National so mean they’ve made Housing NZ homeless



No. Way.

Housing New Zealand out of money by February – Treasury

The Government’s state housing agency is set to run out of money by February, ministers have been warned.

Housing New Zealand has also told Finance Minister Bill English that it will have no cash for developments or to maintain houses past 2017/18.

That has prompted Labour’s housing spokesman Phil Twyford to accuse the Government of running the housing corporation into the ground.

“English has taken Housing New Zealand to the brink of financial ruin while at the same time publicly musing about getting it to build 30,000 extra state houses,” Twyford said.

So after all the privatisation and selling off of State Homes, Housing NZ don’t have any money past February of next year.

All this Government can build are tax havens.

If it was Labour in power and they had screwed up so badly that Housing NZ was in danger of running out of cash, every editorial in the country would be demanding their resignation, National do it and it’s just business as usual.

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What a nation.


  1. Didn’t they do the same with Solid Energy? I’m sure one of your bloggers did an extensive write-up on it.

    Yet another example of National being “prudent fiscal managers”. (Note sarc)

  2. The money for the purchase, berthing, and maintenance of super-yachts, plus ongoing entertainment expenses has to come from somewhere, Martyn.

    And don’t forget the new houses, holiday baches, new vehicles, overseas holidays, lunches, dinners, shows, and drinkies afterwards. Not to forget clothes: women can’t wear anything more than once in public. And there all those dry-cleaning expenses. Nail manicures, massages and ‘extras’. Nearly forgot the cats, dogs, the horses: food and veterinary fess mount up, don’t you know. Then there are the landscapers and the gardeners.

    Half-a-million a year each only just covers expenses. And don’t forget there are well over 10,000 of us with our snouts in the trough.

  3. Still waiting for Blinglish’s to make a statement on this issue. Probably right now, he is in a session with the spin doctors, concocting some BS, along the lines that it’s simply not true and if it is, then it’s all Labour’s fault.

    Next year’s budget should be something to behold, if this is an indication of how state entities are being administered (or not)!

    Personally I think this has been this government’s intention, to run down Housing NZ, to put it in private hands (cronies et al). Only a matter of time now, before Public Health suffers the same fate. It’s coming.

    • Mary, 100%

      This is a standard policy of Nactional is everywhere before they sell everything so went Kiwirail, solid energy, jails, hospital food service’s, schools, and the list just goes on and on so this is part of the Goodman Sachs/Treasury/Natz policies bankrupt the assets before handing them all over to the scavengers that NatZ work for.

      We saw it all happen when Goldman Sachs did Greece over remember?? We are next.

  4. But English is gloating that there maybe a surplus tbough. And he’s talking bribes, tax cut bribes…

    I guess flogging off state houses has helped National, that and not paying for the upkeep of government services.

    Any idiot could achieve one of Nationals mirage surpluses, just depends on if you don’t mind sacrificing a solid part of your population in the process!

  5. i still get a sinking feeling the country is broke english is makeing small cuts all over the place underfunding services all the time our debt private and government is accelerating house prices only feed greater debt ,look how many times this lot have moved the goal posts on kiwi saver

    • And wqe really won’t know the true story until the PREFU is released. Then we’ll know if the books have been simmered of boiled.

  6. Its called, “Recycling!”
    Savings made by Ministers not spending their budgeted appropriations year on year and some tricky accounting practices such as NZ Post buying Kiwi Bank pre-budget & hey presto!
    A $432m surplus 2015/2016. Moving $450m, the purchase price from one side of the ledger to the other.

    Pinokeyo’s Remmers House has 18 rooms??

  7. Come on, people, this is why Labour and even Greens keep running behind, all the time, the plan is going to be a change of financial redistribution, coming soon, perhaps even before the next budget:$1-point-8b

    So after effectively cutting spending (per capita of population) on health, education, welfare and even police, Bill the not so English, he manufactured a greater surplus than many expected.

    So stuff the talk about “crisis” at Housing NZ, now made by Labour and Greens, English has already made sure, that there is now a “balance” in the budget, that allows not only TAX CUTS (the next bribe that was coming), there will be a bit more, to also distribute around for new spending.

    And so there will be money for Housing NZ Corporation and also ACC, which also appears to not have done so well recently.

    This is how they operate, they cut, cap and reduce, squeeze the last blood out of a stone, to get money either shifted from the poor to the upper middle class and upper class to benefit from in increased earnings and wealth, or to even get a surplus.

    Then they talk about “fiscal responsibility” and “achievements”, and decide, at their leisure, hey, we may give a few more morsels to this or that department, depending on what we may “achieve” again, to win some support from the ones we try to bribe.

    Was there not talk of major cuts for budget advisory agencies by MSD? So how are they faring? Was there not a change in welfare rules, so few qualify for certain benefits and supports now? Was there not a change in the tax system a few years back, benefiting the high earners, with charging them less income tax, but charging more GST, which means most low earners will pay more tax, as they spend it all on stuff that generates GST?

    There was an effective cut in police spending, hence the hike in crime, now they can give some back again, pretending they are “increasing” spending (after capping it while the population grew). They can do the same with many other areas, so they will bribe the voter with promises, especially tax cuts.

    The ones that still vote are those that have good jobs, property and interests, they will go back and vote Key in for the fourth term. Those that lose out have already lost hope, were feeling let down by Labour before, so Labour is struggling to get the disillusioned back to vote for them. Even the Greens are stuck at just above ten percent (environmentally “feeling” urban professionals and some students), and NZ First relies on elderly, some disgruntled nationalists and now some angry farmers.

    With that National and their lackeys are likely to buy the next election, once again. Housing NZ is a side show, Labour are busy with side shows, same as focusing on the “technical” argument only 18 “affordable” homes were built in Auckland in the last three years.

    When the opposition is so desperate to make a point, does not get a firm, unnegotiable, convincing and alternative policy program together, the Nats can buy voters, bribe them, as they have the last few terms.

    Greens may continue hand wringing about child poverty and statistics, the government does not care, most voters no longer care, as this society, those that vote, are long gone, they want ME FIRST, MY POCKET, my interests met, and “I am hard working”, “others are lazy bludgers”, and other excuses are their reasons given.

    Come on, get your shit together, this Housing NZ crisis is only temporary, the government will give a cash boost, then force them to sell more land and homes to developers, and let them build more above median price homes and say they are affordable. Housing NZ is nothing much more than a property development scheme now, the are collaborating with developers, speculators and investors from the private sector, the rest is management of collateral damage and liabilities, that they also will get rid off by selling and outsourcing to “social housing providers”.

    Truth is, most of the now very selfish middle class does not give a damn, will vote Nats and the shift of wealth and benefits from the minority poor to the powerful above will continue.

    Sad, but true, I reckon.

    • “So after effectively cutting spending (per capita of population) on health, education, welfare and even police, Bill the not so English, he manufactured a greater surplus than many expected.”

      Exactly MIA!
      So if I don’t pay my rent, power, telephone, school, doctor, fuel or car costs, dental and other health bills, I too can create a magical surplus. I’ll do this so it coincides with xmas( election year) so I can bribe the children with gifts.

      Now we here Housing NZ is set to run out of money but English said this is untrue, after all, National built 5000 state homes in Christchurch after the earthquakes, he skites, whilst slating the opposition. Well shock horror you nasty piece of dog turd English, you had to build those state houses anyway because they were destroyed, they were not extra houses. You built 700 extra! Given that National increase the population by nearly 200,000 a year, 700 is like a pimple on your arse. Given that National has not supported housing NZ with any real time funding, it is hardly suprising Housing NZ will be broke in 2017. Your double dipping on social issues and smugness,just shows what a cock you are.

  8. Labour and Greens, now headed and run by urban professionals, with privileged professional qualifications, and good incomes, secure, they are failing badly to put up a true and formidable challenge to the incessant BS we get.

    They need to get out of their damned comfort zones, go out and visit the many homes of the losers, the downtrodden, the ones driven into petty crime, the working poor, the ones suffering on not increased benefits (only “parent” beneficiaries got a “gross” $ 25 increase, NOT sick, disabled and single unemployed!!!), the ones who live in cars, in caravan parks, sleep in garages and on couches of relatives and friends.

    If you REALLY mean what you say, Labour and Greens, you do this NOW, not wait until a few weeks before the next election and throw a few carrots around.

    The disconnect is massive, there is a near million entitled voters totally disillusioned and disengaged. By chasing the same voters as Nats, Labour and Greens are fighting over territory of selfish lots, they are NOT addressing the main challenges and issues. Verbal hand wringing in Parliament does not get you votes, only the existing better off voters hear this and get TURNED OFF. The ones that should be listening do not even listen to “news”, to Parliament TV, and radio, they do NOT read papers, they do NOT follow political discourse online.

    And while they fight over the same pool of voters, Labour and Greens keep fucking LOSING, as the pool of untapped voters is left on the sideline.

    So they fall into line, avoid talking about beneficiaries, as they fear the middle class lot hate beneficiaries, so they cannot talk about them, and they thus shut out a large potential lot of angry voters, who are desperate for change.

    You cannot help idiots, I fear, and that is what I witness, idiots that repeat the same mistake again, again, and yet again, each time before a new general election.

    Do NOT ignore your chances, your potential and reach out to the ones that damned well need you, dear opposition parties, get out of your damned comfort zones! You cannot have it both ways.

    • Brilliant Mike, my sentiments exactly. Have you sent a copy of that to all the Green MPs? I think it’s too late for Labour.

  9. Housing NZ isn’t running out of cash. They will need more money for building more houses. That is a perfectly normal situation.

  10. The MSM are the ones that keep recycling the perpetcual myth that National are the “financially prudent party”.
    This is aided by the National government’s finance minister Bill English being one of the best illusionist magicians in NZ’s political history.
    Only Bill English could call a faux surplus – a surplus made essentially by cutting funding on every government department until they barely function – a real surplus and be believed.
    Well Mr English if the surplus is real then why don’t you use it to tackle child poverty, homelessness and collapsing mental health services? No, you would rather give it back to the rich so they can buy the new Ford Rangers they think they deserve.

  11. Prior to the Christchurch earthquakes there was no housing crisis, there may have been but nothing was mentioned.
    The “Housing Crisis” , in Auckland, was created to cover the short comings surrounding the appalling government handling of the true crisis in Christchurch.

    John Key’s comment “What Housing Crisis” rings true.

    • (a) Sold off to the highest bidder.

      (b) 51% owned by govt and 49% sold to “Mum and Dad investors” aka The sharemarket.

      (c) Given to an NGO and told to make a profit out of misery, with no funding.

      (d) PPP – public-private-partnership Govt pays Business to build cheap houses, business collects the rent, then sells the “stuffed” assets back to the government in 30 years. Win-win-win-win-win for business.

      (e) Increase the number of immigrants after the election and drive up the price of Auckland houses again. (Also invent drones big enough to carry people, so the rich to avoid the gridlock)

      All it takes is a bit of neoliberal ingenuity to have a problem sorted.

  12. My Opinion!

    National are destructive criminals and I mean Criminals!! I’ve given up they get in by appealing to the criminal kiwi gain spirit in Kiwis. So, this country is stuffed! I feel it a waste of energy to spell out the obvious so enjoy Kiwis the Hell your greed has brought on. Enjoy the poverty and deprivation you half wits.

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