Waatea 5th Estate – Political Wrap of the Week


Joining us tonight for our infamous Friday night political wrap of the week…

In studio

Former leader of the Labour Party, people’s hero David Cunliffe

Chairman of the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board – Efeso Collins

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The youngest Mayoral candidate in the Auckland Mayoralty Race – Chloe Swarbrick

And political commentator, author and blogger – Chris Trotter




  1. By the way, re MediaWorks, what do we make of this?


    Garner switches with Henry, to do TV3’s and Radio Live(ing Dead)’s breakfast show, while Henry will co-host stale ‘Story’.

    One good thing is that instead of three hours eye and ear pollution in the morning we will only have half an hours of the same on TV3 in the early evening, by Henry. The less we see and hear from him the better. But Garner is hardly much of an improvement, given his populist and also biased views he likes to present.

    • Agree with you there Mike. Shuffling the tired and stale righties around won’t save Mediaworks TV 3 from it’s downhill slide into broadcasting oblivion.

  2. I reckon the Daily Blog’s Waatea 5th Estate current affairs show hosted by Martyn Bradbury is getting better and better and is the best and only true current affairs show in NZ. The episode on surveillance with the international cast, I rated 10/10.

    • Agree with you words,

      Martyn is the King of current affairs and just shows up the other shows as very amateurish now.

      I never miss Martyn’s show ever.

      Is there an international award system we can have arranged to enter martyn as the best presenter of current affair’s in please?

      He needs global recognition now.

  3. Ties, bloody John Key’s ties…. Says a lot alright. If a left leaning government does get in next year, (please please let it be so) can they sack the Herald!

    • Yes please, get rid of the NZ Herald, what a waste of space that stale mouth piece of the National party rag is.

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