Waatea 5th Estate – who is to blame for housing crisis – Helen or John?



Join us to discuss who is to blame for the Housing Crisis….

The youngest Auckland Mayoralty Candidate – Chloe Swarbrick

General Secretary of First Union – Robert Reid

The housing spokesperson for Labour – Phil Twyford

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Political Scientist and commentator – Dr Bryce Edwards


  1. Bryce Edwards must be really worried about John Key and his national government, this time he didn’t even try to hide his true blue colours on this show. Being a political scientist he came across as an apologists for Key and the Nats. it was embarrassing and pathetic to say the lest.

  2. I like Robert Reid, always enjoy listening to what he has to say and I always find myself in agreement. Phil Twyford is always good and very informative. I always learn something new. Chloe Swarbrick is so impressive and no matter what happens in the mayoralty race, she is going to be a good force in NZ politics. She is the kind of person we need.

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