John Key caught out lying about SAS – truth finally comes out



We have known for some time that John Key has not been truthful to NZers about the true involvement of SAS forces in Iraq.

The pretence has been we are training/guarding trainers. Protecting trainers and training people sounds nice to middle NZ. The reality however is far more grim

It’s apparently a pack of lies…

Government denies report NZ SAS in combat in Iraq

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee has denied claims in international media that New Zealand special forces are calling in airstrikes in northern Iraq, “or involved in any other combat operations” in the country.

The Guardian is reporting: “British, Australian and New Zealand SAS are all active in northern Iraq, along with US forces, where they have been calling in airstrikes to support both Kurdish and Iraqi advances. Their role at the front line has not been well documented, however.”

However a spokesperson for Brownlee released a statement saying: “I am not going to discuss operational details, however it is incorrect to say we have SAS calling in air strikes, or involved in any other combat operations in Iraq.

“As the Prime Minister has said publicly the Government has ruled out sending SAS, or any troops into combat roles in Iraq.

“We have also been clear that special forces could be deployed for short periods – for example, to provide advice on issues like force protection or to help with high profile visits, as they have many time before.”

…that loophole allows anything and of course this has been released while it’s a Friday before a long weekend so absolutely no one is going to be even remotely aware that NZ SAS are helping guide in air strikes. So have we been involved in any of the air strikes that have killed civilians?

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Are our troops committing war crimes?

Who are we hitting?

Why has the Government lied?

Why is this being released on a bloody Friday before Labour weekend?

Is there a sick juxtaposition between NZers basking at the bach on the beach feeling good in the Sun and our country secretly bombing people in a war we aren’t even informed of.

The term Sleepy Hobbits just doesn’t even begin to actually cover what we’ve become. Comatose Hobbits seems far closer to the actual truth.

Earlier this year, I asked award winning journalist Jon Stephenson on Waatea 5th Estate if our soldiers were involved in targeting for air and drone strikes and he said based on the level of deception in Afghanistan yes we were.

It’s not the first time the NZDF and the Government have manipulated our media – there is an incredibly long history of them doing this in NZ!

This is beyond a joke.

We need a new media folks. We were talking about this 6 months ago. The Daily Blog is a amateur blogger site, and I say amateur because we barely cover the costs and time we sink into this site to critique the mainstream media.

We need to be fully funded, so this is my decision and plan for you all to think about over Labour Weekend. I am keen to talk to any of our readers about setting up an online crowd funding venture to take TDB to the next level so that in 2017 we actually have a media outlet that is challenging this current level of pro Government propaganda.

If you are interested, contact me on our contact links (they have been rest so you can use them far easier). I can’t believe that we are only getting this into the mainstream now, we can’t rely on a media who think Paul Holmes flirting with an Actress from Sex in the City is anything other than grotesque.

We have the highest suicide rates, 1 in every 100 NZers is homeless, there is a housing crisis and inequality is growing. The Canary in the UK has managed to step up – we need to as well. With the Newspaper monopoly coming, it’s only going to get worse.

Have a great Labour Weekend – but if this touches a nerve, contact us and let’s work to build something else.



  1. I suppose our so granny in the resthome focused two main TV news channels will wrap this revelation up in nice wording, so not to shock and horrify any frail person who may still give the MSM so much credit.

    That is, provided they even bother reporting on it.

    Our white, upper middle class, pampered news readers will present what the government condones, and little else.

    I am not the least surprised about the SAS involvement in bombings from the air.

    It is a “sanitary” exercise, I am sure, to separate the control room from the cockpits of fighter and bomber planes, who are flown over the targets, same as it is “surgically appropriate” to separate the remote control lab staff from the actual drones that drop bombs on targets.

    We are only doing “good” and “tidy” things, they will tell us, it is “all in order”, and we are “minimising the risks” for any potential “collateral damage”.

    Do not disturb the public, it may get a bad conscience, but they will in their majority rather prepare for the Labour weekend outing and BBQ and sports and beer, I bet.

    Hear no evil, see no evil, nothing has changed.

  2. His response will be the usual dribble of lies. Wait for … “I don’t remember saying in February the SAS will NOT be involved in combat action …”

    The combatant role of the NZ SAS was the long term plan all along no doubt, while deceiving NZers all the time about this country’s involvement in Iraq … “training Iraqi soldiers.”

    Another web of lies and deception from the grand master of chicanery, illusion and treachery, John Key!

  3. ” We need to be fully funded, so this is my decision and plan for you all to think about over Labour Weekend. I am keen to talk to any of our readers about setting up an online crowd funding venture to take TDB to the next level so that in 2017 we actually have a media outlet that is challenging this current level of pro Government propaganda.”

    Now you’re talking! Go TDB !

    Re SAS deployment in Iraq etc. Imagine the training they’re getting to quell any pesky dissent back home?

  4. General rule for life in a western industrial nation: everything the government says, does or promotes is a either an outright lie or is founded on a lie.

    The rule never fails.

  5. I highly recommend that everyone who regularly reads The Daily Blog should be prepared to pay for the service.

  6. Piece of shit Jonkey And when the Syrian soldiers were bombed and murdered by the US and its allies our buddies across the ditch were involved in that airstrikes I wonder if our troops participated in some form or another? Worth speculating especially with Syria porous boarders and the fact that America and the western nations and its allies are confronting Russia Syria Iran China for hegemony in the M.E. that could have the potential to start WW3

  7. Even the embarrassing Mumblefuck Shearer is in denial, I heard RNZ report, where the f*** do Labour stand on this?

  8. Well , we all can remember Dr Paul Buchanan (36th Parallel ) saying back when John Key was screaming ” GET SOME GUTS” like an out – of – control child in parliament that with NZ being committed to sending SAS troops in a ‘ training role’ that they would be subject to ‘ power creep’, – in other words from training the troops to advising them to leading them in the front lines, except that ,… it was obvious then as it is now…

    That the ‘training ‘, … at least as far as the SAS is always going to be concerned ,… will always be a front for their real activity’s.

    Most adults in this country didn’t come down in the last shower.

    Key just hasn’t caught on to that fact yet.

  9. Have been thinking the same for some time. Crowd funding is especially effective as it relies on small contributions from larger numbers, Bernie supporters spring to mind.

    Keen to contrbute..

  10. You mad a mistake naming Paul Holmes as the one flirting with their actress, whoops! It was Paul Henry who is a dick and a mate of Key’s anyway! I agree the media is biased and blinkered in this country.

  11. I agree with the concept of challenging convention media however it is hard to take you seriously when you tell us Paul Holmes was flirting with Kim Cattrall. He’s been dead for 3 years!!! You need to get things right if you’re going to keep credibility. I hope it all comes together and you manage to get some traction.

  12. Which side is our government and our SAS obeying?
    Brussels is HQ for the NWO.
    Nato and other secret Forces(acting for Vatican) NWO?
    (Current pope is both “white pope” and “black pope” – but what changes in the Vatican’s m.o? – nothing.)
    Rothschild Illuminati NWO (Hillary Clinton et al) with its band of Mossad thugs and mercenaries (Cheney and Blackwater)?
    Be careful of upsetting our own entry into the BRICS/AIIB jonkey.
    Russian/China alliance?
    So many factions. Into which hell has jonkey sent our men – in not only Syria but also Afghanistan, Iraq, countries in Asia and Sth America … and all to protect Rothschild banking empire interests. Do our Military and SAS realize that they were sent to wherever to protect the interests of the drug-running Banksters?
    I look forward to knowing just where jonkey stands in all this mud. With the bankster mobsters or with Russia/China?

    • I suppose they already planted a remote control chip into my skull and brain, while I last had a sleep, aye?

  13. This is par for the course for the 5 eyes countries dutifully following their gang boss the USA.
    Fortunately we don’t have a significant airforce so we can’t be used for blame sharing and False flags as the Australian,
    and Belgian air forces have been.

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