Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers


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As older generations struggle to deal with the untarnished manner in which younger generations can use social media to tell them how much they hate them, larger fracture lines are starting to emerge between Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials.

I think there are deep cultural issues here between Gen X and Millennials.

Living in the shadow of nuclear annihilation, Gen Xers distrust authority and always challenges it and so demand a system that is fair for everyone. They started to see the erosion of the cradle to the grave state subsidy that Boomers have enjoyed and demanded it for everyone out of solidarity and a sense of a collective enemy.

As the first user pays generation though, Precariat Millennials are fighting for change because they want what the Baby Boomers had for themselves, not because it’s a socially just thing to do. Me first cultural norms mixed with narcissistic social media has created an identity politics that is crippling in its individualism, not bonding.

Without an idealogical compass, self interest to a user pays generation becomes confused with self interest for all. No where can that be seen better than by the Spinoff’s support of Bill Ralston.

This is the legacy of 30 years of neoliberalism, this is the mythology that success is an individual pursuit that has nothing to do with the hegemonic structures of power within a society and being poor is a personal choice. This idealogical virus has infected user pays society and warped the values.

That’s not to attack Millennials with the usual ‘they are a selfish generation and blah blah blah’, they have these values because that’s what a user pays culture does.

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This all however comes to an abrupt end because of climate change. The world Millennials are inheriting from Boomers and being forced to share with Gen Xers destroys those individualistic values because co-operation is the only way we can face the challenges of climate change.


  1. OMG, this does not help. I know enough “baby boomers” who own NO home, who do not even own a car, and who are not ones that should be singled out for collective blaming.

    Same as we should not label all young generation members as the superficial and selfish lot as some like to portray them.

    There have always been generational differences, tensions and so forth, and there will always be, it is built into our genes to question and challenge what our parents did.

  2. Who cares about GenXers, Baby Boomers and whatever, the REAL BUSINESS is in this, supply meets demand at the place where it happens, surely no coincidence when it comes to the mighty Us, Oh So Bama or whosoever takes over the reign, baby:

    Who dares blame ISIS, NUSRA and FSA for the shit that goes on???

    Where is the court for the true culprits to be held?

  3. Once we have gen X and Y understand that change comes only after a physical FIGHT and system change, not by just wearing a trendy t-shirt, we may get somewhere, I am still waiting for them to wake up.

  4. nuclear annihilation of the 1970s was a better time sounds crazy but it was neoliberalism hadn’t stuffed everything.
    i don’t think its necessary the baby boomer’s who caused it but there is no doubt they have greatly benefited from the greatest mis-allocation of capital in history and be leave they are entitled they have captured power by default through generational disenfranchisement ie those bastards vote.
    Kaiser Report: The Precariat – The Dangerous New Class (E791) doctor guy standing is worth listen to it explains how we got to this point in history.

  5. Rogernomics has robbed many of the future generations of moral and political compass. They are simply brainwashed by the last 30 years ‘user pays’, individualism, lack of security which seems to have internalised into narcissistic behaviours, the consumer driven society driving consumer focused youth and not understanding the difference between making a living or selling out and dirty politics.

    Lets face it, with millions to be gained by zoning changed in the unitary plan for developers and land owners, what better way to make a profit and buy votes, by throwing some dosh at sites like Spinoff. The people running it probably can’t even see the difference and getting a media campaign going for right of centre candidates like Chloe, while endorsing Real Housewives of Auckland, win win for righties.

    Just like the Herald selling out as propaganda for the Natz and not caring about it’s declining readership, the Spinoff can exchange cash for content and the corporates can get some shiny youth PR representatives for the hungry MSM to devour like Gen zero with right wing ideas, which in some sort of rose tinted glasses the lefty oldies failed to look a bit deeper into their policies and identify their right of centre ideology.

    If you wonder why people don’t vote, it is because the candidates are all saying the same policies and sound bytes. Improve transport, have cycling and walking, more houses… unfortunately the details of PPP’s like Sky path and not charging rates for improvements on land are actually straight out of ACT and the Natz, but voter’s don’t get to that, there’s some click bait to be had about racist Auckland housewives…

  6. Great Post.

    “This all however comes to an abrupt end because of climate change. ”

    There’s nothing like a little starvation to take the shine of ones Lambo’.
    That’s why we must take care of our agricultural infrastructure and purge our farmers of Bank-mafia manipulation. I see it happening all over again. This time, wool’s getting sexed up. Again.
    Down this way certainly, beautiful and peaceful little rural towns are dying of a terrible social gangrene while Auckland’s stuffed to the gunnels with debt burdened consumer-desperadoes.

  7. “Co-operation is the only way we can face the challenges of climate change.” Who could possibly disagree. Or indeed any number of world challenges such as pollution, economic breakdown, war. Human being are by nature co-operative. Where any two or three gather together, there also you will find a society.
    The peculiar play acting of the self inventing and narcissistic individualist is the product of manipulation and design. Poor dupes and the females are the worst.

  8. ‘This all however comes to an abrupt end because of climate change.’

    Yes Martyn, it all comes to an end because of climate change. Just how abruptly the biosphere will ‘collapse’ is yet to be seen. Many, especially Guy McPherson and his acolytes, now believe climate change has ‘gone exponential’, and that self-reinforcing feedbacks will render the Earth largely uninhabitable ‘by 2030’ via multi-degree overheating.

    I’m yet to be convinced overheating can take place that quickly (the oceans are huge and there is still a lot of ice still left) and am inclined to think in terms of severe overheating and meltdown a decade or so later, i.e. by around 2040.

    The unmentioned factor of availability of fossil fuels will clearly determine how quickly industrial humans wreck the climate and how much longer present economic and social arrangements can be propped up. Bearing in mind that US [fracked] shale oil, the major factor propping the economic system up, is now in deep trouble we should anticipate mayhem fairly soon.

    The race between collapse of the energy system, collapse of the financial system and collapse of the environment is reaching its inevitable culmination, and no one is sure which will go kaput first. However, since energy and finance are closely interdependent, they will probably go down together, somewhat before climate chaos wrecks everything that is left standing: now that’s a conversation ‘no one’ wants to have.

    I continue to wonder when the myth of progress will finally be seen as a myth, and when it will be generally accepted that we have been going backwards at an ever-faster pace; clearly not this year, judging by the idiotic billboards put up by some candidates for the local election -full of aspiration, togetherness and moving forward, blah, blah, blah; and clearly not this year judging by the idiotic narratives promoted by the mainstream media. The lunatics still have ‘oil to burn’.

    • Global cooling – it’s a thing and it’s happening now. Don’t throw out your winter coats just yet.

  9. a neolib problem is they are encouraged to run up high debt student loans….which gives them an unrealistic view of life and puts them in debt for the rest of their lives ( tertiary education should be free and they should not be forced into debt for what is a right to free education)

    another neolib problem is that they are captivated by social media and materialism and technology and trivia…it has become the new “opiate of the people”

  10. One thing I tell me kids is to vote. Because if they don’t, others will decide their future for them. Yes it’s that simple.

    • And if they DO vote, others (unelected and mostly unseen) will decide the future for them. It’s that simple.

      • Maybe ? just maybe — Priss and Afewknowthetruth – it makes no difference whether one votes or not as we have seen that the elections are mostly rigged in the states and what makes us think it is not so here as well ?

        The voting process could, now, likely be a sham and controlled by those who already own most governments / the media and bring about most wars and disasters and arms sales ; weather manipulation — Haarp and on and on. They know how to create earthquakes and tsunamis so why would it be a far stretch to think that they may have the power to control elections and manipulate those as well ?

        What most of us thought was true is being proven to be not true all over the place now and many of us do not trust most that we hear and read anymore. Questioning everything is essential now.

  11. For those who know and have been waiting for sooo long: NESARA is here:
    We are about to witness massive change around the earth as the Babylonian money system designed for proverty, endless wars and futile deaths is banished into the pits of hell.

  12. Lemmings come to mind when I think of the NZ public’s love affair with materialism , paper wealth and John Key…

    You can warn them until your blue in the face ( and some are more blue than others ) but by then the momentum is in full flight and over the cliff they go…

    And the sad thing?… there will be no one left to pick up the pieces when it happens.

    And all the wealth in the world isnt going to save you when that day comes.


  13. Your style of writing has become quite aggressive as of late. I feel as though you are trying to divide us when that’s what the forces against radical change wants to prevent.

    I take issue with you trying to put everyone into boxes as being born 1988 I am nether a boomer gen x or millennial. I am now at the age where my viewpoints and ideas for change should be given serious weight and consideration, instead we are ignored.

  14. The baby boomer generation were going to be the ones that saved the world, peace love and rock n roll man. The summer of love gradually turned to autumn, those hippies, mods, rebels got families, homes and mortgages, shares and stocks. They and every generation i belive go through a similar process, intially rebelling, challenging then stockpiling, divesting, investing. Gen X gen Y are a little threatened by the digital natives -the millenials. People are always say ‘the kids’ these days are so connected. But every generation has their cultural connection the war, rock and roll, TV, computers, cellphones, the online world. As for the climate, environment if they can’t see it, spend it, invest in it, it’s someone else’s problem. Every generation disappoints the previous generation because the baton is clumsily passed.

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