You won’t believe what Talley’s are doing to their workers now



The most anti-worker company in NZ, Talley’s, has managed to show their contempt for their own workforce once again in a manner which belittles…

Talley’s crew hacked off by hair shaving

Crew members from a Nelson-based Talley’s ship say they feel violated after their hair was shaved to comply with company drug-testing.

More than 12 workers allegedly had their hair chopped and sent away for testing on Thursday after P was reportedly found onboard during a recent voyage, Newshub reported.

An unnamed employee who had his hair shaved has called for Talley’s to issue an apology.

“I just want my hair sample to be destroyed and a, ‘Sorry, we messed up, we didn’t actually know it wasn’t in your contracts’.

“Quite simply, I don’t want my hair test being sent to a foreign country and tested … and the fact that we were forced to undergo a hair sample test is a bit over the top,” he told Newshub.

The man said the hair samples taken from the crew were large.
“They had to take – from memory – it was one-and-a-half inches long and it had to be the same thickness as an average straw.”

Another worker said it was “implied we’d lose our jobs” if workers refused to be tested.

…Talley’s claims this over the top reaction was because they are so focused on safety which is hilarious when you consider they had no problem sending workers into fishing ships to get poisoned or their lax attitude towards decapitation.

The less said about Talley’s using hunger as a negotiating tactic against 5000 kids in 2012 the better. and getting knighted for abuses against workers is simply too much.

This is why educated people detest Food bag using Talley’s products and why people like Rodney Hide  do not. 

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Until Talley’s respects their workers, I won’t buy Talleys and I won’t buy Food Bag.


  1. If you didn’t already know it, folks, you can show your solidarity with Talley’s workers by purchasing one of the t-shirts illustrated above from the Meat Workers’ Union.

  2. Isn’t that assault? When hair is cut or intentionally causing harm or distress to a person? Talley’s are out of control. Time for this government to go if they associate themselves with company’s like these barbarians!

  3. Boycott all Talleys products big time ! ! ! We have for a long time now.
    Thanks Martyn, workers need our support and respect even if Talley’s is out to lunch on this and other issues.
    Again — ” Profits before People ” — rears its ugly head.

    BOYCOTT T A L L E Y ‘ S ! ! – put our bucks where our hearts priorities are.

  4. Its draconian, fascist principals seen in the worst Corporate ideologies Talley’s are engaged in now and so brutal.

  5. This is fucking unbelievable??????

    Has this country returned to Victorian Times when workers were little more than slaves to the Ruling Classes???

    How this is permitted to be unchallenged boggles the mind.

    Next thing you know, the PM will think pulling a waitresses pony tail is “harmless fun”.

  6. So everyone slagging off Talleys doesn’t mind if their family members are working with co-workers on P? It’s the boat fleet employees who are getting tested. If you are not on anything then you have nothing to hide. No problem

    • I agree. And if people are so stupid to not use The Food Bag because they purchase from Talleys then what will they say when there are no jobs. Thank god the union movement in New Zealand is not what it used to be when thugs ruled the workplaces.

  7. Martyn

    I can’t see what the problem is with being subjected to a drug test? I have been a Chief Engineer on a fishing boat and I think it is a good thing to regularly have drug tests. I don’t want to work in that type of environmental with people who have drug related issues.
    Also if we boycott a New Zealand firm like Talley surely it is the workers there that will suffer first?

  8. We need to compile a list of all the products/brands that Talley’s sell. My partner is a former employee and some their products don’t carry the Talley’s brand name.

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