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    “New Zealand First has already started staking out seriously strong territory on Law And Order.

    National knows this. National are scared.

    They are therefore seeking to ‘head us off at the pass’, and take the wind out of our sails on this issue by attempting to ‘claim’ it for themselves.”

    Winston is vital to any win we seek so using Winston to pressure the National Party is always very effective as it has been demonstrated back as far as 1992 and thelate 90’s.

    Curwen’s article arguing for Winston’s effectiveness appears to be winning in our fight for restoration of our broken East coast Rail services, after National destroyed a section of it by stealing the track funds for his Auckland rail four years ago.

    So after Winston came to large public gathering in Gisborne in 2014 & spoke how his party will restore our rail to the crowd that loudly applauded him, and the event was mentioned in the press as “Winston is pledging to fight for Napier Gisborne rail” later this showed Government are now afraid of what Winston will do to damage National’s Ann Tolley’s chances here as Gisborne’s sitting National MP, who was in favour of rail and now has refused to re-instate our rail.

    But now finally the word is that the Minister of transport has signed a agreement to allow Kiwirail to provide some limited service for log freight to Wairoa short of Gisborne ( They still won’t fix the part to Gisborne) under a Regional Government deal for almost $6 million cost to local Government, so we are shown again that Winston can pressure the Nat’s to get off their bums and deal with communities when they persist, but we have warning, as National approval of this is yet to be announced.

    National are setting all these possible scenario’s up as “insurance” come election time if the polls sag and they need a lift, so they are slimy operators clearly.

    So big ticket items such as Transport and Police have become strange bed fellows it seems.

    But everyone in HB/Gisborne deeply distrust national now over this so Winston must return to discuss rail soon again now two years later, so we are asking for him to come back to a Rail Forum in October before the parliament closes down in November for the year.

    Winston is vital for us all to pressure the National Government, as always it has been demonstrated.

    We are wise to keep Winston.

  2. ‘Wave of terror’

    “Some are calling 2016 the ‘year of terror’. The recent spate of violence and death has been roundly condemned – this is as it should be. What to do about it is an entirely different question. Does the West have a double standard on what terrorism means?

    CrossTalking with Adel Darwish, Catherine Shakdam, and Max Abrahms.”

    ‘China vs lawfare’

    “An international tribunal in The Hague has ruled overwhelmingly against China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. Beijing not only rejects this ruling, it even refused to participate in this case. Is this using lawfare to contain China?

    CrossTalking with Wang Guan, John Feffer and Daniel Wagner.”

    • First question would be why should i have sympathy for that female idiot??

      I am happy for anyone to have what ever stuck to the dashboard of their car.

      If you are a paying passenger in the car, or a passenger at all and the car is not yours, but you still decide to ride in it YOU DO NOT HAVE AN OPINION ON DECORATION.

      A paying passengers opinion is relegated to asking the driver to stop driving dangerously or general conversation.

      The driver was professional throughout the video, she just sounded like some sort of idiot who would watch the umpteenth version of “the real house wives of ……”

      To be offended by a doll implies to me she has public self esteem that is rice paper thin.

      She sounds like the kind of muppert who will blindly walk out into traffic because it she thinks cars should stop for her.

      Pretty sure she hasn’t even left the town where her mummy dropped her out in


    News Flash: Political opposition to Fracking galvanizes in Australia

    August 30, 2016 in -Mailing List, Miscellaneous by EMFacts

    From the ABC online, August 30, 2016
    Victorian unconventional gas exploration ban to end fracking and CSG extraction


    The Victorian Government is introducing legislation to permanently ban exploration and development of unconventional gas in the state, including coal seam gas and fracking.
    Key points:

    Legislation will permanently ban development, production of all unconventional gas in Victoria
    Moratorium on conventional gas extraction to be extended until 2020
    Government says ban will protect Victoria’s agriculture sector

    The legislation — the first of its kind in Australia — will be introduced into State Parliament later this year.

    Premier Daniel Andrew said the ban would protect the reputation of Victoria’s agriculture sector and alleviate farmers’ concerns about environmental and health risks associated with hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking.

    “We’ve listened to the community and we’re making a decision that puts farmers and our clean, green brand first,” he said.

    The legislation will also extend the moratorium on conventional onshore gas until 2020, but offshore gas exploration and development will continue.

    The Government said the decision, which responds to a parliamentary inquiry, acknowledged the risks involved outweighed any potential benefits.

    The inquiry last year failed to reach a consensus on whether to implement a temporary or permanent ban on the sector, instead recommending further studies be undertaken, including a review into the potential human health impacts.

    Read the full article here

    AND from ABC Rural, August 29, 2016:

    Landslide victory for NT Labor brings moratorium on fracking, water licence review


    Hydraulic fracturing and water policy were among the key issues for regional voters as they delivered a landslide election to the Northern Territory Labor Party at the weekend.

    Media player: “Space” to play, “M” to mute, “left” and “right” to seek.
    Audio: Tom Stockwell, Shenal Basnayake and Matthew Doman speak about the election result. (ABC Rural)

    The CLP Government was dramatically removed with Labor winning many seats, particularly in regional areas.

    Labor had promised a moratorium on fracking until it could hold an independent review of the controversial shale oil and gas extraction method.

    Chief Minister-elect Michael Gunner said given the strong support his party received from bush voters, the moratorium would proceed and compensation not offered to explorers.

    “I’ve had plenty of conversations with industry and compensation is not on the table,” Mr Gunner said.

    “When you take an exploration licence you take it for what you do with the exploration, there’s no guarantee beyond that of activity so compensation isn’t on the table as part of our discussions.”
    First indication of timeframe for policy

    Mr Gunner said a decision on the future of fracking in the NT would be made in this term of government.


    Read the full article here

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