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The organizer of a protest against Australia’s offshore detention camps is pleased by last evening’s breaking news that Wilson Security will cease operating the camps once their existing contract runs out, but says public pressure must continue to be applied and the Saturday protest will go on.

Activist Julia Schiller has renamed the Newmarket protest rally “Close the Camps, Australia” in order to attract support from individuals and organizations who may have been hesitant to join in the call for a boycott of Wilson Parking.

“Although boycotting a company implicated in human rights abuses remains a viable tactic, Wilson’s announcement can be used to increase the pressure on the Australian government itself, to do the right thing, close the camps, and process asylum seekers itself, in an efficient, humane and transparent fashion,” said Schiller. “This is not work that should be contracted out for profit.”

The Australian activist group Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizen’s Alliance (WACA) intends to proceed with its own nationwide protests on Saturday. The Auckland event is meant to demonstrate solidarity from New Zealand with these efforts. WACA demands an immediate closure of the camps, with Wilson Security held to account for the human rights abuses it is accused of committing.

According to a media release dated September 1, 2016, Wilson intends to serve out the remaining 13 months of their sub-contract; “Wilson Security has carried out its contractual obligations to the best of its ability and takes pride in its performance.”

Those wishing to join in to demand the closure of the camps and express their distaste for the Wilson Offshore Group’s role are invited to gather with placards for the protest rally at 1:00 pm on Saturday, September at Lumsden Green, a public park at Broadway and Khyber Pass in Newmarket, just down the road from one of Wilson’s many parking garages.

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  1. So if they close the camps, what alternative are you proposing?

    Sink the ships?

    Invite a billion Indonesians and Pakistanis to live in Australia?

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