Last Waatea 5th Estate for 2016 tonight – political wrap of 2016 + 2017 predictions


Joining us tonight to wrap the political year for our final show of 2016…

Deputy Mayor of the Auckland SuperCity – Penny Hulse

National Secretary of Unite Union – Mike Treen

The co-leader of the Maori Party – Marama Fox

and the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and spokesperson for Finance – Grant Robertson

This is our final show, after 7 glorious months. A massive thank you to Andy at Face TV, the Face TV crew, Will and Andy from Slipstream, our amazing producer and host Claudette, Willie Jackson of course and all our guests and commentators. Thanks also to our sponsors, the Aotearoa Credit Union and Voyager Internet.

Willie and I came up with this project because we couldn’t believe the diabolical level of debate from Seven Sharp and Story. In our 7 months we have done more public interest broadcasting than Story and Seven Sharp combined.

We believe a democracy is only as strong as its media and if you are only hearing one side of the story then you have a one eyed electorate.

We have a funding application in with NZ on Air – so we hope to see you next year as the election campaign heats up.

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Thank you panelists, thank you whanau for watching, we hope to see you next year.

It’s been a privilege.


  1. “Willie and I came up with this project because we couldn’t believe the diabolical level of debate from Seven Sharp and Story”.

    I cant watch that seven sharp/story stuff bit makes me sick.

    Bring back Waatea 5th estate. – set up “Give a little”

  2. Martyn i am going to miss my nightly Waatea, fix where did the 7 months go.
    The only real life current affairs show in town and the country.
    I hope in the interests of the truth and democracy and informing the electorate you will be considered for NZ on air funding for next year.
    Its vital we have this forum going into the general election campaign next year and with the money you could advertise the show to reach a wider audience i appreciate it must be hard trying to put this together on a shoe string.
    Thanks for your excellent input and the contributions of the many guests and for shinning a light on the issues that otherwise are ignored deliberately by the MSM with government approval.
    I will miss the infamous Friday night wrap.
    “The best political panel on television”… no doubt there.

    • Beautifully said Mosa, I second that!! Thank you Martyn Bradbury, Willy Jackson, Claudette Hauiti and fellow colleagues and crew for an outstanding show. I, like so many others, will be waiting anxiously for your return.

  3. Hey where did you guys go. Is it funding no NZ on Air for you guys??
    Come back quickly please. At least daily blog still going aye.

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