Another example of Police whitewashing – green light for suicide by cop


Another day and another reminder of the power of the Police.

We are an authority worshipping culture. Our colonial conscience remembers the injustice of stealing indigenous land and allows us to turn a blind eye when the mounted constabulary use tactics and force well above what are required.

Pakeha society can look the other way when cops bash those we know have a good reason to resent our presence because that’s easier than just acknowledging past wrongs and working today to right them.

So anytime the Police over step the mark, be it their ‘unconscious’ bias towards Maori, be it bashing people up, be it sado-masochistic rape clubs in the 1980s, be locking innocent people up, be it illegally spying on people, be it rigging statistics, be it breaking the law to entrap people – the NZ Public nod, wink and look the other way.

The latest whitewash from the IPCA – suicide by cop is fine…

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Myers Park fatal police shooting justified – IPCA

Police were justified in fatally shooting David Cerven in Auckland’s Myers Park last year, the Independent Police Conduct Authority says.

…another example of Cops rushing in guns drawn and then having no other option but shot to kill.

Everyday we seem to slip closer to the American policing culture of ‘respect my authority’ style aggression.


  1. Yeah, police were in real a rush to shoot him… They spent 10 minutes on the phone with him asking him nicely to walk into the central police station. The first officers to speak to him didn’t even have a Taser! It took 25 minutes to get armed police to him, one minutes drive from the main police station in our largest city.

    • “We are an authority worshipping culture.”

      Not my family as I come from a proud independent family culture that doesn’t believe in authority because who gave “THEM” the authority over us all?

      You never sign anything before you pass it by a lawyer as many harmless forms include almost hidden agreements that make you unwittingly sign you as agreeing that others own you or have rights over you.

  2. Total fuckup-on-purpose.
    Like the IPCA report on Steven Wallace.
    Unarmed. Disturbed. A history of self-harm.
    Cops casually left their tasers and torches in the car.
    They guy wanted to die so they put him out of his misery.
    All in a lazy dark nights work.
    No way in a civilised society was this suicide by cop justified.

  3. All this no longer surprises me, as it is mostly the police itself, that do the “investigation” when the IPCA launches an investigation. I know of cases also, where the police lied or otherwise covered up, to protect themselves, and presented BS reports back to the IPCA.

    New Zealand is not as “un corrupt” as most believe, there is heaps of dirty deals going on behind the scenes, I have little faith in “watch dogs” no2.

    Just like our Health and Disability Commissioner, recommending more “training” and an apology, after medical malpractice resulted in a patient’s death.

    That happens all the time, my dear friends, ALL these so called “watch dogs” are a total farce.

    A not quite so serious case, but nevertheless:

    Read this also:

    • Thanks for mentioning that Mike. I agree about the HDC.

      Institutional justice has never looked anything like “real” “objective” justice. They’re all sucking at the teet of those in power; and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be in the job.

      IMHO we must walk away from institutional justice and create our own institutions based on unconditional support for the victims, and to oppose the conventional hierarchy. The mainstream institutions are just a distraction to keep sleepy hobbits under the illusion that “everything’s OK”.

  4. Nothing corrupts Police and Due Process like a war on a plant and who might like it. A Police and Political agency (Justice, Corrections, Customs etc) that fosters conflict ‘without resolve’ predicated on those who disobey, feeding MSM characterized as social pariahs and likely armed.

    It came to pass on a Napier hill one day.

    As it did in Phillipstown, but we have to ask, Would Len Snee be cellebrating a Spring Fathers Day if we had listened too repeated Select Committee and Law Commission advisories, or the ‘Anderton All Drug Solution’ adopted on Good Friday back in 2005, a ‘ partial prohibition’ just like Helen Clark’s last act as PM, to direct her Caucus to the smartest law change ‘by Order in Council’ of them all…

    NZ’s world class, never found wanting Health (and Wellbeing) “Restricted Substances Regulations” of 2008.

    This rights based crucial adjustment became ‘the rule of law’ the very day John Key became Right & Honorable.

    [and Helen would have been #1 for Gen Secy! for the ‘Sustainable Development’ initiative.]

  5. If nothing else, it will give National a solution to reducing unemployment, while simultaneously giving people a permanent home. The Police could double as a real estate agency to bolster income: “Tired of renting and/or sharing? Charming hillside property in a quiet semi-urban community. Plenty of trees and flowers, your loved ones are sure to want to visit. Literally the last time you’ll need to find a place to call your own.”

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