The real reason why Hekia quit suddenly?



The tip line has been running hot as to the real reasons behind Hekia Parata’s sudden decision to stand down from Parliament at the next election.

It seems that National, if they win a fourth term, intend to implement radical and extreme policy education policy that even Hekia couldn’t in good faith implement because it would require her to throw aside assurances she has given Teacher’s Unions about the real direction of National’s education agenda.

After the NovoPay fiasco, the Christchurch school closures, Charter schools, National Standards and bigger classrooms, whatever National are planning in their fourth term, Hekia couldn’t stomach pushing through.

Teachers might find they have less to cheer about if National win a Fourth term.

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  1. She’s finally admitted that she’s useless!

    She’s failed at everything she attempted to change, implement & deconstruct . Oh, correction. She has had some successes, a few PG’s.
    NoMorePay for her …. well kinda, still gets super & some travel?

  2. I bet that tip is correct. Destroying the teachers union and dumbing down kids education while giving their money to private providers is the Natz next step if they get a forth term. Hey they are well on their way now.

    • Hekia’s probably read some of the barely literate comments on this website and realised there was no way that her education plans could ever help logical, reasonable and intelligent results from ANY education policy could ever penetrate the pathetic limited comprehension, logic, and understanding of the spawn of most of the contributors to this blog!

      • See what happens when you stop evening classes and overprice education.

        Thanks, National. The party of no redemption, no second chances.

    • I’m suspicious that it’s not correct, not because I doubt National could pull off something even worse for education policy if they won another election, but simply because I’m not sure that I buy the idea of Hekia being unwilling to implement it, lol.

  3. Hekia has been a disaster from the get go!
    Hopelessly out of her depth.
    Education is yet another portfolio that National haven’t got a clue about.
    Who in their right mind would think that larger class sizes is going to benefit pupils?
    Did they not think….one on one – all teachers time dedicated to child – ideal situation.
    One hundred to one -teachers time spread very thinly – not ideal for effective learning.
    Conclusion- Smaller , not larger class sizes are better for a child’s learning .
    And what happened to their ‘ radical’ new education policy of having the ‘supernova headmasters’ out there mentoring the not so ‘supernova headmasters’ on how to become a supernova headmaster?
    Haven’t heard a squeak about that since the ridiculous idea was announced.
    Where are the ‘whiteboard projections’ , the graphs , the charts to demonstrate what a brilliant idea this all was and how they’ve ‘grown ‘ the quality of teaching nationwide.
    Hekia has had about as much of a positive effect on education as Tony Ryall had on the diet of school pupils .
    His brilliant idea was to get rid of the healthy foods in tuck shop policy implemented by the last Labour Government and embraced by schools and pupils alike and bring back CocaCola and pies because in his blind eyes, it was all too ‘nanny state’.
    That is what this country is up against. Pure idiocy !!

    • When in doubt, there’s a reasonably good method to check if right-wing education policy is actually education policy or merely financial policy (ie. cost-cutting) in disguise.

      That check is: Would they force private schools to do it too?
      If the answer’s no, it’s probably financial policy in disguise.

      Class sizes fail this check, so Parata’s just being a good soldier citing some dodgy research that suggests that class size isn’t important in order to blur the lines on their cost-cutting. (it is important, and it should be low to moderate, but it’s not the MOST important thing of course- not that I’d bet National or its supporters could even name that with three guesses)

  4. This is a sacking. Key has become impatient with her consultative approach to introducing privatisation policy.

    He’s said get on with it or you’re out.

    She couldn’t bring herself to do it. Shame she doesn’t have the strength to let the public know what went on.

    • She cant tell on her master JK she has done what she was told to do and she is a fool for doing it. I guess someone has to do the dirty work and I am sure the gnats have plenty of dirty rats that will step up to the mark and carry on her dirty work she now doesn’t have the stomach to do after all the damage she has done. Bring on the white men ( most of gnats party) the ones that rule parliament and will continue to do so until we wake up and make much needed change

  5. Well , Martyn ,… she certainly hasn’t been a Marilyn Waring about all this and come clean, has she…

    Therefore to skulk away and stay silent on the whys and hows is tantamount to cowardice and / or being tacitly complicit in the mere fact of her ongoing loyalty to the National party – even if she was ‘ sacked’.

    If she really was concerned enough she would have opened her mouth and gone public. Instead the pension she will be paid having been in that position was of far greater importance to her than the ‘ nations kids’ liked she banged on about in a recent media interview.

    Neo liberals .

    You can trust them to tell the truth about as much as you can push a fully laden Kenworth truck full of pine logs up the steepest street in Dunedin barehanded.

  6. Hekia was not the right person for the job and alienated and stressed
    out so many good people in the educational realm. She and her govt. have done no favors to education in NZ.
    She won’t be missed and is a partial coward slinking out of the den of lying vipers and the pit of mostly wealthy white men in disrepute.

    John Key, I believe, will not have another attempt at bringing our country further down into despair with further privatization nightmares because he will not win. Too many people know he is cut from the same cloth as the psychopathic greedy politicians that pull his strings. He likely gets paid ( investments too ) for being part the rape of our minerals AND HOW MANY KICK BACKS DOES HE GET FOR FURTHER PRIVATIZATION OF EDUCATION AND MUCH MORE.
    Even his team knows some of the truths and now the media are laughing at him as well.

    People are waking up and I feel his days are numbered. He and obama have failed and have left legacies of horror and greed and countries much worse off because of their lies and being good brainwashed puppets for the world governance lot. Homelessness and suicide and depression have massively increased in both of their countries.

    Both jonky donky and Helen Clark need to shove off into retirement mode quick.
    Just look at his past with Merrill Lynch and defrauding investors etc. and his banking nightmare history and then we will see why we, as a country, are far worse off because of his insane and out of touch; corporate priority reign of horror. He is a joke and an embarrassment – as is Joyce and Brownlee etc. . . . . .
    Good riddance to Hekia and donky and the whole lot of flaming idiots.

    Here is the latest edition and most recent up to date list of donkys lies :

  7. It turns out that… Education is actually trickier and more difficult than we give it credit for. It is actually the heart of the matter – why we have government at all versus total anarchy. Maybe anarchy would be better? No. But something considerably more scientific would be advisable.

  8. “When” National gets a fourth term, will the Dailyblog do an investigative piece on the level of support that National and Key receive from migrants? How can the “left” win, if National is importing hundreds of people every week to vote for the extreme right?

      • Because, in a nutshell, Labour is not left-wing. Throwing out a hard right government for a slightly less hard right government is also not left-wing. I don’t think anyone who thinks Antoinette didn’t deserve the guillotine is at all left-wing. Just my opinion, but there it is. The entire political spectrum was shifted hard to the right with Rogernomics. The idea that Labour is left-wing is laughable, in my opinion.

  9. Paul. No. Mr Fixit or Fuckit. Dildo Joyce? They’ll put him in situ until they get a word from Nicky Kaye if she’ll be back …

  10. Standing down?

    1. Concussion, simply taken too many blows and can’t take any more.
    2. Struggled to swallow too many dead rats, in public.
    3. A Key under performer and risk to the team performance.
    4. Run out of petrol and tyres are blown.
    5. Reality check …. she realises her ‘efforts’ are not appreciated and possibly making things worse.
    6. Sanity check … life is too short and she wants to have some fun.

  11. And so the poison chalice of education must pass to another hapless soul. I reckon Paula Bennett has the requisite skills for the job. Arrogant. Autocratic. Unconcerned with either the protestations of the common man, or the destructive consequences of neo-liberal government policy. Smirks a lot. Honestly, she should be a dead cert.

  12. I’d like to leave this here

    “whatever National are planning in their fourth term”

    But that’s a submission statement

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