GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Explosive new allegations inside SERCO’s Wiri prison



House Block one in Wiri has become infested with gang members, i.e. K.C’s Killer Beez and Crips, and they are causing the same problems they cause elsewhere if they have the numbers, jumping other prisoners, 3 or 4 on one, Tea Leafing (stealing other prisoners property), organizing fights, pressuring others to join in fight clubs and generally trying to run the place to their own ends.

When neutrals, (non gang members) complain to staff about whats going on, or even when they get assaulted, the staff are covering it up, and not filing incident reports and CCtv footage goes “missing”.

In one case I’m aware of prisoner James Williams was quite seriously assaulted in House Block 3 , had a bogus charge brought against him making out he was the aggressor, (the inspector of Corrections ordered the charge dropped when he found out) had his security classification upped from minimum to maximum security and was transferred here to Pare` to keep it all hush – hush.

As soon as he arrived, the staff here realised (the unit manager) immediately that no way he should be maximum and had him sent to the Special Needs Unit, as he is in reality a vunerable prisoner.


Arthur Taylor is The Daily Blog’s Prisoner Rights Blogger and is currently at Pare


  1. Gangs running the prisons?
    That’s what the politial right usually say about prisons when Labour is in power.
    Well Labour hasn’t been in power for over 8 years now, but no doubt the National spin doctors will still claim that Labour is to blame.
    If we were a Latin American republic that would probably be regarded as perfectly normal.
    But in New Zealand?
    Heads should roll.

  2. I’m wondering if our Governments have calculated that prison is a cheaper, and more profitable, option than decent Mental Health care and well run Mental Health facilities.
    Meantime the willfully ignorant members of society wander around going ‘oh well, at least people aren’t in mental asylums any more”.

    • Who would have thought that the “get tough on crime and harsher punishment for criminals” National government would let this happen on their watch.
      It appears that they are not so tough on crime and criminals as they like everyone to believe.

  3. All this propaganda banging on about taking a tougher stance on crime, dealers and the users of P, etcetera, why do they not address these issues at the coalface i.e. prison? since the mental health facilities were shut down leaving mentally dysfunctional folk to dwell amidst us – the issue of these people ending up where they don’t belong has festered.

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