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  1. The Hillary Report

    ‘#HackingHillary: Coughing fit causes concern over Clinton’s health, sparks sarcastic viral hashtags’

    “The hashtags for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and VP pick Tim Kaine sound like a pediatrician’s superheros: #HackingHillary and #CoughDropMan. After Clinton suffered two coughing fits, though, they’re being used to question her health.

    From concussions to coughing, Clinton has long been dogged by concerns over her health, and whether it will prevent her from being an effective leader in the White House. On Monday, those questions again came to the forefront of the election cycle after she suffered two coughing fits on the campaign trail…

    ‘Universal bogeyman’

    “Turning reality on its head. Candidate Hillary Clinton claims the woes of the world are due to a vast alt-right conspiracy – and it is run out of Moscow. The fact is Western elites are in a panic. Publics and audiences around the world are no longer convinced by the messages propagated by the corporate mainstream media.

    CrossTalking with Matthew Gordon-Banks, Gilbert Doctorow, and Earl Rasmussen.”

    ‘Bullhorns revolt’

    “Candidate Clinton’s extended spin of American exceptionalism. Also, have we witnessed a soft unconstitutional coup in Brazil? More on the shifting sands in Syria. Plus, the G-20 confab.

    CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Mark Sleboda, and Alexander Mercouris.”

    • Afewknowthetruth

      We are headed fast to destruction now and the last boat has left so we are about to be overcome by elements we cannot handle.

      Even the us as having earthquakes never felt before so rising of the earths surface plates is now about to consume all that live on the earths surface.


    Following the recent shocking news about 1080 drops into the streams that flow into Lake Taupo, this info from an OIA request is very interesting. Now would you not, with that many precious and rare native birds, be testing as to HOW they died? You surely would not just presume, pests? And would you not actually TEST for poison, any poison?

    Not long ago we posted an article on DOC’s failure to show one endangered species in recovery, in spite of $3.5 BILLION being spent! That’s a large sum of money to just shrug your shoulders at. There needs to be some accountability. People are asking questions and rightly so.

    These Kiwis were only the tagged ones too, so the numbers may well be just the tip of the iceberg!

  3. Two important books on the subject that came out this year are by British marxists John Smith and Tony Norfield. Tony looks mainly at finance and the world imperialist system while John looks at the imperialist domination and exploitation of the Third World.

    John Smith is interviewed here:

    Tony Norfield is interviewed here:

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