TDB October Contributions drive – please donate if you believe we need a counter media



Comrades, it’s that time of the month when we put out our begging bowl and ask you our dear readers to contribute cash if you believe the NZ media landscape desperately needs a counter voice. This project of a blog takes up an immense amount of time and it costs us to bring it to you.

Putting together exclusive left wing/progressive live streamed content every month and co-ordinating 40 of the best left wing progressive voices each month don’t come cheap. The Daily Blog is the largest left wing blog in NZ and you know how dire the mainstream media has become so these few platforms left to fight back at the Government and corporate power are more essential than ever before.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, this week is our last days of the October donations drive – please do so here. If you want to help us but can’t do so financially, please retweet and share all our work on social media.


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In solidarity.


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  1. I donated a couple of campaigns ago and really enjoy what is on the site if it is refreshed regularly. To be honest TDB could be what Budweiser is to beers, but for couple of points. I don’t pretend to be an expert, God knows I am not, but what makes blogs great is the interaction with the article and its readers. Otherwise its the Herald and their right wing, protect this National government at all times, censors.

    Therefore if the TDB wants to remain relevant, interesting and hold on to readers, and it deserves to, then it must update comments in a timely manner such as within minutes not hours or the next day and spread articles out at even intervals rather than none for days then heaps at once. There are some worthy pieces there lost in the frey at times.

    Ka kite ano

  2. I discovered Tumeke years ago when I heard the erstwhile and erudite fellow, Martyn Bradbury, mention the dreaded words ‘neo liberalism’ on National Radio. I was intrigued ! Who was this like minded fellow, I asked myself?
    And now, the fabulous The Daily Blog gives me a place to go, to have my say and to call my own.
    I really like the masthead and I really like the layout but I do miss the votes counter. I appreciate that you guys must spend hours servicing TDB for our consideration and I want to say thank you for that.
    There is one thing that I think you could try however. Bring over the ” I don’t give a fuck-ers. ” Those who don’t vote because they’re so completely over regular and conventional politics and regular and conventional MSM opinions on politics.
    They still believe they have no place to go. There fore, why bother right?
    Go get them. Bring them in out of the wastelands and give them a place to stand.

    Give them their Tūrangawaewae.



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