Mangere Budgetary Services quitting new Government spying scam



The Daily Blog understands that Senior staff from Mangere Budgetary services are quitting.

After 2 days in Wellington with Paula Bennett they have had it confirmed that 30 established services will be closed.

17 new contracts have been awarded, the name of the services will be changed & all personal details of all clients using services have to be passed on to MSD.

It is a fatal gutting of social services more focused on spying on clients personal details than any genuine concern for beneficiaries. Mandatory reporting of data will kill NZPC, Women’s Refuge and emergency rape services.

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The poor flee Government services because they fear the inevitable retribution, forcing social services to spy on behalf of the Government will kill those services trust off altogether and give the Government even more excuses to cut budgets.

This is a terrible abuse of power administered by state agencies who stopped caring a long time ago.



  1. Where are the senior managers or board directors in all this? If they received taxpayer funding, they should be accountable to the taxpayer and tell us what went on!

  2. It will be interesting to see what this government tries on when US Inc publicly goes and is publicly replaced by the Republic of the United States of America. (Some say the elections will be halted and the already installed Republic will be officially announced to humanity – some say the elections will proceed to give an ‘appearance’ of ‘normality’ but that neither candidate will be installed for oh so obvious reasons.) Anyhow, once the Republic is announced the cabal governments with their props and cut outs will go up with the smoke and mirrors they are. NESARA/GESARA have already started to roll downhill and this giant ball is taking out ALL the cabal, minions and illegal governments and NZ Inc sure aint legal. The gist of NESARA/GESARA is that no one on this planet will need any of the pennies this and other cabal governments have been peddling to the poor. We’ve all read about that day and very soon we will see a repeat of that day when the money changers and their lackeys are unceremoniously thrown out of God’s House.
    Thank you God.
    NESARA : National Economic, Security and Reformation Act.
    GESARA: Global Economic, Security and Reformation Act.
    I should resist saying to this puffed up over blown government … Be afraid, be very afraid … but I can’t!

  3. The entire western world has ‘turned Japanese’ -undergoing continuous decline after reaching a peak decades ago.

    All the ‘small picture’ disturbances that people are now experiencing/witnessing are symptomatic of ‘The Great Unravelling’, ‘The Great Turning’, ‘The Long Emergency’, ‘The Age of Consequences’, which was flagged many years ago, but which most people refused to accept would arrive.

    The prime factors that have held the economies of ‘developed nations’ together this century -importation of cheaply-made Chinese goods, importation of ultra-cheap fuel and historically low interest rates- are unlikely to continue for more than a few more years, after which the squeeze will really be on as we return to normality. The phony ‘normality’ that has prevailed over the past three decades will disappear quite quickly: that is guaranteed. Of course the new normality, as well as providing little access to fossil fuels and consumer products, will be accompanied by Abrupt Climate Change, and in most densely-populated locations by mass starvation.

    The choice the people of NZ have been repeatedly offered was between preparation and no preparation: they repeatedly chose no preparation; a choice between community-based governance that provided for the welfare of people and a fascistic centralized government that didn’t (but which did offer short-term benefits focused on opportunism and consumerism): those who voted repeatedly chose fascism and the short-term consumerism it offered.

    So now we are in The Age of Consequences.

    • new Zealand had it worst trade deficit on record last month there is something to what your saying as society breaks down governments are becoming more totalitarian the financial system is so fraudulent they worried about bank runs ,economic damage like safes animal campaign was brilliant but bet the police will have safe under surveillance

  4. Thanks for this update, I had been wondering, how budgeting services would respond to the dictate by MSD, most certainly instructed to act like this by ministerial directive or something similar.

    I am sure they are called Mangere Budgeting Services, not Budgetary Services, as the headline suggests.

    But anyway, this is disgusting, where are the useless Labour Party spokespersons, where is that so weak and inactive Carmel What Is Her Name Sepuloni???

    Why is the disgusting mainstream media not reporting on this, not at all, same as many other issues that happen at MSD and WINZ???

    I hear them moan and complain about that theme park on the Gold Coast opening again tomorrow, although the particular part where the horrible accident happened will not be opened. They go on about this, as if it is an offensive step by the management. Do we close the motorway or any other road for days, when a fatal car accident happens? Nope, we never do, and most motorists can’t wait that the remainder of corpses are removed fast enough, to get back onto the road and drive their cars on the motorway and roads.

    What utter drivel and hypocrisy, once again.

    And they went on about the rugby player caught in a disabled toilet engaging in some sexual activity, oh what offense and “scandal” that caused.

    But as this is about beneficiaries, and about services they need and usually rely on, the MSM does NOT give a damnend shit, it is not boxing, not rugby, not about a gadget burning, not about romping VIPs, not about what the pampered middle class may care about, so no time and space for the poor, yet again.

    I am sick and tired of what goes on, is anybody else out there?

    I hope AAAP will consult with Mangere Budgeting Services staff and other advocacy and support services, and stage a noisy and rowdy protest soon, I will be there!

    Those on benefits, mostly apathetic, they also better damned well wake up and take a stand, or do you want WINZ to shaft you further, to treat you like shit, and go in there like a lamb to the slaughter, in future?

    This country is screwed with the dumbing down and the manipulation, the misinformation, the lies, deceit, the dictatorship’s nasty actions like this, and nobody standing up and doing anything.

    Rebel, fight, shout, push, shove, rattle, and attack this rotten system, NOW, thank you!

    • Don’t just single out Labour Mike, where’s National’s co partner the MAORI PARTY? What about the Greens and NZ First?

      Jumping the gun much? Could it be that because this is just breaking people haven’t had a chance to respond yet?

      • Haven’t heard anything to this day, not from Labour, Greens, NZ First or others, in the news, that is.

    • “I am sick and tired of what goes on, is anybody else out there?”

      “Those on benefits, mostly apathetic, they also better damned well wake up and take a stand, or do you want WINZ to shaft you further, to treat you like shit, and go in there like a lamb to the slaughter, in future?”

      Yes Mike, plenty of us are. And more and more we’re being so ground down and worn out by the constant bashing, the hoop jumping, the non-stop fighting with Winz over things we never had to fight them over (cheers Paula) and being in a constant state of financial stress that’s making our health conditions even worse (and costing the hard working tax payer way more than a benefit raise in unnecessary hospital costs), that it’s simply easier to give up the fight because if we don’t we could die and it’s no exaggeration. Of course that was their plan all along and it’s working very well.

      I still vote and encourage as many of my circle to as possible, that’s my contribution to trying to get them out. But until recently I couldn’t totally understand why so many have got so apathetic about voting, but now I do. There’s no politicians out there who are brave enough to speak up on behalf of us anymore, even our last hope, the Greens stay out of it now. We’re now considered so politically toxic that any hint of being kind to beneficiaries must be a vote loser (in their eyes anyway. So why bother voting when we know that there genuinely no one out there who is going to represent us?

      When you’re treated as the lowest form of life there is with no one who has any power to advocate for you, and you know that the vast majority of the country despise you, then why bother?

    • yep, no doubt about it now, but like in Hitler’s brief spell of ‘Kraft durch Freude’, the majority have NO concerns and just love what is being dished out to them:

      KDF distracted the populace from their REAL intentions, preparing for war and mass murder.

      So this government works on a similar kind of agenda, pretending this is all necessary for the common good.

      Prepare for the next steps of abolishing, in effect, your rights, including privacy rights. But the Privacy Commissioner we have is another farcical institution, just there to provide an appearance of privacy concerns to be taken seriously. If anybody reading this ever made real headays with a privacy complaint, share it hear, I bet we get NO response to that.

      The Officers of Parliament are there to pretend there are watchdogs, but they are there to guard the government and its agencies, from complaints, that is the reality, most do not get it, and the MSM does no longer care anyway.

    • A friend got a partial response to an OIA request recently, and virtually half of the info was withheld by MSD for peculiar reasons (“privacy” concerns and so, while the same kind info was made available only 3 or 4 years before)!

      They are withholding endless info now, and tell people, go and complain to the Ombudsman, if you are not happy.

      The Ombudsman, continually underfunded and overworked, is sitting on a significant pile of backlog files, and some complaint their matters have not been resolved for years. The Ombudsmen Act also give the Ombudsman few powers, so we are stuffed.

      This government is indeed nothing much better than a dictatorship. Perhaps the MSM do not report much on all this stuff, as MSD is also not providing OIA info to them.

      We can expect another “rigged” election next year, where the opposition will be discredited for all kinds of reasons, and Key and his gang get a free ride into a fourth term.

      Most are kind of lulled into thinking, it is all not that bad, the economy is ok, and so do not dare to take a risk and vote another government in.

  5. I am not quite sure if this is the full story as most of the stand alone budgeting services now have to incorporate with other services that deliver social issues.

    From this kind of set up only 2 budgeters are usually moved on to the new service.

    i do take my hat off to the senior staff that have resigned because of their stand against the funding criteria.

    i do believe that this money should be given with no strings attached and that budgeting services should be left alone to do the good work that they do and that is holding the government accountable to people of the state and also lenders accountable for some unscrupulous behaviour that is around.

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