The Spinoff’s first great victory in their Unitary Plan war on blah blah – where’s Patrick Reynolds now?


Remember Blue-Green Hipster copyright for cash site The Spinoff’s declaration of war to get through the Unitary Plan?

Wasn’t it wonderful?

Word for word regurgitation for the Government’s ridiculous supply, supply, supply mantra.

Well it passed despite those of us involved with homelessness and desperate overcrowding pointing out that this Unitary Plan is really just a wet dream for Developers and won’t do a thing to help the poor get into a home.

How wrong us detractors were.

The Unitary Plan hasn’t just done nothing for the poor, it’s actually helped kill off any attempt to build affordable houses…

Developers walk away from fast-track process as Auckland house prices top $1m

Property developers are quitting planned Auckland building projects which would have locked them into building affordable homes as Auckland’s average house price prepares to hit the $1 million mark.

Housing Minister Nick Smith told the Herald on Sunday that landowners in five Special Housing Areas (SHAs) had decided not to proceed under the previous fast-track process, which would have required 10 per cent of housing to be affordable.

The developers have instead opted to use provisions under the newly approved Unitary Plan which does not have the same affordable housing rule.

Well, well, well.

Where’s fucking Patrick Reynolds now? Where’s all those blue-green millennials complaining that their Unitary Plan has stopped Special Housing Areas going ahead?

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Popped over to Transport Blog, nothing there…

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…and at The Spinoff where the war for Auckland was started…

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…it’s all quiet on the Western front – no mention there either of the Unitary Plan killing off Special Housing Areas .

The reality is that the Unitary Plan is and always was a war of privilege between the haves and want mores, this is not a fight between the haves and have nots. In one corner the rich baby boomer property speculators are fighting the Unitary Plan to keep their privilege, in the other corner blue-green millennials who want the privilege they feel they’ve been denied led the fight for it.

As for the poor, screw them. This housing crisis has been stolen by rich people.

The Unitary Plan will not build houses for first time home owners, it builds houses so baby boomers and blue-green millennials can fight over how many houses they want to speculate with.

Meanwhile, homelessness and those who are young, poor and brown don’t even get the crumbs off the table.

The simple truth is that only a political revolution akin to Bernie Sanders is going to change NZs addiction with property. Most of our MPs are property speculators and their vested interests won’t and can’t be changed.


  1. “Most of our MPs are property speculators and their vested interests won’t and can’t be changed.”

    This is Key’s only way to get elected now so if he gets in again then you will see the housing bubble blowout with another speculative blowout to the point of no return until 30%+ of all property will be “BANK REPO’S” I have seen this happen in Florida and Toronto in 1987 and 1992.

    Pure property speculation to bring down another bank disaster as we saw in 2006/8, that will happen yet again.

  2. Let us rename the once upon a time not so bad “transportblog” to be called the “transport-flog(a dead horse)”.

    Patrick is pro laissez faire, he loves to dream and think that entrepreneurs with great ideas and a flair for “design” can solve all the housing issues we have.

    Add one Ben Ross to the equation, another fan of stacking apartments as high as they can go into the sky, and let Generation Zero (Vision) embrace them both, they can continue dreaming until their times will be up.

    Under this government “affordable” housing is a million a piece in Auckland under current market conditions, as Nick (the Dick) Smith repeated on the Nation, getting even Pat Gower steaming under his collar.

    Oh no, we cannot have prices drop, as thousands of “hard working” and “saving” Kiwis will go into negative equity, because they miscalculated and bought at the most expensive time.

    Yep, those voters that Nats love to flirt with, they now hold them by the collar, do not build too much to crash the market. As for the developers, they just follow their usual instincts and self interest, can we blame them?

  3. So true! Sick of Putrick Reynolds rich middle aged whitemans crap. Gave up on Transportblog a few years ago. Seems like a small group of rich white men tickling Green-blue lackies.

  4. Totally agree with the write off of the Spinoff and Patrick Reynolds who seemed like an arrogant F%%k.

    But blaming boomers and home owners for the unitary plan is completely wrong. They were against it!! Remember they were branded the NIMBYs, that the hipsters like Patrick and the ‘experts’ cough cough from Auckland Council liked to put down. You know Nimby’s were the people who live in Auckland and pay rates. Well obviously you pretend to listen, go through the process and then disregard everything they say.

    Nope the unitary plan was like ACT policy which used to get 5% max of votes being rebranded under the National party and now gets 48% of the votes. i.e. a minority becoming victorious by taking over another brand and mimicking other groups. i.e. Asian leaders and developers teaming up with Gen zero and Transport Blog to deliver a blow job for Developers, speculators and immigrants but pretending it was for the poor. Ha ha.

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