NZers need to understand National doesn’t care about homelessness or housing affordability



What consistently gets missed in the on going arguments about the Hoising Crisis is that National have no interest whatsoever in solving the problem.

The grossly over inflated housing prices that are now nearing $1million are caused and created by National’s free market love affair with cheap immigration scams and ruthless speculators. The grossly inflated property prices ensured NZers voted for Key in 2014 despite mass surveillance lies and dirty politics and it keeps GDP prices looking plump.

National will not allow house prices to fall. Ever, and when you look at homelessness, National’s draconian welfare reforms and privatisation of state houses has led directly to the increase in our homelessness levels.

NZers voted for this in 2014, and it’s those middle class property National voting speculators who now suddenly want to be part of the solution?

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Fuck them and their privilege.

Capital gains taxes, 30 000 new state houses, 100 000 new affordable homes and a total ban on non-citizens buying houses. These are the solutions, and we will only see them post 2020 when Gen X and Gen Y become a larger voting block than the boomers.


  1. It’s not just National. Just about everyone is LYING by saying it is purely a supply problem. They are doing exactly nothing to address the demand – largely driven by speculators and foreign investment – both of which can be trivially ended with legislation (a total ban on foreign buyers combined with a rise of interest rates and/or a capital gains tax would do the trick imo). Even the supply can be addressed to some extent by forcing the owners of the 33,000 “ghost houses” to either rent or sell their properties to people that actually want to live in them.
    The fact that none of this happening means Bomber is exactly right to think that the government, the banks, or the owners are going to do anything about the housing crisis is a a pure pipe dream.

    • Correct Nitrium greed besets greed so as soon as these speculators taste greed they are corrupted and gone to key’s lot.

      It is just a rort to get folks buying into speculation simple as that.

    • Growth for growth’s sake is the first principle this government sticks to. And if there is little quality growth in the economy (i.e. more productivity through smarter, more sophisticated products and services being produced in a smart manner), then the next best thing is letting immigration and foreign investment continue, no matter what.

      So we have developers, speculators, investors all rubbing their hands, and new migrants come every day, increasing Auckland’s population, to some degree the rest of New Zealand (on top of natural growth).

      More consumers, more willing workers, more business investors, and some growth is created due to that, but GDP per capital only increased by half of a percent over last year or so.

      For the individual it means NO improvement, stagnation, and also more pressures on housing and incomes (wages).

      If only the average citizen would finally realise this and vote accordingly, but then even Labour is careful not to sound and appear “xenophobic”, i.e. too intent on capping immigration.

      And with needs for more infrastructure, housing, health services, education, social services and so on, we will all have to pay more in the future anyway, no gains at all, I reckon.

  2. Milnes article outraged me. Don’t blame anyone, especially the bunch of crooks in this government. Fuck off Jonathan Milne, National are very responsible for this disaster and deserved to punished for the misery they have and are creating. Cut the propaganda, who wrote this shit, David Farrar?

    But lets look at Nationals failure list on housing, or successes if you are a National insider;

    Special Housing Areas. Cemeteries, non governmental land, probably the odd roundabout and cliff faces, what a poor joke. Few houses built with developers now pulling out of the meager few they committed to because Nationals approved Auckland Unitary Plan has done away with the need for SHA’s. To rub salt into the wound Nick Smith now claims this monumental failure always had a temporary shelf life. What fucking ever!

    Brightline test. God knows who gave it that meaningless name but 2 years was never ever going to be long enough and Key knew it. It did nothing.

    Minimum 20% deposit before a loan is approved. All it did and all it was probably meant to do was it took the “muppets” out of the market, that is first home buyers as one investor referred to people unfortunate enough to be born at a time that later in life aligned itself with the Key government being elected.

    IRD numbers for foreign buyers. The trouble with Nationals version of that is it didn’t include foreign buyers, you know the ones, students, work visa holders, property transfers, basically 40% of all buyers that is.

    None of this is an accident nor is it poor planning, it was a cruel charade to keep Nationals pollsters calm. But the victims of this government hidden policies and it’s voter base are piling up with each day that passes. And National have proven beyond a doubt they’re beholden only to big money, not New Zealanders!




  4. Not only that.. I am a Boomer, and i have always voted against neo-liberal greed, except for that one time when i foolishly voted for Lange instead of Muldoon whom I detested. But you are now pissing me off, Martyn. Look at your own generation, and the younger ones. THEY are the ones also voting for National. They vote National just as much as any older generations. They vote National a bloody sight more than my old boomer friends do. So why not shut up about generational treachery?

  5. I am a baby boomer and I would like to see housing price drop to 25% of income for those on low incomes.

    It is only by city council and central government working to redevelop city fringe areas into well designed apartments, with secure tenancy, mixed quality (to avoid ghettoisation) and income related rents. Secure jobs at the living wage would also help especially if families can make housing and employment decision without having to commit to travelling hours each day

    That’s the best solution to the problem my children have of avoidable housing. The other is for me to die young so that my modest property could supply the deposit on a home for each of them.

  6. National, and most particularly its leader, are following the dictates of the bankster NWO. The 21 Goals of the Bilderberg (probably amended at this date as needed) say it all:
    Our stock market is rigged:
    and the housing market (those in the West accessible to the NWO) just as dodgy:
    Our Health/Educational/Sciences systems are all rigged.
    There is to much info on the web to continue with our naivety and point the finger. Knowledge is power but we choose to “leave it to the politicians”. Until we stand up united as one and say no more, we will remain slaves and serfs. Hamsters on the wheel.
    Interesting, Martyn, that you chose the words “DRACONIAN welfare reforms”
    And if anyone thinks our misery is just a passing phase remember the Georgia Guidestone which state, inter alia, world population to be kept under 500,000,000. Hmm. I wonder if jonkey has to report to his Bilderberg superiors with the achieved mortality rate? Probably.
    Now that we know that one party is as bad as the other, isn’t it time we agreed to disagree but pull together? If we don’t, those that survive will die of boredom with the same old same old same old …..

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