If only the NZ media could focus on Key lying about SAS in combat the way they have over an Australian Rugby Coach spitting the dummy



Imagine what would happen if the NZ media spent as much time on critiquing Key’s lies about what our SAS are really doing in Iraq.

The allegations which have been there for at least a year are that our SAS are targeting drone strikes. This is at odds with the public story that our SAS are in Iraq to guard trainers.

This means that we are at war and the Prime Minister has lied to the country.

One would think the issue of a Democracy participating in a secret war would lead the media attention.

Embarrassingly it hasn’t.

Admittedly the information was purposely released the Friday of a long weekend but that an Australian rugby coach throwing a sulk because his team lost again can take all the media attention  is a disgrace. It’s as wilfully blind as Aaron Smith’s toilet escapades eclipsing the damaging report into SERCO.

We are allowing the cult of Rugby to over shadow civic issues far larger than an Ozzie Coach having a rant!

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NZ SAS may be involved in killing civilians with these drone strikes in a war the Public have not sanctioned, that is an issue that over rides every other issue other than an immediate comet strike, the second coming of Christ or finding the lost city of Atlantis.  Somehow an Australian Rugby Coach being a sore losing dickhead is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more important.



  1. ‘One would think the issue of a Democracy participating in a secret war would lead the media attention’



    Try global oligarchy and propaganda machine. That would be much closer to the truth. You don’t get into parliament unless you are part of the gang and agree to play by the gang’s rules. And you don’t operate a large media company without towing the globalists’ line.

    As for the cult of rugby -we might even call it a religion nowadays- that has been carefully fostered over several decades and now replaces thought for a large portion of the populace, it is all working out just as planned a long time ago: mindless emulation of idiocy and ritualistic worship. Together with purchases of branded consumer products, of course.

    People in this country are now so fucking insane not only do they wear black clothing all the time (even on the hottest of summer days) and drive black cars, they even paint their houses black……which all goes to show just how easily a populace can be controlled if the right methods are used (Bernays, Huxley, Orwell etc.).

    The descent continues, as it must when critical thinking is out of fashion in society in general and is banned in all the places it is needed most.

    By the way, the globalists’ plan to isolate Russia and bring it down have failed dismally, and actual war between the US and Russia does seem to be the only option left to them. (Not forgetting China, of course, which no longer plays the game the globalists’ way.) I guess Hilary and her CFR mates will decide some time between now and February which country gets invaded next and how much mayhem will be ensue. After all, war is even more profitable than corporatized sport for the globalists.

  2. NZ msm is very focused on Key at present, with Australian media giving him front page attention.

    His not so well maintained NZ air force plane developed a problem, forcing it to make an unscheduled landing in Townsville, due to a technical fault, throwing out dear leader’s India plans, causing him to be a day late in securing another FTA, where no doubt organizing a cheap labour force will be on the agenda to satisfy Key’s unscrupulous business cronies.

    So conveniently timely for Key, taking the heat off him regarding the NZ SAS combatant activities in Iraq! He doesn’t have to answer any tricky questions on that issue. As they say, the devil takes care of his own!

  3. Dumbing down the population is inevitable when fed the same narrative via the US it’s mates Key being the most sycophantic of them. It is deliberate, cynical and deliberate that the NZ public don’t ever get to see the other side. Recently McCully visited Moscow and sat down with his more diplomatic and intelligent counterpart, Lavrov. The outcome was alarming as reported in the article below.


  4. This country REALLY is a one party state..

    And its happened with a mandate and is being maintained by the media and foreign interests and kiwis who are imbeciles.

    It will take a momentous effort to defeat this National dictatorship and save our country.

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