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  1. More corruption associated with this John Key Nactional Government

    ‘Chinese tour drivers had no licences, police allege’

    ‘A 50 tonne bomb on the road fully loaded’ – alleged licence scam extends to truck drivers’

    This while young New Zealanders struggle to get their drivers licenses ….the fees are exorbitant for a young person or a working class family….and the testing is very very rigorous

    …three levels of competency for a NZ drivers license

    ( which many young New Zealanders can’t complete for lack of money or for failing the tests which are nit-picking in the extreme)

    1) theoretical knowledge of driver safety and road rules

    2) learner licence..practical skills 6 months only driving with a licensed adult

    3.) restricted license…can only drive by oneself or with a passenger with a license

    4.) final full license ( very hard for a young New Zealander to get and many don’t)

    ….and to be without a licence is often to be without work and education opportunities in many cases

    ….condemning young New Zealanders to desperation, alcohol and drugs …the scrap heap Jonkey kindly talks about

    (Bus driving in New Zealand should only be by New Zealanders…We should not be exporting our tourism jobs to Chinese or other foreigners who are unqualified…especially when New Zealanders are unemployed)

  2. HELEN CLARK drops another place in her bid for the UN Head Honchess.
    It hasn’t YET dawned on her team that the lobbying by ideologically driven muppets (John Key, McMuff et al) are a big part of the problem.
    Although sleepy hobbits in backwater NuZull, and their MSM cheerleaders, the rest of the world actually KNOW what a knock-kneed, flabby, BS Artist Emperor-with-no-clothes, ideologically-driven neo-liberal Dear Leader Nu Zull has.
    The hope is that she’ll ‘come through the middle’ and triumph. If that does happen it’ll be down to shear luck.
    But then it’s what happens when you corrupt experienced career diplomats with failed muppet politicians on their retirement plan. Indeed it’s what happens when almost an entire public service gets corrupted.
    I think her chances would have been better if John Key and his ‘mates’ had kept themselves well out of the picture.
    I get amused when Dear Leader parades himself across the media with comments on everything, as though some sort of “spert on fawn fairs” (going forward).
    There was once a great commentary by Michael Field on JFK’s Pacific competencies a decade ago – it was very prophetic. In short the now apparent ‘spert’ on all & everything concerning the Pissufuk amounted (at best) being able to spot the ‘oils’ on a flight from Nu Zull to WhyHee.

    The rest of the world KNOWS Helen’s lobbyists don’t ekshully give a fuck about human rights, OR global warming, OR the plight of refugees, OR the economy, OR the relative position of the ‘99%’. (Her drop in position today is verification of that).
    Btw – does anyone know if H2 still figures in the putcha? or is she sailing solo?
    Good Luck Helen, but you’re pushing shit uphill. The mistake you’ve made was hitching your wagon to buffoons and bullshit artists whose only substance is the very same unadulterated crap and kaka that’s affecting Hawke’s Bay’s water supply.

    It’s not going to be long before I hear another Hardtalk coming on.
    Plus those bloody natives really are getting restless!

  3. Love it @ oncewastim – I roll my eyes every time I hear/read on the radio/TV/paper ‘John Key says…blah blah blah about EVERY TOPIC’. Seriously, The man knows s**t about anything!
    They say a government is usually voted out, as opposed to a new one voted in. Let this be the case in 2017 – come on NZ the joke is over!

  4. Key’s kiss of death of Helen Clark as she is stuffed too now.

    “you are judged by the company you keep” is most fitting there.

    Anyone who goes near him is spoiled and soiled. Helen should have known better poor girl.

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