Response to Dr Paul Moon on Women’s Boat to Gaza



In an article published on 7 October, Dr Paul Moon, Auckland University of Technology, called the women whose vessel was hijacked in international waters by the Israeli Navy, “fools”. Astonishingly, he accused Green MP Marama Davidson of having “little understanding of the geopolitical situation in the region”. Dr Moon called the courageous expedition “a ship of fools” and a “cheap media stunt”. In defence of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people of Gaza, the majority of whom are refugees, the professor actually invoked the Oslo Accords, international maritime law and domestic Israeli law. Yet it is he who claims that it is Marama Davidson who has little understanding of the geopolitical situation in the region!

Israeli domestic law has absolutely no relevance in regard to Gaza or any other part of aggressively-partitioned Palestine, except in the mind of the expansionist Zionist state’s rulers. The Oslo Accords! Paul Moon would rather we didn’t know of the Israeli view of those Accords. On 29 November 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that there are no plans to deliver any land from West Bank Area C to Palestinians. In a meeting for Likud ministers, he stressed that there will be no transfer of land to the Palestinian Authority, “not 40 thousand dunams, not 10 thousand, not one metre.” How ‘diplomatic’ is that? International maritime law guarantees the right of vessels to peacefully navigate international waters and to enter waters where they are welcome. The Palestinian people wished to welcome the Women’s Boat to Gaza with open arms. Foreign gunboats prevented them from doing so by hijacking the vessel in international waters.

It is Israel and those who defend its inhumanities that are foolish or, to put it more accurately, irrational. What a propaganda coup it would have been for Israel to have simply allow the unarmed vessel into Gaza. Instead, it chose to use its military might. And to what end? Only to demonstrate its lonely, fanatical obsession with having the power over others to do as it pleases. Dr Moon twice wrote that the women were taken “to safety” by the Israeli Navy, does he really think we are that naïve? The women were in no danger before the Israeli Navy intervened and everybody knows it.
Paul Moon really succumbed to ideological fantasy when he accused the women of having no “matching concern for the indigenous population of Israel”. Israel has passed, and continues to pass, many laws that discriminate against the indigenous population. The Zionist state is one of the few countries that has no Constitution. In place of a constitution there is what is called a set of Basic Laws. Institutionalised racial discrimination against Palestinians in Israel is embodied in the country’s “Law of Return,” which “grants every Jew, wherever he may be, the right to come to Israel and become an Israeli citizen.” This right has been extended “to include the child and the grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of the grandchild of a Jew.” But the Law of Return discriminates against Palestinians and their descendants who were actually born there. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees who fled the violence and aggression of Zionist militias and Israeli forces, from 1948 until today, have been cut off from their land and property inside Israel. The Law of Return specifically does not recognise their right of return, simply because they are not Jewish.

On 28 June, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited a UNRWA-school in al Zaytoun, Gaza where he described Israel’s brutal blockade as “. . . a collective punishment for which there must be accountability. ”

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He also pointed out that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip “suffocates its people, stifles its economy, and impedes construction”.

We should ask Dr Paul Moon:

  • Where do Israelis have to line up at checkpoints to make the simplest of journeys?
  • How many Israeli houses are destroyed by a foreign army of Occupation?
  • How many Israeli roof-top water storage tanks, wells and irrigation systems are destroyed almost daily?
  • How many Israeli olive trees are set on fire or bulldozed?
  • How many Israeli fishing boats get fired upon, hijacked and occasionally sunk?
  • How many Israeli homes are invaded throughout the night?
  • How many Israeli children are dragged from the beds in the middle of the night, blindfolded and taken away?

These are all common occurrences for Palestinians living under Israeli military Occupation.

On 4 October at 9pm, the Israeli Army raided the Abu Nur Bedouin community in the West Bank village of al-Eizariya, robbed the school of tents that had been set up to replace the building destroyed previously by Occupation troops. A small event relatively, but typical of the banal, daily spitefulness that drives the Israeli Occupation.

Finally, the learned professor reminded us that at the time of the Women’s Boat to Gaza hijacking,

Palestinian missiles were fired towards Israel from Gaza. The question is, what prompted them? It is standard Zionist propaganda to call Israeli violence against Gaza a ‘response’ to rocket attacks. Here are some facts:

In the first quarter of this year, there were eight Palestinian missile attacks, which constitute ceasefire violations, directed across the Green Line from Gaza. That is according to our daily reports which, admittedly, are not always complete. Some Palestinian missile attacks involved the firing of a single rocket, at other times there were several launched. In the same period, there were well over 800 Israeli Gaza ceasefire violations, including air strikes, attacks on fishing boats and attacks on farmers and UN refugee camps. Again, some reports are unavailable but whatever the precise numbers of ceasefire violations may prove to be, the disparity will still be enormous.

A detailed analysis of the process of ceasefire violations in 2014 (Nine days of hope for Gaza ceasefire squandered by Israel) that eventually led to the Israeli ‘Operation Protective Edge’, demonstrates beyond doubt that Israel deliberately provoked Palestinian missile firing, as it still does. For nine days, from the 14-22 May 2014, inclusive, no Palestinian missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip, in accordance with the ceasefire agreement. On those nine days Israel continued to enforce a crippling three-kilometre fishing zone on Gaza fishermen. On 15 May, the Israeli Navy opened fire on fishing boats off al-Sudaniya. On 17 May, the Israeli Navy again opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off al-Sudaniya beach, wounding one crew member, Hussein Assi, while an Israeli Army position behind the Green Line opened fire on and wounded a Palestinian in Abasan al-Jadida. The following day, 18 May, another Palestinian, Abdel Rahman Mattar, was wounded when an Israeli Army position behind the Green Line opened fire on workers in the north of Beit Hanun. Palestinian forbearance continued when, on the next day, 19 May, another person, Mahmoud Al-Ba’, was wounded by Israeli Army fire on Beit Hanun. The same day, the Israeli Navy opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off Beit Lahiya. That morning, Israeli Army positions behind the Green Line opened fire on Abasan al-Kabira and Khazz’a farmland. Still there were no Palestinian missiles fired.

Israeli provocations mounted until retaliatory Palestinian missile-firings finally gave Israel the excuse to launch its blitz on Gaza. Had Israel used the nine days of Palestinian ceasefire to reinforce the suspension of violence, the ensuing carnage would never have happened. But for Israel, news of Palestinian missiles is invaluable in diverting world attention away from its brutal Occupation and illegal settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel justifies the economic blockade of Gaza as a consequence of the firing of Palestinian missiles whereas, as can be seen, the reverse is true. The Palestinian people have no defence capability against overwhelming Israeli military superiority – their only hope is for the international community to at last shoulder its responsibility for having placed them in this impossible and tragic situation.

The compassionate Women’s Boat to Gaza proved to be an invaluable tool for drawing attention to what the mainstream news media and politicians choose to ignore. It also demonstrates the need to call for UN sanctions against Israel. Does the New Zealand Government have the courage to finally spaek in defence of the Palestinian people? It is certain that Dr Paul Moon fervently hopes not.


  1. Ah, Dr Moon thinks they are “fools”? Are we now at a stage where the already so widely REWRITTEN HISTORY (current narrative by “the west” and some other powers) is now all that matters. Questioning the actual causes for the anger, frustration, dissent and increasing violence in the Middle East is no longer appropriate, it seems.

    I could continue pasting other links, with sufficient evidence that it was former colonial powers such as the UK and France, and later also the US, who facilitated or at least effectively assisted the establishment of a Zionist State in what we know as Palestine, which then drove hundreds of thousands of established local populations out, and basically disowned them.

    As the powers involved, and the Zionist lobby in the US, the UK and elsewhere have all much to cover up, this discussion about the right of Israel to exist is no longer an “issue” for most. Now we are moving to justify the settlement policy and further disowning of the Palestinian Arabs in their homeland on the West Bank, are we?

    Gaza is a strip that is like a huge, overpopulated ghetto, and Israel keeps it blockaded, as they are furious about some Palestinians still challenging the now status quo and at times dare firing some second or third rate, hopeless missiles towards Isreaeli territory.

    But, Mr Moon, the powers there are, the dominant and ruling ones, having much to answer for that led to the rise of the islamist and jihadist groups in the Middle East, they are all “right”, are they, and those challenging the inhumane status quo are “fools”, are they?

    I can see Mr Moon having cheered on the Japanese Imperialists and German Nazis, had they won the last war, and now established a “friendly” government in New Zealand, subservient to their interests.

    The winner takes all, it seems, and as Israel has “won” with force, and has blood at its hands, and as they have seized so much territory, they are in the “right”, I presume.

    What total and utter nonsense we get presented.

    • One of the primary difficulties in assessing the Israel/Palestine situation is that it is so difficult to find reports that are not near totally supportive of one side or the other. The Hamas constitution seeks to eliminate Israelis from Israel, the Israeli one defines its absolute right to the land now occupied and a lot more in Jordan and Syria which is not. Having visited and spoken and listened at length with Israeli and Palestinian people I was surprised at how much all but the extremists held in common. Both Israel and Hamas seem bound by their conservatives making moves together increasingly difficult
      John Marcon

  2. Any ideology or political movement that calls for the extermination of a whole race (jews) must be inhuman and should be opposed and condemned as unacceptable

    • Do you make the same observations on Israeli land-seizures and oppression against Palestinians? Or are you another stooge for the Israeli regime?

      And do you support UN Resolution 242 which called for Israeli withdrawl of land seized in the 1967 conflict?

      And which also allowed free movement through international waterways: “For guaranteeing freedom of navigation through international waterways in the area”.

      Or are you as selective in your views as are all your fellow stooges who pop up every time there is a blogpost on Israeli aggression against Palestinians?

      • In case you missed it Frank the Israelis unilaterally left the Gaza Strip voluntarily in 2005 and dismantled their settlements there. At the time they did not have a blockade in place. Why did they impose a (internationally legal) blockade?

        • Such moves have been made, yes, but it has never been followed by constructive efforts to resolve the Palestinian refugee issue, the question about the Palestinian people to their homes in now occupied land, and not by negotiating on equal and fair terms with the Palestinian Authority – either on a two state solution, or alternative solutions, to bring about lasting peace.

          Throughout decades, the ones in charge in Israel, have done all to consolidate and expand their land controls and power base, and also expand endless settlements on seized Palestinian lands.

          How can any Palestinian sit by and let this happen, but any dared acts of self defence, or even occasional attacks by certain Palestinian groups, is of course instantly met with a new bombardment or march into Gaza. They simply prefer to lock the people in there, like in a huge modern age ghetto.

          Again, your comment is mischievous, Gosman. You leave out the rest of history by only shining light on one event.

        • Gossie: “In case you missed it Frank the Israelis unilaterally left the Gaza Strip voluntarily in 2005 and dismantled their settlements there.”

          I think you’ll find, Gossie, that Sharon’s real goal in pulling the small number of settlers (around 8,000) out of Gaza in 05 was candidly admitted by one of his advisors, Dov Weisglass.

          As Weisglass happily conceded to the Israeli Press, the objective behind Israel’s “disengagement” from Gaza was to silence the growing pressure from the International community to come to a proper peace agreement with the Palestinians and thus, as Weisglass boasted, to firmly place the “peace process” in “formaldehyde”.

          Withdrawal from Gaza would not only save the IDF the hassle of having to look after the tiny number of Jewish Settlers (for example, ensuring they received more than 50% of Gaza’s water resources, despite comprising a tiny – and, of course, illegal – minority of the territory’s population) but, more importantly, the goodwill generated within the international community would also allow Israel the political space it needed to continue its expansion of the vast array of illegal Jewish settlements on the Occupied West Bank with impunity, a far greater prize than a few measly, expensive-to-run communities in Gaza.

          And, of course, the beauty of the plan was that Israel continued to maintain absolute control over Gaza’s land borders, coastline and airspace and the IDF continues to enter Gaza at will. Hence, under International Law, Gaza is still considered to be Occupied by Israel.

          The withdrawal therefore simply reinforced the occupation of Palestinian land by making it much more economically and (at least in Israeli eyes) diplomatically viable.

          Gaza remains very much an imprisoned enclave, suffering what UN envoys (eg former Irish President, Mary Robinson) have described as a massive humanitarian crisis created by both Israel’s crippling blockade and, of course, its periodic, carefully pre-planned massacres of Palestinian men, women and children (always overwhelmingly civilians) – routine carpet-bombing that the sick fuckers of the Israeli elite casually, almost triumphantly, call: “mowing the lawn”. (wonder why some people compare them to the Nazis ?)

          As another of Sharon’s close advisors, Arnon Sofer, smirked at the time of the withdrawal in 2005, “……when 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it’s going to become a human catastrophe. Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today…”, before going on to say that “we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.”

          And here’s Weisglass, once again, on Israel’s Gaza sanction regime, restricting food, medicine, electricity and water, “The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.”

        • Amira Hass in her book Drinking the Sea at Gaza explains that Israel began to ‘implement its closure policy’ after the 1991 Gulf War.
          The occupation got worse and worse as Israel kept testing to see how far it could go before the West said ‘stop’.. . The most recent ‘mowing the lawn’ atrocities have shown that the West will condone, and even finance, anything, including mass murder, use of ‘illegal’ weapons…
          As for ‘withdrawing’ settlers from Gaza, Israel has never ‘withdrawn’ anymore than prison guards withdraw from a prison by not dwelling inside. Not having ‘settlers’ living inside Gaza after 2005 , made it possible for Israel to use Gaza as a lab, for testing its high tech weaponry, a mainstay of the Israeli economy.
          Some describe Gaza as an open air prison. What Western country imprisons whole populations, including children and babies, what Western prison denies prisoners to have visitors, what Western prison destroys sanitation systems so that the drinking water is unsafe? Gaza is a concentration camp more than a prison.

    • Any ideology based on race or religious belonging alone (Zionist or Wahhabi – or whatever), claiming to possess a sole, exclusive authority over rights to land and so forth, and to their forms of justice, must be inhumane and should be opposed and condemned as unacceptable.

      The same applies to any ideology (e.g. Zionism) that calls for the claim to the land legally owned and occupied by others, also under common law, and to then pressure to leave or forcefully remove of such owners and occupiers.

      Zionism is not much different to Nazism, I conclude, the difference may be the methods used, and the number of the people affected.

  3. The flotilla was told well in advance that Israel intended to intercept. I believe this was even reported in the media. Clearly Israel did not want an escalation of events. So all thing considered this “cheap media stunt” went according to plan.

    “a ship of fools” they are though. Everybody knows the woman on the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ were lucky. Israel could have keep them detained, say, 6 months, slowly releasing one or two. Marama Davidson could have still been sitting in a cell when parliament next reconvened.

    Was she a fool or was she brave? Is Israel aggressive or proactive in defense? The narratives can be wide and varied. What sickened me was Marama Davidson saying, I’ve been “Taken” by the “The Israeli Oppression Forces” and ‘they are oppressing us woman’!

    Looked to me like she was doing an Otis Redding and sitting on the dock of the bay. She looked neither taken or oppressed. Considering the flotilla was warned of interception and for all intensive purposes escorted to land – saying she was ‘taken’ is over-the-top. I’m sure Liam Neeson’s fictional daughter from the movie Taken would have loved access to an internet connection and video equipment.

    • Zack, tell us, do you support Resolution 242 from the UN, which called for;

      Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;


      For guaranteeing freedom of navigation through international waterways in the area;


      So yes, according to UN Resolution 242, the ships had every right to move through international waterways. And since Gaza is not a part of Israel, the Israeli Navy had no legal right to seize the vessel. That is piracy.

      Or are you selective in your morality and support only Israeli aggression against an unarmed people? Because if you think justice can be achieved through “superior firepower”, then you obviously have not paid any attention to the lessons of history.

      Yes, Marama is a brave woman. She stands alongside those who protested the Vietnam War, apartheid in Sth Africa, and atomic bomb testing by the French.

      We have a long tradition in such matters, and resisting Israeli imperialism and land-grabs in the Middle East is no exception.

      • The IDF and Mossad IT staffers have stumbled across TDB and are uttering their nasty propaganda here, I fear. Cyber-warfare it is called, a sign of the times.

        • Again, you are another stooge for the Israelis, cherry-picking what is “legal”, and dismissing anything that is inconvenient.

          Do you support UN Resolution 242, Gosman?

          Simple question.

          As for legalities… wasn’t France within it’s “legal rights” to test atomic weapons at Mururoa? How did History end up viewing that?

        • By the way, Gosman, talking of “legalities”. The Israeli settlements on the West Bank are illegal. What are you prepared to say on that issue?

          And does ACT – the Law & Order Party have any policies to encourage Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories draw as per UN Resolution 242?

          Or is this more selectivitity from your right-wingers?

        • Next you remind us what a new president Duterte does in the Philippines is also “lawful”, i.e. letting thousands of drug addicts and dealers be killed, with no questions being asked, right?

        • Andrew, Resolution 242 includes the West Bank. Do you support Israel withdrawing from the West Bank?

          Resolution 242 also calls for ” guaranteeing freedom of navigation through inter-national waterways in the area”. – ref:

          Do you support freedom of navigation through international waterways?

          By the way, that resolution was adopted unanimously by all fifteen members of the UN Security Council. There were no abstentions or vetoes.

          • Focus Frank. Focus!

            The topic of the thread is Gaza.

            Our very own Sir Geoffrey Palmer produced the ‘Palmer Report’ for the UN which confirmed that Israel is not blockading Gaza and that the Israelis have a right to stop and search for weapons.

            Thousands of trucks loads of goods enter Gaza every week and thousands of people travel each day from Gaza to work in Israel.

            • Oh, now you remind others to stay on topic, while you have often enough strayed away from the topic.

              Holier than thou are you, Andrew?

              As for Gaza blockade and so, the people are let into Israel to work as desperate, cheap labour, so Gaza offers the Zionist state cheap labour for performing the less savoury work many Israelis do not like doing.

              As others commented, the blockade itself is controversial, hence this protest raising awareness.

    • “The flotilla was told well in advance that Israel intended to intercept.” What gives Israel the right to hijack any vessel in international waters, with or without prior notice?
      The writer seeks to divert attention away from the facts of Israel’s criminal inhumanities because he cannot refute the evidence.

  4. “Professor” Paul Moon is a dickhead of the first order. He has a history of making controversial headline grabbing statements; I think he does this to drum up publicity for the Auckland “University” of Technology which used to be an excellent polytechnic, but is now very much a third rate university.

  5. Thanks Leslie. It sounds like Dr. Moonbeam is the one with little understanding of the — ” geopolitical situation in the region. ”

    It also sounds like he is the kind of bias and righteous professor we all wanted to avoid at uni.
    Many Uni’s and prof’s have already been bought and owned by those who fund them and fund their research projects and that perpetuate lies and half truths and hypocrisy and double standards.

    Maybe ? moon has family in Israel or close jewish friends or has much invested in the US and Israel
    states of madness and BIG OIL greed and funding continual war games for profit ? ?
    Either way, I am glad I am not studying under him.
    What a bore and a righteous pompous misled – ” want to be ” – narrow minded professor.

    Marama – we support you and stand by what you have done. Paul Henry is an idiot in what he said about this issue. Henry and Moon – more bought slimy puppets with loud mouths and little real understanding.

  6. Zionist propaganda is alive and well in NZ, after their failed attempt to steal NZ passports to be used by their murder agents in third countries where NZ passports are respected and Israeli passports are rubbished, and their rapid escape from our shores.

    Dr Paul Moon is well know for his strange perspectives on native peoples, the Zionist PR machine here in NZ are running a campaign to convince Maori to support their Zionist racist state, they are pushing their Israeli flag with the flag that represents Aotearoa.

    They attempt to convince ‘Christian Maori’ that supporting the Israeli state is supporting Christianity, Jews are not Christians…they are anything but… They are more like Nazi’s than Christians.

    I think Mr Moon has fallen into their web of lies and violent behaviour…we should never forget they were the first terrorists in the Middle East…when they murdered British troops and civilians… during their revolt against the British occupation of Palestine…after the British handed of a bit of Palestine for Zionist use…

    The Zionist thank you was to forcibly take over all of Palestine and do what the Nazi’s did, drive the people into concentration style camps etc… all this was done in the name of God.

    But not the God of the Christians…but the Zionist God of greed.

    • Certainly in America many christians are taught that Israel has a special destiny and that anybody/country who trys to devide the land of Israel will be punished. There are Bible quotes used to further this argument. As such Israel enjoys a special relationship with America.

      However, this may not be reflective of biblical teaching. Rejection of Jesus by the Jews begin the ‘time of the gentiles’. Scholars believe Israel used in a revelationary context clearly refers to all believers in Jesus – otherwise known as ‘spiritual Israel’.

      Israel’s population is very ignorant of christianity. Many Americans are taught that the Jewish people have a devine right to modern day Israel and more – many who believe this are Republicans. What they are not told is the Bible teaches after Pentecost there was no ‘special people of God’. ‘No distinction between Jew and Gentile.’

      In fact the Bible teaches that the Jewish people were taken from their land and into captivity at one point due to their undesirable ways and lack of faith. Well, they certainly do not have faith in Jesus today…

      • Newsflash, Zack, if people are going to rely on a piece of religious quackery to justify oppression, then having a god “on your side” is not much of a moral argument.

          • You are discriminating, as there is perhaps a potential element of what you describe as “nonsense”, being mere “belief” rather than facts, in virtually any faith based “religion”.

            You just hate Muslims, Andrew, do you not, admit it?!

            • I am agnostic, so I have no ‘faith’ unless it is based on evidence.

              I have no great love for Christianity either. In my view its only redeeming feature is that it has been greatly diluted by the Age of Enlightenment.

              This is the great difference between Christendom and Islam: Christianity was beaten down by education and science but Islam has remained a backwater of ignorance and superstition to this day.

              • Age of Enlightenment my arse. How enlightened was this;

                Nine-Year-Old’s Abortion Outrages Brazil’s Catholic Church
                By Andrew Downie / São Paulo Friday, Mar. 06, 2009

                The case of the pregnant 9-year-old was shocking enough. But it was the response of the Catholic Church that infuriated many Brazilians. Archibishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho of the coastal city of Recife announced that the Vatican was excommunicating the family of a local girl who had been raped and impregnated with twins by her stepfather, because they had chosen to have the girl undergo an abortion. The Church excommunicated the doctors who performed the procedure as well. “God’s laws,” said the archbishop, dictate that abortion is a sin and that transgressors are no longer welcome in the Roman Catholic Church. “They took the life of an innocent,” Sobrinho told TIME in a telephone interview. “Abortion is much more serious than killing an adult. An adult may or may not be an innocent, but an unborn child is most definitely innocent. Taking that life cannot be ignored.”


                Or the bombings and shootings at abortion clinics in the US, for that matter, by so-called “Christians”.

                This isn’t about religion for you. This is about your racist bigotry expressed at Muslim and people from the Middle East. Every comment you’ve ever posted here has been to that effect.

              • You just love insulting Muslims, do you not, Andrew? Do you know that the early Muslims brought daily washing as a habit to Europe, where people had before then walked around unwashed and rather smelly? Do you know that science and maths were flourishing under the early Muslims, and that our number system is essentially of Arabic and Muslim origin?

                So you are misrepresenting facts, as you suggest Muslims are primitive.

    • “Jews are not Christians…they are anything but… They are more like Nazi’s than Christians.”

      I disagree with this, equating “Jews” with Nazis is an affront, same as throwing in Palestinians into one category as “terrorist”, as some others have done.

      Perhaps you mean Zionists, not “Jews”, it pays to be more careful and distinguish between the both. There are many Jewish people living in Israel and all over the world, who are NOT Zionists, and some oppose what goes on in regards to the people of Palestine, the Arab ones.

      • Yep. Some of the most impressive critics and debunkers of Israeli state propaganda (and some of the most impressive human rights campaigners in general) are Jewish.

        Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein being just two prominent examples.

        Need to distinguish at all times between Israel as a political entity and Jewish people in general.

        Having said that, given that polls always suggest very large to overwhelming majorities of Israelis approve of the IDF’s periodic carpet-bombing and massacres in Gaza (and Lebanon) over the last decade, I think there is some justification in critiquing the mindset of the Israeli population as a whole at certain times.

  7. I see the Zionists from the local Jewish community and their fellow travellers from Whaleoil are out in force here on The Daily Blog?

    You never hear from these bigots on any other issues. Even the ones pontificating on women’s rights are utterly silent when sexism comes up in our own country. But the moment that Israel is held to account for oppressing the Palestinians, they always invoke the treatment of women in the Middle East.

    This is selective morality at it’s most repugnant.

    The likes of Andrew, Zack Brando, Gosman, Im Right, etc, are apologists for oppressive Zionism. They have no interest whatsoever in woman’s or LGBT rights.

    • “The likes of Andrew, Zack Brando, Gosman, Im Right, etc, are apologists for oppressive Zionism. They have no interest whatsoever in woman’s or LGBT rights.”…and what we cannot understand is WHY you lot on the left are so enamoured with Islam when they are so much against womens rights and would happily kill Gay men/women (basically anyone on your LGBT ‘list’), but I guess it will all come to a head when the rainbow faction of the left soon realise that no matter how much you help Islam/Muslims, on your blogs or keboard SJW’s, they will still happily follow the Koran and kill anyone who is not hetrosexual…simple, end of story. All you have to do is ask them if killing a gay man is acceptable as it’s in the Koran…the answer will be YES!.

      • So the Mayor of London is a man from your suggested medieval kind of Muslim background, is he? He happens to be a Muslim, and reading your comment, he may feel rather insulted.

  8. It is too late, it no longer matters about perceived justice and so, the jihadists are now in charge, the Zionists will lose, I fear, this is something I wish never happened, but we have hatred and war now all over the world, this is just the new expression of it, even the heavily militarised state of Israel will not survive this onslaught, I fear:

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