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  1. New Zealand has a problem.
    Far too many men do not know how to treat women with respect.

    We have sports ‘role models’ who abuse women..

    We have sports administrators who equivocate about how to deal with them.

    We have sports commentatators who break women’s backs.

    We have shock jock radio hosts who abuse women.

    We have a Prime Minister’s son who abuses women.

    We even have a Prime Minister who abuses women.

    And when a rare public figure speaks up and says he’s sorry to be a man and pledges to invest $60 million to tackle domestic violence, it is he who is condemned.

    Not the sports players.
    Not the sports commentators.
    Not the sports administrators.
    Not the media bosses.
    Not the shock jock radio hosts.
    Not the Prime Minister’s son.
    Not the Prime Minister.

    Maybe New Zealand needs a few more men who say they are sorry to be a man.
    Until a lot more men in this country learn to treat women with respect.

  2. Like the US rigged NZ’s election ‘A’ Cleangreen!
    The spotlights will fall on the manipulators – the more found out, the better.

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