The Daily Blog Open Mic – Friday 30th September 2016




Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Just an interesting comparison of comments on Facebook advertising – I received one from the National candidate for Mt Roskill, with a petition attached to sign with regards to banning window washers at traffic lights. Out of 30 or so comments there only 1 agreeing with this idea. Most comments were: ‘aren’t there bigger issues to tackle?’
    In comparison a Greens Facebook petition on cleaning up New Zealand waterways had the majority from a 100 or so comments being positive with 7 or so negative.
    Although there will always be trolls, comments are good way to gauge a mood for something.
    I always found it interesting that one can get banned from John Keys page, simply for stating statistical facts. No wonder they squew them to make the stats look good.

  2. Don’t get the star system. Is one star for a crap posting or just a little bit good?
    Can you put an explain somewhere on the Front Page, Martyn?

  3. don’t like the star system ….it is too time consuming…makes you feel like you are marking essays but haven’t the time to read them properly

    …so thumbs down for the star system

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