Dumb things people are saying about Marama Davidson



The mainstream media backlash against Marama Davidson was pretty disgusting. Headlining her as part of a Ship of Fools and attacking her for being involved was bad enough, but doing so while they were in the midst of a feeding frenzy over an All Black toilet sex romp was just plain offensive.

Mainstream media garbage aside, watching people brainfart out criticism on social media was saddening.

What do we actually want our Politicians to do? Not be part of politics? If your Politicians aren’t involved in promoting democracy and human rights, what the bloody are they doing? Marama is one of the most important civil rights activists in NZ, that she was part of a protest action against one of the worst ongoing human rights abuses on the planet should be applauded, not denigrated.

Marama was kidnapped in International waters by Apartheid Israel forces, how a bloody sex toilet romp was designated as a bigger story than that says much about the media values we now live under.

No wonder such ignorance swamps social media when the mainstream news is so empty and vacuous.


  1. “What do we actually want our Politicians to do? Not be part of politics?”

    New Zealand society actually offers very few opportunities for people to discuss politics outside of what is presented in the media. It is like politics is a dirty word and should not be brought up in general conversation and some events don’t like political parties having stalls at them.

    It’s a bit like how people look down at any form of political protest. Even booing is out of line which begs the question that if you can’t boo, what are you supposed to show your disapproval – clap the Prime Minister? This government should be very grateful that New Zealanders are such a benign lot. It actually takes advantage of this temperament to push things as far as it can.

  2. No, our follow-the-leader mentality preached by our gutless media representatives is don’t rock the boat, keep a stiff upper lip and most of all – don’t question good Uncle John.
    Whether you support her stance on Palestinans or not, Marama has shown guts and resolve. Just the sort of thing we used to admire about New Zealanders.
    Seems like our National lickspittle media can’t admire any protest unless it is politician farmers driving tractors onto parliament’s steps or farmers driving sheep through the main streets of rural towns.
    Marama would have more backbone than a thousand Paul Henrys and Mike Hoskings combined. Plus more backbone than a million Murray McCullys.

  3. Comments on this Forum by certain anonymous individuals is predictable. Any time a story on Israel/Palestine comes out, they make an appearance.

    Usually citing misogyny, etc, as a vindication for punishing/oppressing a whole people. In the case of one such person, whilst criticising Palestinians for poor treatment of women – he himself was not above supporting Mike Hosking’s misogynistic comments when that halfwit attacked the waitress who had had her hair pulled by John Key… (see: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2015/05/03/open-letter-and-complaint-to-tvnz-over-hoskings-victim-blaming-tirade/#comment-285164)

    That’s the level of racist bigotry and chauvinism expressed by many on the Right who stupidly attempt to ascend the moral highground by invoking misogyny, whilst practicing it (or maintaining silence) themselves.

  4. A passionate post, as usual, by Martyn. Passion is something few Kiwis relate to, I suppose, hence the lack of support for Marama.

  5. I think a bit of old fashioned activism is great. Maybe it is also a sexism thing for MSM, being a boat of women was too much for mainstream going to Gaza….

    And we know Israel controls the MSM message for the most part.

    But I think it was a positive, Marama is a hero and achieved what it was supposed to achieve, more focus on the Israel/Palestinian situation.

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