The latest Trump/Clinton machinations and why gender is the real societal fault line this election



If NZ is a test market for the US, the role of secret emails, hackers and dirty politics that all played out in our 2014 election has injected steroids while smoking meth and taken to the American electorate with all the charm of a fully automatic AK-47.

Here’s how I read the latest twists and turns of the most bizarre election in modern American history.

Clinton’s emails:

It’s not just the FBI decision to reopen their investigation into Clinton’s emails (which has been supported by Obama and quite honestly was the only thing to do once Hillary’s emails were found on her assistants devices), it’s the Wikileaks. Fancy Bear (the hacker who has so damaged the Clinton campaign), has been releasing via Wikileaks increasingly damaging material. The last dump next week is already being rumoured by Kim Dotcom to be the 30 000 emails Clinton destroyed in her previous investigation. This is all super dangerous to Clinton, not because it would ever make a Democrat vote Republican, but that it will make the Bernie supporters vote for the Green candidate or not vote at all.

Expect far worse to come out before the election. Whoever is running this American interference learned that from the NZ example.

Trump’s surge:

This is what’s really behind Trump’s last minute surge. He’s not winning over Democrats, he’s winning over the Republican base, whose hatred of Hillary is enough for them to get enthusiastic about Donald as a candidate.

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Luckily for Trump, the weird evangelical faith that grips the American religious psyche, while moralistic and disapproving of pussy grabbing, regards wealth as a shining example of God’s blessings.

It’s fascinating how the shrill triumphalism that echoed out on social media that Hillary was certain to win has gone very silent over the last 48 hours. It’s that same smug elitism that misread Brexit and the supposed popularity of Red Peak so badly.

Trump’s hyper-narcissistic and fragile self-esteem is the very caricature of American Nascar and Wrestling toxic masculinity pop culture. He is the frankenstein construct of ignorance, misplaced privilege and white male rage which is why I think gender is the real societal fault line this election.

Why gender is the real societal fault line this election

I think there are deeply angry men and women who are furious with the other and that is a hidden fault line in this election.

The explosion of social media has allowed disenfranchised voices to gain platform and the fury of their righteous grievances has been heard by far more people than ever before. The ‘not all men’ syndrome of immediately becoming hyper defensive at suddenly being confronted by your privilege can cause more harm than conversion and that’s exacerbated the deep anger that Trump has tapped into amongst white males who feel like they have lost power within society.

When you are so used to the system being biased in your favour, being treated equally can seem like prejudice.

The terrible misogyny of toxic masculinity is what’s fuelling Trump while women who have lived 24-7 in a rape culture where their lives and rights are constantly threatened have gravitated to Hillary in revulsion at the sexist comments Trump has made and will stick with her even if the emails reveal she did wrong.

Whoever wins, the anger and resentment this election has created will scar the emotional landscape of America and the world far beyond the 4 year term.



  1. “while women who have lived 24-7 in a rape culture where their lives and rights are constantly threatened have gravitated to Hillary”

    Just to remind us all that this same Hillary defended a child rapist who apparently she knew was guilty, and also threatened women who were victims of Bill’s “indiscretions”. Then there is the Lolita Express of the convicted child sex offender Jeff Epstein that Bill and Hillary travelled on (as did Trump, so I hear)

    *Disclaimer” Being critical of the Clinton’s doesn’t make me a Trump supporter by default

    The whole tawdry affair is just nauseating

    • I thinks it’s best not to try and make sense of all this. We are talking about the country that gave us the Kardasians. It’s WW2 all over again. That’s if you’re looking at comparative stats

    • I keep hearing this accusation that Clinton defended a child molester, as if it’s a horrible awful thing to do.

      If it is, then you must believe that our adversarial system is so deeply flawed that lawyers must cease to participate in it.

      That lawyers should be judging the guilt or innocence of their clients, and not continue to represent anyone they think guilty.

      Now, as the victim of pedophiles myself I certainly do hate them and think there is no room ever in our society for them. But I can also see the difference between a lawyer doing their job, and a pedophile.

      Meanwhile, Trump has charges of child sex filed against him in New York. It may be that Trump IS a pedophile. The case has a witness too. So it seems there is something of substance there.

      As a woman I’m sure as hell not going to vote for a man like that. Obviously.

      That so many men can’t seem to see the difference is very telling.

      • Yes there are accusations of Trump raping a 13 year old at Jeff Epstein’s “Orgy Island”. This was also frequented by Bill and Hillary Clinton

        Of course HRC was “just doing her job” in defending a paedophile. The fact she knew he was guilty and laughed about it does reveal a rather disturbing aspect to her personality though. HRC also tried to smear the woman concerned, who was in a coma for a week after the assault.

        Anyway, I’d hate to be seen defending rape victims. It might make me look like a racist. After all, age of consent in Mexico is 12.

        • Evidence for your outrageous accusations, Andy? Or are you just continuing to parrot Republican shit here on TDB??

          The more garbage you right, without a shred of evidence, the more you are viewed as a provocateur and not much more.

          Come on, cough up the evidence! You can’t!!

          • “Evidence for your outrageous accusations, Andy? ”

            Which particular accusations?
            If you could clarify, I would be delighted to inform you of the best of my knowledge

            Alternatively, you could investigate for yourself. Wikileaks is a good start, and I expect even the MSM might report some of this eventually.

            Then again you could live in denial and “block” anyone that bursts your rose tinted bubble

              • I was asking for some clarification of which claims you wanted backing up. None has been forthcoming.

                As it happens, there are several outlets reporting that there is a widespread child sex ring operating in DC. This might be what is on the Wiener laptop

                Anyway, I don’t need to spread rumours. It will all come out sooner or later Not in the NZ media though,

                • You still haven’t given us any evidence or citations, Andy. Just parroted bs from the Republican dirty tricks brigade.

                  If that’s all you have, you’ve got nothing.

        • You still can’t seem to see the difference between actually BEING a rapist (possibly) and not.

          Even if HRC did her job and defended a rapist, even if she said horrible things about rape victims, that is NOT the same thing as actually, you know, raping a person.

          Don’t go into law if you can’t face representing the guilty.

          You don’t seem to understand how an adversarial justice system works. Hint: if those involved decide guilt or innocence for themselves, before a judge or jury does, and if they don’t represent the guilty, then the system doesn’t work.

        • “Yes there are accusations of Trump raping a 13 year old at Jeff Epstein’s “Orgy Island”. This was also frequented by Bill and Hillary Clinton”

          You’ve offered no evidence to support that slander, Andy.

          You’re lucky you’re here in NZ. If you posted that in America, your arse would be sued off!!

          Luck so much of the attacks on Clinton, it’s based on lies, rumours, and hyperbole. If that’s justice, we’ve just lost to The Mob.

      • I’m pretty skeptical of the child rape case considering its just came out literally weeks from the election.

    • There are also some interesting stories coming about Hilary herself. So more to come I would say. And yes people did try and tell Martyn Bradybury that his ‘lady’ wasn’t all that.

      Also take note about the Russians Martyn, they aren’t as bad as you make them out to be. In fact Putin et al may be the saviours of us all.

      ALSO no one knows who hacked the emails. There is a rumour going around that it’s an inside job. Some insider in Washington DC may be responsible.

      And no Obama isn’t any better. He is all rhetoric. That’s it. Please read alternative news media to keep up with what is really going on.

  2. When even ultra lefties like Michael Moore are calling it for Trump, you know Team Clinton is in trouble.
    There is a deep resentment of “The Establishment” brewing globally. It’s good for at least 4-5% difference than what polls suggest (see Brexit polls vs result). I’ll still take him over Hillary, who even Dr. Jill Stein (the US Green Party candidate) feels is more likely to start WWIII than Trump.

    • Great clickbait story. But there are no sources named, and it’s all *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*.

      I wouldn’t use that kind of unsubstantiated material as a reference source in any of my writings.

      In fact, made the same point about another ‘Truepundit’ “story”

      “First of all, the only cited source documenting that Hillary Clinton had ever suggested (even in jest) that a drone strike could take out Julian Assange was “sources at the State Department,” a vague and anonymous reference that does not yield to verification.”


      Questionable validity.

      • Frank;

        You may have to swallow those words,mate,in the coming weeks.

        The FBI do have images of what Nitrium’s article talks about.

        Their is a Soft Coup now happening; US intel V The Globalists.

        People are going to jail.


        • Iain:

          Well it’s soft so far…

          I would guess that if Trump gets in, the denizens of black ghettos will act up, as they generally do when they don’t get their own way and if Hillary wins it’s not impossible that a faction of the right take up arms in some way.

          At the very least I expect to see lots of litigation arising out of this farce. Several charges have been laid already so it will be illuminating to see how Hillary manages to suppress due process (assuming she wins)

    • I was told that I was a Republican errand boy for spreading these rumours.

      Personally, I would like to see anyone involved with under age sex and porn locked away for good, irrespective of their political persuasions

      The “Lolita Express” is not new. This has been talked about for ages. Epstein was busted for 35 counts with sex with minors and served 10 months OTOH

  3. Gender Politics (and for that matter any other “Identity Politics”) is a toxic end-product of Alienation, which is the direct affect of Capitalism.

    When the Capitalists and Elites own everything and have all power, while the workers own nothing and have no power, the process of Alienation moves into its final stages; the complete atomisation of workers into inert objects with labels.

    As always, Capitalism is never safer than when workers struggle against each other, however that is accomplished.

    Workers who are reduced to fighting each other over little more than the sum of their primary and secondary sexual characteristics are no threat to anyone except each other. The real struggle, of class against the real systems of power based on wealth and not sex is relegated to some far off future time. “Capitalism can wait”, after “rape culture” has been destroyed, or “men have recovered their rights and dignity” or some other impossible herculean diversion has been accomplished.

    I acknowledge how hard it is for men and women to work together – I participate in a wonderful women’s group which was formed at first as an open forum, but which became a women’s group because it is simply easier to get shit done without having to deal with sexual politics. I get that. But the struggle is within *ourselves*, to first learn how to reverse the effects of Alienation, not sexism. Our group sees our own inability to co-operate with others as a direct consequence of our economic atomisation which must be reversed through training and education. When we can re-learn our human social skills, and recover our collective economic and political power, the struggle for us will not be against men, it will be against Capitalism. Of this we are absolutely clear.

    Men and women are viewed in Socialism as equals, and any tendency that would serve to antagonise, inflame or distract us from the real enemy, which is the Capitalist system itself must be seen for what it is; the product of Anti-Human and Anti-Social manipulation.

    • Wow, Helena, that was some speech.

      We hear all about the slurs against Trump,… and you know, with all the vast corporate’s shielding their wealth and their power, with the corporate global media acting on their behalf,…

      Is it any wonder that Trump is having all this thrown at him?,… yet here we have Clinton,… now about to be taken to task by the FBI , and further data from Wikileaks … the 30, 000 e mails.

      I would have thought perhaps more here would be supportive of him , and while these rumors against Trump are at the moment just rumors, … the investigation by the FBI and the 30, 000 e mails seem to be actual substance.

      Trump may or may not have committed various acts , of that we cannot be sure, but it seems that Clinton is being brought to task about provable offenses.

      So often on this blog, we read about global corporate’s , in a negative light. And I believe that to be true. We are well aware of George Bush Seniors speech about ” no govt will ever stand against our New World Order,… no one will stand against our thousand points of light”…

      And yet here is Donald Trump doing just that. Standing against them.

      We can compare with BREXIT , we can compare with Sanders, with Corbyn ,… yet here is a man ,.. who yes , is a Republican. And he is talking of doing just that. Standing against globalism and those who would weaken the sovereign Nation State.

      I hope he wins.

  4. Donald Trump took a fair bit of flak early on when mocking Clinton being constantly anointed by the Democratic Party hierarchy, only to blow it time and again. She led in 2008, until Obama came along and she got, in Trump’s controversial words, schlonged. And now she was again the anointed one, only to get run down to the wire by a 72 year old Larry David lookalike with historic connections to the Soviet Union who was running on a socialist platform.

    Well, 8 years after being schlonged, she floated right back to the top, only to fins herself getting Weinered. Now I dread to think what might be on that laptop, but it begs the question: you can get schlonged and still come back from it with friends in the right place. But can you come back from getting Weinered if your friends are all in prison doing time under the espionage act or worse still for whatever those ‘pizza parties’ really were?

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