as the WWF said a few weeks ago 60% of species will be extinct within 4 (yes four) years.
    There is nothing humans can do to slow down what is in motion, any number of the positive feedbacks we have set in motion, or can observe – – will lead to our enivitable joining of the 60%.
    Trump could maybe be a stooge/scapegoat to bring in military rule ala The Arab Spring? for the USA.
    This could be the prologue to

  5. Twitter is 95% hard left/hard right overreaction this weekend just like brexit took 2 months to die down and then do work

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