Of course the Housing Crisis requires a state of emergency



As The Daily Blog first suggested several months ago, the Housing Crisis needs to be declared as a state of emergency…

Call for state of emergency on homelessness

The party’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford said homelessness had reached an unprecendented crisis point and decisive intervention was needed.

Mr Twyford said just as in a natural disaster, declaring a state of emergency would galvanise resources and the political will to fix the problem.

The latest figues from an independent Otago study into homelessness show 41,000 people have no home and are living in cars, garages, caravan parks and on the street.

…we need to send in the Army to put up tents, large cooking facilities and sanitation. We then need to send in NGOs like AAAP, CPAG and the Salvation Army because people in poverty are terrified of WINZ, CYFs and Housing NZ.

If it was 41 000 white people who were homeless, we would have solved this by now.


  1. This is National at it’s worst, as first they create this housing shortage by closing down many state houses and sell them off cheap to all their mates for “land banking or demolishing and then only build new million dollar homes for the rich, so we now have a housing crisis.

    Sorry but I am shocked that the navel gazing media are deflecting this tragedy and corralling the MSM under their Minister of Propaganda and now SS Joyce is using other issues to flood the press with trifle.


    So we do need to have Labour/greens/NZ First and Mana to band together and seize our half of our voting block of half the RNZ/TVNZ to control the only opposition voice we will have to truly “tell the other side of the news as fact and not fictional rubbish” SO THE VOTERS CAN REALLY SEE AND HEAR THE FACTS OF HOW BAD THE GOVERNMENT REALLYN IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.’

    • The MSM did first raise the issues with homeless sleeping outside and in cars, which was a refreshing new development. But as we now have the 24 hour newscycle constantly feeding new topics into the newsrooms (incl. many press releases by government, banks, other businesses and at times opposition parties), the MSM never stay on topic for all that long, and move on.

      Then it is back to celebrity news, to crime, weather, sports and what else there is, that retired grannies and middle class suburban dwellers like to distract themselves with. Forget not the tendency to patriotic “news” and wins or losses of the All Blacks (utmost importance).

      So indeed, the only station that really bothers reporting most stuff somewhat less emotively and instead objectively is RNZ, which is only listened to by ten to thirteen percent of the population.

      With that we have a massive challenge, to change public perception. I wish it was as easy as you suggest, CLEANGREEN, but we definitely need the opposition to work together on this, and be ever so more vocal, tell people like Paul Henry even, what a “dick” he is at times.

    • The govt has no business being landlords.

      Private enterprise are better landlords and it doesn’t cost the tax-payer any money for upkeep.

      Sell off all state houses and when the wealth from a revised tax system after the election is implemented, ordinary New Zealanders will have all the money they need to pay private landlords a fair and just rental.

      Vote ACT for better housing, run by the right people.

      • The ACT Party has no business in being in politics, as politics is better done by representatives that are voted in by the people. A party that only get a half percent in the polls, and no more than one percent in the polls cannot be a party of the people, it is a one percent party, of the elite, and therefore has NO right to talk about standing for “the people”.

        And as the people need houses, they have every right to vote for representatives who will decide, whether the government will ALSO be a landlord, besides of private landlords, as in a true democracy representation will deliver what the people want and need, or the representatives will sooner or later be turned into another one percent party.

        Take a lesson from that, dear Mr See No More.

  2. This government will only declare a state of emergency if there would indeed be a housing price bubble bursting, and sending many recent buyers into negative equity territory.

    They will do all to rescue them, stuff the homeless and the poor. Bailouts for debt ridden home buyers would be on the agenda, I have not one bit of doubt about that prospect.

  3. “If it was 41 000 white people who were homeless, we would have solved this by now.”

    Just out of interest – how many white people, black people, Asian people, and the other ‘Non-Maori’ ARE homeless?

    Not quite the old ‘racist’ thing but definitely skating the edges, eh? Heading into parochialism, perhaps.

    • Colour has nothing to do with it Andrea. Epsom has no problem with white or coloured people having houses to own and rent. Epsom is the archetype and even nirvana for all New Zealand.

      Private landlords, doing the best job for tenants in a fair market, unsullied by communistic practices of government and local councils.

      You’ve only got to look at Christchurch mayoral hopeful John Minto’s promise to provide state housing, to see socialism at its worst. And who will pay, Christchurch ratepayers for warped focus on trying to do what private enterprise does best.

      Housing should be in the hands of private owners, for a fairer New Zealand.

      • Epsom is the “Nirvana” for rich pricks, not for all New Zealanders, as rick pricks are only a tiny percentage of New Zealanders. While not all Epsonites are rich pricks, they do though tend to be rather keen on gated communities, high fences and so forth, I noticed, living right next to Epsom.

        If it was the “nirvana” for all New Zealanders, tear the fences down, open your gates, and invite the people in the parks and caravans and garages in Mangere, Manurewa and Otara to come and join you, allowing them to sleep on your couches, set up caravan or tents in your driveways and frequent your deluxe eateries in nearby Newmarket to share the fine wine and dinner at the luxury meal tables, face to face.

        I never see that happen though, have you just made all that up, David See No More?

  4. As I have said many times before, there is no housing crisis. Epsom has no problem with housing for the people who can afford to buy here and rent here. So, why can’t we have that same model applied to all suburbs What makes Epsom different, are the priorities they put on spending.

    If the rest of New Zealand got on with working and paying their bills, and stopped carping on about housing, instead of spending money on cigarettes, Sky, UFC and KFC, there would be no problem, nothing to see here move on!

    If there is a perceived problem, then just vote ACT at the next election, and ACT will fix it by introducing 20-20-20% GST / Business/ Personal tax solution.

    At some stage there needs to be some personal buy-in to what ACT and its coalition parties of National, United Future and he Maori Party are trying to achieve here. Full employment, houses for everyone, and a limited safety net for those who fall through the cracks of your so-called “neoliberal scourge”

    Time for a reality check people! Time for a party vote for ACT – and before you get all hot under the collar, party, means “political party” not the chance to smoke illegal substances and play rap music, where the only thing missing off the rap music, is the “c” in front of the rap. (sorry peoples, I couldn’t help making a Dad joke!).

    • Wait and come back, and read my comment that will show up tomorrow, just above, as you make stuff up, same as that rick prick PM living in a mansion with a pool in St Stephen’s Ave in Parnell.

      Stop talking such nonsense, Mr See No More.

  5. I was in Tauranga last weekend looking at buying property. In all we saw more than a dozen houses, most of which were renters and the owners were selling out.

    On Monday we received emails from the agents following up with the documentation and some of these properties were accompanied by documentation showing a positive P test which would necessitate stripping the wall board, ceiling board, insulation, carpets and curtains. Cost for this is what? $50K?

    A friend tells me South Auckland is full of this problem too.

    Now I understand why these landlords wanted out so badly. Consider this when bleating on about poorly insulated houses and the unavailability of rental accommodation.

    • And Andrew laughs, hah, I just made that up, and posted it on TDB, hahaha.

      P contamination, yeah right, mostly BS exaggerations, which most landlords know by now, so you blame that for the speculators buying homes all over the show?

      Something does not add up, Andrew.

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