Day of Rage for Aleppo & Syria – Saturday 29th, Wellington outside Russian Embassy



Civilians in Aleppo and across Syria are being intensively bombed by Russia with bunker bombs, phosphorous bombs, napalm, thermobaric and cluster bombs; and by the Syrian regime with chlorine containing barrel bombs; targetting homes, schools, hospitals, rescue teams, and underground shelters .

Like many Syrian cities, Aleppo has been under a starvation siege. The regime and Russian have even bombed the city’s water supply.

Despite these atrocious crimes against humanity, Aleppo’s people show tremendous solidarity and caring for each other, as they work to find the wounded under the rubble, and rush them to undergound clinics for treatment. Hundreds of democratically run community councils have been formed across Syria in the liberated areas. They have produced a tremendous amount of art, literature, music, and electronic media documenting the revolution and counter revolution in Syria.

The “peace” talks have broken down. It is clear that Russia and the Assad regime are looking for a military solution to enable the genocidal Assad regime to continue in power.

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Most of the fighters killing Syrian civilians are not Syrians. They include soliders from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq, many of them conscripted or desperately poor with no other options for a living.

The Assad regime and Russia have killed half a million Syrian people. The genocide has to stop! The regime regularly uses rape and torture as weapons.

The war started because people across Syria went onto the streets to demand democracy, and instead were shot, rounded up, tortured, raped and killed. So the people took up arms to defend themselves. The Assad regime has vowed to continue to obliterate the population until it accepts his rule.

Both the United States and Russia have re-defined the people’s struggle for democracy as a “war on terror” and are both responsible for killing civilians.

Isis grew in Syria with the encouragement of the Assad regime. Assad deliberately released extremists from his jails, who went on to join Isis in Syria. The regime leaves Isis alone, and Isis is continually attacking the democratic opposition groups. The democratic opposition has been forced to fight on two fronts, against the attacks from the regime and from Isis. Despite the evils perpetrated by Isis, it has killed a fraction of the number of people, that the Assad regime has. The Assad regime with its Russian and Iranian allies are the greater evil.

Stop the bombing! Troops out!
No more genocide! Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution!
Victory for Syrian people now!

Join us on Sat 29 October at 2pm at the Russian Embassy!


  1. Waayda second. I’m not going to argue that Russian Embassy needs to be protested. But, you should also be protesting outside the US and then the Saudi Arabian embassies for their roles in Syria and Yemen for the same reasons.

  2. Was this item written by the CIA, or by the US State Department? Or maybe NZ’s very own ‘Ministry of Truth’.

    And how did it end up on TDB?

    • In terms of the CIA like the former Nazi SD and SS ( the real part the Waffen combat units of German, Scandinavian, Baltic and Belgian descent and incorp pre 1934 German Police0 there 50% on the side of Western civilisation. The NZ MFAT and Radio NZ are 97% Russian/ Lenini and GBCP/ GRU and Mao supporters. The curreent Russian government is governed by the philosophy of Spartan National Socialism and at its core the philosophy of Dugin, Soviet Poltiical Scientist and the large elements of the former supporters of the EAST GDR and its National Socialist supporters who have relocated to European Russia. Orwell and Hayek and Wittgenstein had established the correct ideological perspective by 1948 what the Russian Media, BBC and US East Coast Media is the truth is the lie,bent between 6D and 10D. In Wellington in 1938 the situation would have been no different to that of 1948 half the intelligensia supported the Nazi/CIA view the other half the KGB/GRU view. It was the same of course at Harvard/ Stamford and Eton and Harrow. Of course in the last 2 cases the move was more to the extreme pole in each year R/L AC/DC.
      High Tory Reporting. R..

      • Where did they dig you and your “insights” out, I wonder? Are you from outer space to come with such nonsense?

    • You asked the question. I lobbied for it to be put up.

      I was in Syria in 2010 just before the Arab Spring reached Syria.

      I know an oppressive police state when I see one.

      I was in Syia as part of the Kiaora Gaza team, on the Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza.

      While we were in Syria we were hosted by the Palestinians of the refugee camp in Latakia.

      On returning to New Zealand I followed events in Syria very closely, The Palestine refugee camp in Latakia where we had been hosted in September 2010 was one of the first civilian areas bombarded in 2011 by the regime. At the end of the bombardment the population of the refugee camp were rounded up and herded into a the city’s football stadium in scenes reminscent of Chili in 1973.

      I can personally vouch for the fact that the Palestinian refugees would have been completely helpless to defend themselves.

  3. Who wrote this disgusting article? The Liberal Agenda appears to be the Daily Blog. If you want to know what is going in in Syria take a look at this interview with independent journalist Vanessa Beeley whose father was a senior British diplomat based in the Middle East.

    This protest is definitely outside the wrong embassy.

  4. One should read what Robert Fisk has to say. ..also worth looking at websites such as and and

  5. Talk about backing the wrong side. It’s the West and their allies that need a spanking over the Syrian debacle.

  6. Russia seems to be following a policy of supporting secular, liberal regimes, particularly in countries on their own doorstep. They seem to realise that the real enemy is religious fanaticism i.e. wahhabism, salifism, etc. as exemplified by the likes of ISIS and the Teliban.

    As I understand it ISIS forces are executing any civilians who attempt to leave Aleppo, in effect using them as human shields.. It ISIS against whom we should be protesting, but unfortunately they don’t have an embassy.

    I think it’s generally thought that if the Russians and Syrians let up, they would, in effect, be handing Aleppo over to the ISIS forces.

  7. Syria is a product of US,CIA, Isreali regime change, territorial annexation, resource programme.

    Russia has stepped in to support the democratically elected Govt under attack.

    Syria has a long standing Russian base within its borders. a US et al target.

    NZ shows it subservience to US propaganda and our media fed with US diatribe has done its job well.

    Libya needed a champion such as Russia or China to step in but no-one was there. It would have been walking into a trap. Similarly for Iraq.

    Protest efforts needed to turn on US and Israel.

    Syria is but one of the blatant US regime change tragedies.

  8. This article is factually inaccurate from start to finish. The author is in thrall to Western propaganda; well-intentioned but tragically ill-informed.

    Robert Atack: “If I was going to bother, I would go along to support Russia.”
    Yup, me too.

  9. So the RT brigade is very brave and from thousands of miles away it wants to blame the US for the bombing of Aleppo.
    Come on creeps. Even if Assad’s lie that the rebels are all US stooges was true how does that excuse bombing innocent women and children in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria?
    Have you seen the videos of the people of East Aleppo marching in the streets to condemn Russia’s ploy to use a 11 hour “pause” in the bombing to weaken the rebel cause?
    I suppose you would say that anyone who doesnt leave during this 11 hour pause deserves to die.
    So when the people of East Aleppo reject Assad and Russia’s use of bunker bombs against schools and hospitals that some how makes them terrorists and Russia progressive?
    Is genocide now progressive?
    The US is ultimately responsible for the mess it created in the Middle East and some of us have been protesting that since the First Gulf War in 1991.
    Today we are protesting Russia for joining in the killing in Syria.
    Tomorrow some of us will be protesting the US coalition attack on Mosul.
    Meanwhile the RT Brigade will hide behind their screens and boost the fascist Assad’s and the imperialist Putin’s war against the Syrian revolution.

    • Good points, some think like anything coming from Russia and Putin must be good, as it is the other “pole” in global affairs, sort of. The truth is that terror and crime are committed by various groups and states, and traditional “loyalties” need to be reviewed, well thrown over board, as we have totally new challenges we all face on this increasingly screwed up planet.

      Loyalty with the people, the victims, the ones that are the “collateral damage”, as they call them, what a disgrace it is, what goes on in Syria.

      • Mike in Auckland: “some think like anything coming from Russia and Putin must be good, ”
        That certainly isn’t my view. I rely on the evidence, which definitely doesn’t support the US narrative on Syria. I’m not a zealot in support of any other polity; they all have their strengths and flaws. But that in no way justifies the tragic and criminally stupid US “regime change” programme. The governance of other countries is not its business. Or ours.

        • “The governance of other countries is not its business. Or ours.”

          So you can live with murderers, torturers and ethnic cleansing applying governments and leaders doing their thing, and we stand by and do nothing, always?

          • Mike in Auckland: “So you can live with murderers, torturers and ethnic cleansing applying governments and leaders doing their thing, and we stand by and do nothing, always?”

            This is a “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” sort of response. In the context of Syria – which is what this post is about – it’s the al quaeda-linked jihadists – armed and provisioned by the US and other polities in the area – committing crimes against Syrians. The Syrian government, with the support of Iran and Russia, is fighting said jihadists.

            The best hope of peace in Syria is for the US and Saudi (among others) to withdraw logistical support for the jihadists. The US in particular could instead support the Syrian government’s offensive; fat chance of that happening, though, given its policy programme in the middle East.

            Best not to get holier-than-thou about murder, torture, rape and the like. The US and its allies certainly don’t have clean hands in that respect.

            As for ethnic cleansing, that’s been going on for many years elsewhere in the middle East in respect of Christians. Their numbers there are minuscule now, compared with centuries ago. Come to that, there was a bit of that went on here in NZ, in some parts of the country. White settlers chasing Maori out of a a particular area: airbrushed out of history, though.

            Pretty much all of the news that comes to us via msm about Syria is rehashed propaganda from the US and other actors with an axe to grind. There is an alternative narrative, but it isn’t reported by said msm.

            We can tell it’s propaganda, because of the “just so” stories being published. The situation in Syria is complex and nuanced: there are no “white hat/black hat” characters there, yet US propaganda persists with such stories, and they’re regurgitated uncritically by the msm.

            Anybody who has followed events in that part of the world over the past few decades would rightly be sceptical about the narrative from the US and its allies. Take a look at the different way in which the battles for Mosul and Aleppo – analogous situations – are being reported.

            • Well said. Indeed, we have been lied to so often and so hugely by western so-called leaders you really would be a fool to believe anything they say or believe one word of what the MSM says about anything.

              As far as Syria is concerned, it is still about the US forcing a US-backed pipeline through the country against the wishes of the populace and against the wishes of the Syrian government.


              Rather like the nasty situation in North Dakota, where the US government is forcing a pipeline across what indigenous people regard as sacred land. Brute force is the way empires handle opposition, as has been the case throughout history.

              Eventually the ‘irresistible force’ meets the immovable object. That seems to have happened in Syria.

              Expect the US to up the ante by making threats of nuclear war. And for fuckwits and liars that constitute the NZ government to cheerlead nuclear Armageddon.

            • The Syrian government and Russia throw a lot into the “jihadist” drawer, which are not really such, and some of the jihadists consider Assad and his regime and Shiite militia supporters as terrorist, also some not jihadists.

              Where are you drawing the line?

              Lamenting or attacking the US and defending Russia is as “balanced” as lamenting and attacking only Russia and Syria.

              It is impossible to defend either side, but then there are many somewhere in between, which you also seem to consider terrorists, such as the FSA for instance.

              It makes no sense, what you write.

  10. Dave Brown: regrettably, you are as misinformed as the author of this post. Really, you do need to read more widely than you appear to have done to date. Commenters above have suggested some useful sources: I advise you to go read before you comment further.
    This is a good site to visit: many articles going back many years.

  11. Dave Brown: Oh, and another thing: “creeps” is name-calling, and suggests that you don’t have a countervailing argument.


    I and my comrades have read and written a fair bit on the Syrian Revolution.
    One I wrote for TDB on why Russia is in Syria could have been written with you in mind.







  13. Oh dear, Dave Brown. You sound like the proud mother who claimed that all the soldiers in the parade were marching out of step except for her little Johnny!

    I can’t take your stuff seriously: it has no credibility when matched up against the big guns who have “chops” in reporting on the geopolitical situation in the middle East.

    Clearly the other commenters here share my view.

  14. “The war in Syria is all a US/CIA/Saudi conspiracy to overthrow a popular leader, and not a popular revolt against a brutal dictatorship”

    To swallow this simplistic narrative, which is based on an outdated paradigm, you have to jetison a lot of inconveniant truths in your effort to shoehorn Basha Assad into the unlikely role of beleagured anti-imperialist, victim of a Western plot.

    The following are just some of the facts you have to jetison to become an apologist for the mass murder committed by the regime against the Syrian people.

    Syria under Basha Assad’s rule was an original member of George Bush senior “Coalition Of the Willing” in the First Gulf War. Basha Assad contributing 19.000 Syrian Soldiers to the coalition under US command.

    Syria was one of the most popular destinations for the CIA program of “Extraordinary Rendition”.

    In the words of former CIA agent Robert Baer: “If you want a serious interrogation, you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria. If you want someone to disappear — never to see them again — you send them to Egypt.”

    At the height of the Iraq war, Basha had a close working relationship with alleged war criminal Tony Blair. This relationship was so close that Tony Blair lobbied hard for Assad to be given a British nighthood.

    That Basha Assad the so called anti-imperialist hero was and still is the only Middle East leader ever welcomed to stay overnight with the British Monarch in Buckingham Palace.

    Before the popular revolt against his rule Basha Assad had paraded himself around the capitals of the West as a “Progressive”, (read, pro-Western) secular leader. At the break out of the revolt, Assad immediatly transformed himself from being a secular leader into a Pious Shia Moslem leader, to take opportunist advantage of sectarian divisions in Syrian society and split the Syrian people, to entrench his rule.

    Basha Assad inherited the dynastic dictatorship of Syria from his just as brutal father Haffez Assad, responsible for the first Hama Massacre. A family tradition of genocide carried on by the Son.

    To try and get a more informed opinion on Syria you couldn’t go far past Anita McNaught, who at great personal risk went to Syria to find out the truth for herself.

  15. We have propaganda from both sides, Russia, Syria and also the US, Turkey and Iran, and they all have agendas, but the brutality is never shown, perhaps this may show people what really goes on:

    The truth is somewhere in between, as they all lie, so what do those defending Putin and Russia really mean, but defend the crimes of one side, while others may well also commit crimes.

    I believe none of the powers, and only the people that are the honest victims. Fuck the BS we get from various sources, incl. CNN and RT.

  16. Those that believe it is all about supposed terrorists that are fighting the Syrian regime are misinforming us. That regime has their own terrorist allies, and they include Shia militias. So what are you trying to prove here?

    That does not excuse the same terror expressed and delivered by other jihadi groups.

    Most Kiwis are ignorant as shit when it comes to the war in Syria and the Middle East.

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