Wall of Noise – Drown out the death merchants – 17th November



On the second day of the Weapons Expo, we will be targeting the awards ceremony and gala dinner happening inside with our own Wall of Noise outside. We encourage people to come along with noisemakers, instruments, banners and placards – and help to drown out the weapons dealers’ party happening inside. We want these death merchants to know that war is not a party, and making money from war is abhorrent. This is a great opportunity for people who are unable to get to the Blockade to come show your support in the evening. Let’s dance, drum and make a din in opposition to war profiteering.
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  1. Times like this I wished I lived in Auckland so I could join this demonstration and flotilla, as we need to demonstrate again any big brother incursion on our soil.

  2. Great news! Ngati Paoa people travelled to Okahu Bay to protest against their waka Kotuiti leading in the Death Ship Esmeralda from Chile & the USS Sampson War machine & NZ Navy.
    They’re sending a message to the self appointed leader Hau Rawiri to pull out of the event.
    Also there is a mutiny onboard as some of the cuzzies are uncomfortable supporting the event when they are wanting to stand with another indigenous culture in Dakota @ Standing Rock in solidarity.
    Voice concerns to Hau Rawiri 021893833 self appointed atua(God)

  3. Ngati Paoa Operation Whakama. Mana Motuhake Denied. – Soiux Standing Rock Dakota.

    “Operation NEPTUNE” NZ Navy’s 75th year celebration. Nov 2016

    A local iwi in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland NZ, Ngati Paoa is currently rehearsing their part on the waters of Tamaki Makaurau, Okahu Bay for their involvement in the up and coming NZ Navy’s 75th year celebration.

    A Self-proclaimed, leader, Hau Rawiri decided himself to take part in the event “Operation Neptune” and welcome into the Hauraki Gulf, Waitemata Harbour, the USS Sampson & the Chilean Ship the Esmeralda. The latter ship was used by Augusto Pinochet in his reign of terror he imposed upon the people of Chile in the 1970’s assisted by the US. These are two of more than 20 vessels.
    Both of these ships of death and destruction are not worthy of any kind of celebration or warrant the honour to be welcomed by the waka Kotuiti Tuarua of Ngati Paoa.

    The people of Ngati Paoa were not involved in the decision making in anyway.

    This has been disturbing news for many of the elders of Ngati Paoa as the history for Ngati Paoa & the NZ Navy in the firth of Thames is one of death and destruction.

    At the turn of the 19th century the British Navy had relentlessly bombed villages & Paa along the seabird coast, Pukorokoro/Miranda (not far from Kaiaua-100kms south east from Auckland Central) and killed many of our ancestors.

    “Rangipo pa invasion.”
    Which is what most of their tupuna did in 1863 when 850 British Bluejackets landed on the western Firth of Thames, after Governor Grey ordered the invasion of the Waikato. They came in warships, shelled pa’s and villages and swept ashore. Then the Crown took the land and gave some to the soldiers. The Ngati Whanaunga village of Pukorokoro was renamed Miranda after one of the warships.”
    Geoff Cumming Herald Article, 2012.

    No apology from the Crown has been made or offered to the people of Ngati Paoa to this day.

    Mana Motuhake!
    The native American Sioux Indian in Standing Rock Dakota in the US are been persecuted and denied “Mana Motuhake” and the right to step foot on their own whenua/land right now!
    Does that sound familiar? It should! For many Maaori it does. For the people of Ngati Paoa who are in the Settlement process currently. This predicament the people have been placed in will be seen throughout the world as the Indigenous Maaori tribe who did not support another indigenous culture fighting for the same thing that has taken the Maaori people more than 175 years!
    We would have liked to of had the choice to support the Sioux, instead the “choice” was taken from us by the Crown and the “leader”.

    So sadly, the people of Ngati Paoa have to act as individuals, apart from our iwi as Ngati Paoa to stand in solidarity with the Indigenous Sioux Indian people and supporters against the XL Oil Pipeline and the mighty Militarised Police & National Guard of the US. “Whakama!” – to be ashamed, embarrassed.
    It has been many months of protesting and legal battles in this period for them all and it looks like it is becoming a war of attrition? Who knows what the new President Elect will do?

    We should all be with the people at “Standing Rock” & the Sioux, Native American Indian & protestors, not celebrating the US and NZ Navy’s War Machines especially with the current Settlement negotiations that Ngati Paoa and the Crown are in currently.
    Many people of Ngati Paoa are opposed to the decision made by Hau Rawiri to lead the War Convoy by escorting the NZ & US, Chilean Navy’s weapons of mass destruction & death into Tamaki Makaurau, Waitemata Harbour in the waka Kotuiti Tuarua.
    It’s a sad time for our Tupuna.


    The Royal New Zealand Navy – Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa, will celebrate its 75th Anniversary.

    “Operation NEPTUNE” encompasses a range of events through 2016 with the culmination of the celebrations with an International Naval Review to be held on Thursday 17th Nov & Sat 19th Nov, when vessels from international navies visit Auckland for 5 days.

    Twenty international and New Zealand navy ships will take part in the event, in which Te Kotuiti Tuarua has not only been invited to lead the welcome of the vessels into Auckland Harbour, but to also take part in the review itself.
    The new Govenor-General, Dame Patsy Reddy, will conduct the review.

    The Full Programme here on Ngati Paoa IWI Trusts Facebook page.


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