Ummm, well a physical fight broke out between candidates on the floor of the debate and Chloe Swarbrick had to step in to break it up


After an hour of calm debate where those candidates the mainstream media ignore had an opportunity to explain their vision to University students, a physical altercation erupted between candidates Alezix Heneti  and David Hay which Chloe Swarbrick had to jump in between to break it up…

The entire debate will be posted up today.


  1. Great! A bit of passionate & convictions good! Shows that they’ve got feelings and are highly committed to what the believe in. What were they fighting about? A policy? A jam doughnut? Good on Chloe. 11%+ I reckon!!

  2. Well it was disappointing to not see the livestream, but this indicates it was a bit of a circus anyway what happened.

    Some of those clowns do not seem to be fit to run for Mayor anyway.

    And why do we have this strong focus on the Mayor’s job, as the Councillors to vote for are equally important?

    Nevertheless I look forward to see the whole video on this “debate”.

  3. Jesus ! That was hilarious. Who was the dude in the frock bellowing like a castrated bull? He certainly seized upon the opportunity. It was like a drunken, shouty match over who took the last saveloy at the barbi.
    Great to see some passion and determination though.

    • That was my good friend Adam Holland. Vote Adam Holland for mayor. And by the way, the fat moderator is a jackass and Chloe did not break up any fight. In fact, she assaulted Adam Holland up on stage. Can’t wait for the full clip!

  4. What a shame – that sort of behaviour tarnishes the reputations of good candidates who deserve to be heard.

  5. […] AUSA regrets the incident that occurred at the end of the Anti-Debate. This unnecessary conflict between two candidates marred an otherwise enjoyable and informative debate in which a wide range of mayoral contenders were given a platform to have their views heard. AUSA encourages peaceful and democratic resolution of all issues, and appeals to mayoral candidates to maintain a standard of behaviour expected of the Mayoralty. […]

  6. What little I saw f Chloe was pretty good. I can bench press 140 but not even would have intervened. Just wold have sat back and laughed a bit

  7. Adam Holland here (The guy dressed as a Muslim cleric)

    First of all, Chloe Swarbrick is a mess. She touched me many times during the debate out of anger, interrupted other candidates, was shrill, extremely argumentative with member of the audience and she had absolutely no business breaking up that ”fight.”

    There was yelling and screaming, nobody was in danger and really it was all just fun and games. Two angry women (Swarbrick and big orange)

    That’s the reality of the situation.
    Peace out.

    • Adam, I seriously question your perception of reality and your judgement when you think that a violent altercation is “all just fun and games”.

      It is outdated blokish views like yours that perpetuates men indulging in violence and then justifying it as “fun and games”.

      Newsflash to you, violence is not “fun and games”.

      And by the way, why do you think violence is “fun and games”, but you denigrate a woman’s speech as “shrill”? Are men “shrill” as well, or do you reserve that desparaging description for women only?

      • What the hell are you smoking Adam??????

        Auckland would be labelled an Lunatic asylum if you were Mayor,
        though tit may also be called that in a few years anyway the way its going.

      • Geez Frank, don’t lose your sense of humour. Anyway, I’m definitely gonna watch the full debate now, whenever the link appears. I’m rather amused by Bomber, he was loving it, practically egging them on.

    • What you were screaming sounds a lot like what Islamic extremists say when they have successfully killed attacked and beheaded some innocent person.
      If you behave like a nutter expect to be treated like one.

  8. Pity they could not hold it together and show up the M$M debate. This kind of blew it and defeated the purpose of having an alternative debate for the lesser known ( not wanted by big business ) candidates.
    Big shame, and hope it wasn’t a set up for the above reason in brackets.

  9. How embarassing! If this is the sort of behaviour we are to expect from so called candidates then I am afraid they do not deserve this kind of platform. It makes NZ’ers look like a pact of idiots and I only hope this is not shown abroad. At least Chloe tried to do something to calm the situation unlike the idiot with the dress. Shame on you.

  10. Well, it seems now, that this bit of a video of the “debate” by the minor candidates will then probably all we get so see of the whole event.

    I suspect Chloe was not that enthused to participate in this one show, given what happened, as the attention went away from stuff that mattered, to some bizarre grand standing and side shows by a few.

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