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Brothers and Sisters, if you think The Daily Blog is an important voice in the NZ media landscape, then we need your contribution.


Brothers and Sisters, if you think The Daily Blog is an important voice in the NZ media landscape, then we need your contribution.

Putting together a 5 night a week 7pm current affairs show and co-ordinating 40 of the best left wing progressive voices each month don’t come cheap. The Daily Blog is the largest left wing blog in NZ and you know how dire the mainstream media has become so these few platforms left to fight back at the Government and corporate power are more essential than ever before.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, this week is our last days of the August donations drive – please do so here. If you want to help us but can’t do so financially, please retweet and share all our work on social media.


In solidarity.


TDB Team

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  1. countryboy says:

    Just a bloody bank account number please. Fuck paypal and fuck the sundry other spooks watching and listening and making their little fucking notes.

    How about a cash drop off point? A tin nailed to a fucking post, anything other than dodgy, money laundering, box-tick bullshit.

    When I was a kid, ( I mean physically, not mentally. Mentally, I’m still a ding a ling kid, ) we used to drive into Central Otago and buy the most amazing fruits from road side stalls and to pay? We dropped money into a box or tin and if you left notes, you could place a stone on the tenners to stop them blowing away. The thought that someone would come along and steal that money was as alien a thought as , well, aliens actually.
    We’d also leave our old Ford car unlocked and parked up in Invercargill full of shopping while we went off for coffee and chickory. The notion that someone would open the unlockable doors and take our things was so beyond our imaginings as to be never a thought at all.
    It’s been a very short time in the scheme of things for the parasite to take hold in our hearts and minds and I’m fucked for one to play its slithery little games.
    Therefore, I’d happily drive across town/country to place cash in your most fabulous hands but to channel it through the vipers nest? Yeah-Nah. The droopy kitten eyes nearly had me though I have to admit. x

    • Words says:

      And I was amazed to learn that people never used to lock their house doors and windows either…. those days are well and truly gone.

      Those kitties just melt me!!!

      • countryboy says:

        @ WORDS.

        We had a farm near Mataura so consequently we also had a number of work shops, an underground petrol and diesel tank, many, many tools and materials and vehicles and a house lot of ephemera and sundry goodies of all kinds and all unsecured. There were no locks to lock in fact.
        The only home invasion we ever had was once when we went to the movies in Mataura ( Ulysses Travels ) and came home to a large white ferret asleep on the sofa. It’d wandered in through the wide open kitchen door. I remember clearly as we all went to bed and left it unmolested. When we got up in the morning it was gone. ( Mum probably shot it and dropped it into the septic tank come to think of it. )

        Society then was completely different to the one we know today and in a way, so it should be, but not in the way it’s become. I’d a thought an even more affluent, efficient egalitarian and empathetic society enjoying the wondrous new technologies of transportation, medicines and the ease we could have interwoven with other fabulous cultures.

        But oh no. The Loopy Greedies had to fuck it up. The linear thinking , artless, loveless, mechanicas clattering around on their brittle little legs getting stiffies from the cruelties they meet out to us. We’re so much into survival mode against the rigours The Loopy Greedies chuck at us we can’t even see our beautiful lands anymore. All we must see is opportunities to make dopy fucking $-dollars.
        We work harder and harder while they herd us into terrible debt to, and I mean this literally, soulless Banks who really only suck out your lives as we work and work and work.

        I’ve spent quite some time pondering our plight as I roll about in my bedding as I sometimes hear poor bastards racing to work at 4.30 am. They should instead be cuddled up to their sweeties as their kids scuffle and snore and fart. Not bashing along in the dark to pay huuuuuge mortgages on, frankly, very modest dwellings.

        Why is that do you ask?

        The Banks, would be my answer. The BNZ swept us into oblivion and frankly, I’ve never recovered from that. I’ve never recovered from finding my mum with my rifle sobbing as she leaned over the barrel.

        The Banks have lobbied our politicians so adeptly that we now think its ‘ normal’ practise, to hang on the words of the Reserve Bankster and its greying minion who has our lives hanging by his thread.

        The Banks have steam roller’d over our world class society of egalitarian types Hell bent upon improving the lot of all.
        They’ve taken the white ferret and imprisoned it in dreadful debt. Debt The White Ferret has been led to believe it owes to criminals.
        From my restless fart sack I’ve come to a realisation.
        In order for us to find a new road upon which to travel, we must first defy the Banks.

        Bombs rain down on Syria? The Banks
        Israeli tyranny of the Palestinians ? The Banks
        The black dude shot in his car beside his screaming girlfriend? The Banks
        The Bank syndrome is the very zenith of the threat to all life on earth, the safety and security of each of us and is stagnating spiritual human development. ( Maori people will understand what I mean by that last sentence. )
        The Banks must just fuck right off.

        OMG. I didn’t see that rant coming !

        • Words says:

          Don’t stop Countryboy, you had me completely engaged and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what you had to say. You are a superb writer. I felt a deep concern for your mum, such despair and anguish. Is she still with you? I hope I haven’t offended you by stepping out of line by asking. I sincerely apologize here and now if I have. No, you would never recover from seeing that, and I agree with you about the banks.

    • countryboy says:

      Sorry about all the ‘ fuck’ words. I really need to reign that in a bit.

      I’d love to contribute but I’m not going to show off my frilly little $-man-panties to any freaky spook out there without a fight. I just go nailed by some punks from a UK URL who dipped into my account on a weirdy monthy basis for smallish and odd amounts i.e. $294 28. Even Kiwi Bank is unsure how they did it.

      Cleary, designate one debit card for internet transactions and never have more than is needed in there on a case by case basis. You’d think I’d know that wouldn’t you.

      • Words says:

        What thieving bastards. After that shocking experience you have described, that’s good advice for us all.

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